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I am slowly coming to terms with how full of shit everything and everyone is.

You can't even read a book and, after being bored to death by page 200, call it boring and go do something else. There are 9001 academics and journalists and other pseudointellectuals ready to call you a pleb.

I've read wealth of nations to page 200 and it's literally nothing but painstakingly slow anecdotes about increased supply lowering prices and decreased supply raising prices. It's boring as shit trivial anecdotes yet I will be called a pleb for saying that.

I am at about page 350 of a Dickens book and even though its paid by the word turgid aimless nonsense I will be called a pleb for saying that. Even though Dickens wrote for people with less formal education than 10 year olds today, pseudointellectuals pretend that reading him is a sign of intelligence and that you need ten PhDs to understand him. THAT is he high pseudointellectualism has progressed.

I read Plato and he spent 80 pages wondering whether names are just labels or whether they properly describe (or match) the nature of what they name... I'm not even fucking joking. Yet people will defend this.

I don't want to dwell on books but shit permeates everywhere.

My engineering degree was just introductory maths and physics and chemistry class plus a load of stamp collecting brain-dead corporate wagecuck training courses.

You're told that work is noble... yet people look down on me and laugh at me for working in a retailcuck job.

You are 90 % judged on what university you went to. My one was ranked in the world's top 150 (I only chose it because it was nearest to me) and I still feel like a prole who has been branded as an idiot.

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read better books

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1- let your hate flow through you.
2- Relax, man. Don't worry about the others thinks.
3 - read better books

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Write a book about your life and then kill yourself.

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wew lad you sound like a pleb

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this fuckin pleb mad that he's a pleb. if you want explosions read war and piss, pleb

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these digits say youre a pleb

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very nice

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Seek professional help OP and stop shitting up this board for literature with personal Eliot Rodger-esque /r9k/ frog rants. Thanks.

I know this is you as well:

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you sound overly concerned with being judged

people will always judge you for stupid reasons and draw stupid conclusions about you and that's just life

better to proudly be yourself and take the disdain of your peers in stride

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Stop listening to people and follow your own damn interests.

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This is a repost of a thread on /his/

OP is a fag

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Read YA books then, faggot

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Read House of Leaves and then you'll realise that pages don't matter and you'll get over this narcissistic crisis.

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desu I'd agree with you until I read that part with Plato
you're a fucking massive pleb if you don't enjoy reading my boy big P

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