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Any books that come on par with Studio Ghilbi films?

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Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Pretty good and comfy, different from the movie, though, specially at the end.

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Just watched it last night. Sucks that I never watched these movies as a child, I would have loved them.

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what's her name again? it's been so long i forgot

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Ben Garrison

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Ursula Le Guin, Tove Jansson

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Angie V

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Who is this semen demon?

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I didn't grow up on them either and saw only Spirited Away as a child (liked it a lot), the rest pierced stright through the right emotional place in me as the person I am today.
I showed my 4 year old brother ghibli stuff like Totoro and Ponyo and it was really heartwarming to see how he was filled with wonder and laughter. And ask me what the hell was going on when catbus appeared.

>tfw no sensitive strong female environmentalist miyazaki girl gf

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Most young adult fiction

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Who /kiki/ here

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4chan has made me jaded. I feel sad and slightly bitter that these films would have made a huge difference to my childhood. But instead, I grew up on 4chan. What a sad little man I am.

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How the fuck did you "grow up" here and not notice that this site loves Ghibli?

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Kind of an extension of >>8836520. Ghibli to me feels like a slight Japanization of anglo-lady /lit/. In fact this is obvious because so many of their works are adaptions of just the thing.

>Howl's Moving Castle
>Anne of Green Gables (Ghibli staff worked on this before Ghibli)
>When Marnie Was There
Stuff like this you want.

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Grew up on r9k. I'm so bitter and drenched in virginity that I don't think I'll ever find love. If I were to have sex it would have to be paid. And I'd have to be drunk to be able to do talk to a girl.

Simply put; I have nothing in common with the female race.

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You don't belong here. There's no way you actually read literature if you're such a shallow, turgid shit.

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Hi Elliot, hows hell?

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I would sell my soul to have Miyazaki's mind(set). The dude seems perpetually chill and in inner peace.

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My favourite book is Picture of Dorian Grey. I'm rereading Letters to a Stoic.

If it wasn't for //lit/. I wouldn't be into philosophy and literature. I'd still be on the occasional YA.

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Castle in the sky was pretty weird. Why did all of those zeppelin workers flirt with that little girl?

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You've been brainwashed by frogmen. maybe read lispector

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That was weird but it's still a really solid movie. That part kind of stands out but it's meant to be humorous.

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No, not one.

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>Hayao "any anime not made by me is like something out of Nagasaki" Miyazaki
>perpetually chill and in inner peace

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I have no dick and I must breed.

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traitor scum

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You'd never even come within 10 feet of a woman like this unless you're rich as fuck or ripped.

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my boner is gone

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Picture of Dorian Grey was a real good book. every time im sprawled on my couch and smoking a cigarette i feel like Basil Hallward. its a nice feel.

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Nice pun honey bun ;^)

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prose is god tier.

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how does one go from growing up on /r9k/ to having Dorian Gray as their favorite novel?

i can't exactly put what about that seems off to me

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You couldn't tell she was an empty headed bourgeoisie twit?

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stumbled onto lit my friend. Wanted to seem smart so I took the /lit/ pill :) Didn't realise 90% of 4chan is shitposting.

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Are you shitting me, brah?

Studio Ghibli has literally based films off of literature?

FFS, lad.

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