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Im looking back at some of my writings from years passed. Do you ever get the feeling that you are actually not a bad writer? Ive changed so much in my time, but somewhere my words new and old share the same sentiment.

Do we ever really change? I seem to always have the same ideals.

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>Do we ever really change? I seem to always have the same ideals.
read more

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I only write. I dont read much.

Would you laugh if i said i was a philosopher. One day, people will read what i have written; those crazy bastards. Who reads another mans ramblings?

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the only thing i'd laugh at was the idea of a philosopher not reading much.
but if you don't read much, there's no wonder your ideals stay the same.

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>years passed.

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I find the consistency of my soul to be reaffirming in my troubled times ive faced. No matter how many bad things happen, i still hold true to myself. I need change, i want change, but im really getting along just fine being the same person i always have been.

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oh, i thought you ment literary ideals.

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definitely cannot relate. while i don't think i ever set out trying to impress, i used to be so fucking pretentious, to the point where i have no idea what i was trying to say (if anything).

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no, just moral and ethical and idealistic ramblings.

i can relate to being pretentious when i was younger. It really shows in some of my pages. I suppose, being younger you dont really know how to express yourself as fluidly, so you try to seem more profound than your young mind really is.

And any good stream of conscious prose doesnt have to make sense.

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I recently thought I'd try edit a story I wrote 3 years ago. I expected it to be something awful, but to my surprise, it was still fun to read. In fact, it made me feel I've actually regressed as a writer. My text may be grammatically cleaner now and the ideas presented clearer, but there was this certain youthful energy and wit on those pages that I lost along the way.

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nice saw, maybe i should start bowing it like that

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