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Positivism is not a sincere ideology but an enabler for sexual deviancy. Every single major positivist is a sexual deviant in some way. If you believe in positivism you also will believe their is nothing wrong with being a sexual deviant.

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Not that I want to promote positivism, but it's entirely possible to be devoutly religious and also deviant. It's all a matter of what you do with yourself--with how you act.

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i'm positive that sexual deviancy is desirable

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>Not that I want to promote positivism

Why not. It's the only philosophical school that makes sense.

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>thinking fedoralord correlation debunks anything

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>implying every TV pastor and the entire Catholic church aren't sexual deviants

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i saw a girl having a date with some guy in a fedora at a restaurant the other day, i felt bad for her, hopefully it was like an internet date and that's not her bf on the reg

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