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What sort of date would you take a /lit/ girl on?

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TV dinner whilst I read her from my poetry collection, Book of L(i)es
anything else has too much pretense.

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Pic unrelated.

I'd watch a film with her and then shag.

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cheapest coffee possible, then fuck the shit out of her back at my place

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Museum if you're serious. If not, like the others said, coffee then shag.

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Why do you believe the picture is unrelated?

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museum i guess

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Are TV dinners a real thing?
Where would you have the coffee?

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Eat and then take her to the bookstore

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i never had a smartphone and never had the opportunity to shotgun approach a bunch of qts in a large city and relentlessly fuck them while not pursuing anything further.

now im about to get an apartment with my lady that i love and will likely not have this opportunity again as a young, fairly attractive, man.

other than updike, any literature on this?

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i'd suggest to read together in silence on two opposing park benches.

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Why read a book about this? The only guy I know who fucked 100+ girls is now a fat alcoholic who gets stabbed by his bitch wife. Quality>Quantity mein negro.

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wtf i am gay now???

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I'll be honest, I learnt a long time ago not to assume that girls who dress like that are in any way shape or form different to most girls. It can be a crushing blow to assume they will be.

But if I were going on a date with an actual literary type, I'd go just out for some food so that I can talk to her because presumably that's what she offers that differs to other girls right? Museum too if I lived in a big city or any short-lived event happening that week/end.

Maybe it's just me but I don't like going on dates to the cinema. No matter how smart the film, it's still two hours of sitting in silence. That's a third or fourth date kind of thing.

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But what kind of place would you eat at? Is anything acceptable, or what would be a /lit/ kind of eating establishment?

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Is she the I love you Jesus Christ girl?

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But what if she is a cute?

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I'd probably get her to a nice/clean place in which the food is tasty and inexpensive.
Maybe a café or some veggie shitter. Italian food is a good one, also.

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Mate, that is honestly the only thing I'd care about.

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I mean, if she likes ME for being literary, sure, I'll go out on a date with her.

But that's a pretty fantastical assertion, anon.


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Astra a cute

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for me ambiance is the central concern there. the food shouldn't be garbage, but it doesn't and actually shouldn't be that over the top. ethnic food is good because typically in the west those restaurants have better, more bare bones yet aesthetically pleasing vibes. thai food especially, though korean can work well. vegan and vegatarian restaurants, from the last generation not this one (with some exceptions) will also reliably offer a relaxing atmosphere.
that being said, i prefer not to eat on the first date. go get a cup of coffee, if it seems like a good place to sit down and the music isn't too aberrant go for it, otherwise go for a nice walk to a nearby park. eating is a second date.

last week i went on a date with a girl and after eating dinner we bought a bottle of sweet wine to a public park and drank it while sitting on the soccer field, lying on a blanket. all her idea, it was nice

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Because, cute as she is, that's not how /lit/ girls look.

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Where did you get the blanket?

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Agree, she's a /mu/ girl.>>9608669

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depends what kind of money you have. in my milieu the display of wealth isn't encouraged, so the cheaper the better really, which isn't all that bad. it then becomes about finding a cheaper place, typically i like places that are "out of touch" with current trends in decoration and feel slightly older

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What do they look like?

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to barnes and noble for coffee, because even /lit/ girls are severely stunted liberal normies.

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i drove us from the restaurant to her apartment, where i parked a few blocks away. she went inside to grab it and i stayed outside her front door

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barnes and noble would be the worst decision...

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>Stopped by her place to get the blanket
Why didnt you both just go inside with the wine?

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nah. works great with /lit/ girls. knocks em down a few pegs. so they know their place on the totem pole. only the girls i actually like get to go to the little bookstore with the fat crosseyed kitty named casper.

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the trick here is to be good looking, interesting and funny. then go out to dinner and enjoy yourself. afterwards, if you liked each other, you can decide whether you want to sleep with each other or not. that's what's worked for me

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dressing up and posing yourself for the internet = narcissistic sociopath

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We'll probably get the bus to the countryside, wander around there with some poetry. Maybe a museum, then she'd like me to cook for her. Thrifty.

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>I'll be honest, I learnt a long time ago not to assume that girls who dress like that are in any way shape or form different to most girls. It can be a crushing blow to assume they will be.

I'll desu you, cute girls are a trap. Look past the cute, make sure the cute is paired with the good, or else you're in for some kind of bullshit.

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I found myself a literate gf, took her to the opera

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isn't casper cute?

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Sounds like a good date

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unless you want to have some experimental fun, just be honest with yourself that that's what you're doing and don't stick around for too long

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Museum, works everytime, there's no ankward silences, there's always something to see and talk about

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>implying girls automatically deserve dates like that

a movie, and depending on the movie preference she has, white castle or panera bread afterwards.

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>make sure the cute is paired with the good

My friends and me figured out a triad of traits to look for:

>fun to be around
>doesnt enjoy fucking things up for fun or excitement (like most girls do)

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Like Dr. Hannah Roxburgh.

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going inside the other person's apartment isn't to be taken lightly. had she invited me i would have entered, but she did not, which made sense, as, like someone above was saying, i think she was still in the process of "deciding whether she wanted to sleep with me or not"

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eh, if we're going on a date in the first place she's likely already been screened

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We'd go to a bookshop first and select random titles for one another. Afterward we'd saunter around town, discussing literature, philosophy, life and our dreams. After exploring next stop would be something to eat and afterwards a tea house or some sushi.

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i don't really understand why you guys want to go to bookshops on a first date. seems so stupid

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ITT: a bunch of incels who have never been on a date pretend that they're characters in a fucking Disney movie

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Yeah, we've been talking for months now, we know each other quite well.

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i personally would avoid a museum, asks too much of me. my specialty is in art history but i don't like to use it to impress girls, always makes me feel like complete shit afterwards, and the masses, even the literary masses, are reliably shit wrt all art. this was a good date for a different era, we don't have this luxury anymore

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good luck m8.
can you talk about the poetry in the countryside a little bit? i'm curious how you imagine this playing out

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and plus, you don't really want to flex your intellect so hard at first, or at least i don't. that's why i have the issue with the bookshop date, it seems such a thing is just about signaling your "titles read". have a conversation, ask questions, learn about their life, it doesn't need to be directly about the thing that matters to you most at first. first date with that seems quite tryhard and inevitably awkward, kind of like taking pictures of your outfits to post onto the internet. but maybe i just speak for myself

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I'd take her for a walk and just talk to her for as long as we want to.
Then grab something to eat and just see where it goes. (That's how i meet my girls mostly and it's great)

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i think i recognize the girl on the right. any idea where she went to uni?

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Take a book or two, read some out if it feels appropriate or vibes with the scenery. Nothing intense.

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invite her to my place for dinner and a movie.

>> No.9608827

go out for some sushi then hit up a hipster bar :^)

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is this barthelme parody?

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Same as any other girl. Probably McDonald's then my place for drinks and sportsnet for the first date. See where it goes from there.

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i thought only 20something socially frustrated guys attended to /lit/

>> No.9608862

Nah there's a couple of ugly dikes here too

>> No.9608863


There are more girls that seek well-rounded men than you think

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>I learnt a long time ago not to assume that girls who dress like that are in any way shape or form different to most girls
This tbqhwy. Learnt it the hard way

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Go for a walk, pick up some tacos- good ones, walk up to the lake where we eat, talk, look at the water, walk her home, say good night or buonanotte, go home, read, feel great, fall asleep, wake up early, walk dog, write, about 8am eat breakfast and maybe text her that i had a good time last night and thanks.

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more important question: where to meet /lit/ girls?

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>implying /lit/ girls exist

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Which is a bad thing because?

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I used to live on the brink of the country, so there were always forests and trails available for dates. That was back in high school though. I haven't been on a date in almost a year now

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Sorta the opposite but deals with the same feels

>> No.9608912

Try dating a maniacal women like that for 6 months or more. I dare you.

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They literally don't exist. Women don't see literature as a thing that communicates ideas; they like literature as a fashion accessory. You will never find a woman who enjoys a book that makes her uncomfortable. You will never find a woman who greatly enjoyed a book that can't be mentioned in fairly lighthearted conversation.

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me you, and a stack of books

>> No.9608924

I'm a girl hehe

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Girls this pretty don't read books. They don't need a replacement for social interaction and get enough attention to be happy perpetually without having to expand themselves intellectually.

>> No.9608949

That is simply not true. it's just less common.

>> No.9608953

Hehe, hehe

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There are ones, but they read for the love of it, not for the social part. Thwre are guys like that too. You think to narrow. It just isn't worlddefining to them if someone does/doesn't read.
That's the problem with most people, clinging to the thought of literature as their only merrit, which it probably is.
Shame, most of them could have been more.

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itt: a bunch of whiteknight betas

this girl is a 5/10 at best (which is actually why she is trying to compensate with cutsie vintage fashion)

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Oh it's true, buddy.

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Narrow view. My ex read a ton.

>> No.9609004

I never said women can't read a lot.

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Okay sorry buddy, i've had conversations with her about books and she opend herself for the books, even if she doesn't like them. She's even got a better feeling for prose than me.

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Well, I didn't say she was the physical embodiment of female perfection, but she has a nice face.

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spotted the incel

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obsession is the only path to greatness
that's why we'll never have a female newton
>ugh i've been inside working on this paper for like 4 hours. what a weirdo! xD I'll see if chad is up for something

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Sex is a biological process designed to cuck men and women into seeing each other as something other than disgusting narcissists hungry for either attention or power. It's not my virginity that makes me unable to judge women; quite the opposite is true. As am agent in the socio-sexual process, you're no longer able to employ reason for the purpose of viewing social transactions for what they are. By having sex you've traded your ability to see the world as it is for an ability to see the world as you want it to be. No social action appears to have any ulterior motive that is not sexual from your perspective.

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Well, I'd probably take her to a bookstore/cafe type place that offers live music and maybe a museum

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yeah good call

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One way trip to the dutch oven dungeon located in piss jar crag that's hidden deep within semen and shit tunnels. It will be very convenient because that is where mommy brings me offerings.

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Hehe, hehe, hehe

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My /lit/ girl loves this quaint Italian restaurant. It's small, quiet, a bit of a drive, but it's real Italian (third generation owners who grow their own tomatoes) and then we usually go to a dusty used bookstore, while she gets lost for a few hours, often submerged with a black coffee and potential books to buy.
Then usually a slow walk around a park, as it grows darker in the evening before making passionate love with a record on.
We have these dates about once a month, as we are both incredibly busy individuals.

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I don't believe you quite understood. I meant that I would eat her, then, take my stomach contents with me to the bookstore. I have precious little time for courship, you'll understand, but even the most Hyperborean among us are in need of a good meal from time to time.

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Bah. She cares about what she's doing and she does it well. And though that says alot, it still doesn't tell us a thing about her. OF COURSE it's b8, but it's the only b8 worth 'hitting on'.
I say this as an oldfag and as a single father of a 5 yr old, so i freely remove myself from the running of //you// blue fish=food fish: t.

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I'd go find that fuckin MC Initial and roast him in front of her. My bars would oil that pussy so fast and also probably his gf's. Then we could speed in my shitty car and smoke some weed. I'd go swimming in the ocean even if she wouldn't.

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You should meet my girlfriend

I'm pretty sure 45% of /lit/ would attempt to kill me in my sleep to get a chance to woo her
She's everything /lit/ claims doesn't exist

>> No.9609165

>She's everything /lit/ claims doesn't exist
She's a functional black family?

>> No.9609170

Do you honestly not know who's in that picture?

>> No.9609176

i can't handle this now dr. crucifer

>> No.9609181

who are you, seth macfarlane? please try reddit

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>> No.9609193

No but her dad's a north african muslim and she hasn't been honor-killed yet

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I'm 19 have never been on a date, kissed a girl or even held a girls hand. Lately I've been getting a lot of female attention but I just don't know what to do. I know if I ask some girls out it would go smoothly but I'm scared of what happens afterwords. I live in a small town 40 min from San Fransico, can anyone give me some actually decent date ideas? The things I like to do doesn't seem fun to do with someone else like kayaking, hiking along the coast, motorcycle, and wandering around the city with no direction in mind. nothing else is done outside the house...

>> No.9609361

This >>9608852 is probably the best idea itt.
Kayaking, hiking and taking her on a ride on your motorcycle are all really good dates, desu.

>> No.9609374

>taking a girl home on your first date
only going to work if you're white

>> No.9609391

Are you perchance not white?

>> No.9609403

Are there non-whites here?

>> No.9609429


Is she a staunch feminist? Not that it's an issue but I've noticed the two seem to go hand-in-hand. Often they're well-versed; much more so than your usual social media bullshit.

>> No.9609452

>I'm pretty sure 45% of /lit/ would attempt to kill me in my sleep to get a chance to woo her
I'd attempt to kill you in your sleep just for saying that.

>> No.9609514

N-non white?! Where? Don't spook me like that, anon.

But really OP, just ask her to go on a walk or something. /lit/ girls love going on comfortable walks at night. Just keep it somewhere semi-public if you don't know her very well. You don't want her to think that you're a sociopathic murderer trying to lure her out into the darkness, and conversely you don't want to end up in a ditch somewhere yourself if the girl ends up to be a crazy.

You might be shocked to find out that a lot of girls actually like kayaking. I'm planning a day-trip out on a river with this girl I know from my gym soon.

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Man, /lit/ is as bad as /r9k/ when it comes to women. Always falling for those uNiQueZZ dykes. Jesus Christ, you pussy-starved fucks, grow the fuck out of your shallow insubstantial standards.

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What are some books you can give to a girl, /lit/?
I kinda blew my chances out of the water like dropping a nuke in the middle of the Pacific by handing Der Steppenwolf to that special girl... She's likes reading and fine arts and that, and i though "I liked it. Maybe she will, too".

>> No.9609569

You seem a quite sad fellow.
Girls like people with a passion for something, you just spite them, ridiculing for no reason.

You make your life harder than it has to be.

>> No.9609572

>Good looking

Well, fuck me and my life. When did i miss those things? Why have i done it all so wrong?

>> No.9609574

>What are some books you can give to a girl, /lit/?
YA, cooking and children's books. Never give them actual literary works because they'll only gather dust. They say they like Jane Austen but what they actually mean is that they like there's one woman who actually made a name in the literary world without ever having read anything of her.

>> No.9609583

Na, that just stretches it to far.

>> No.9609586

I'd take her to see my area's own art museum I suppose, the works there are pretty darn cozy, and it's nestled in a dirty great wood along the banks of our river.

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it's the result of low prenatal test levels and sedentary lifestyles
their dicks never learned how to react to prime fertile female forms

pro-tip: if pic related doesn't give you at least a chubby, time to undergo hormonal treatment

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Not a fan of the blue hair, but I'd beastfuck her on the haystack she was born on because it is my very duty as a man with healthy testosterone levels.

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Porn showed me to many near-perfect looking girls. I am cucked by my own sexuality.

>> No.9609660


this level of prurience doesn't set you up as a man, merely a rube

>> No.9609680

weak. model instagrams is how *real* selfcuckers fuck up their frames of reference

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>t. slut-demonizing pussy-starved petit bourgeois

>> No.9609688

been there, done that

you get food, just like you would with any other hoe. split the bill, cuck.

>> No.9609690

No, twitch-donors are the realest selfcucks in the whole galaxy universe forever infinity.

>> No.9609714


Just because you define yourself as a rude, quivering, lump of chemical reactions, it does not stand that it is the preferred definition of manhood.

>> No.9609725

It is a relief though. I mostly don't even want to, it's just because i've got time.

And i know buddy, i should stop. It makes my expectance of girls so much higher and the likeliness of me asking out a girl so much smaller, as i 'have' so many cute ones i can bust a nut to. Getting better tho. I asked the cute bar girl in a club for her number last week.

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>> No.9609742


en contraire, surely that's your haunt

>> No.9609748

take her to a long walk

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>surely that's your haunt

>> No.9609759

I wouldn't date a /lit/ girl unless she was more of an /out-fit-lit/ girl, all in that order.

>> No.9609762

>Is she a staunch feminist? Not that it's an issue but I've noticed the two seem to go hand-in-hand.
Not that guy, but I have a semi-/lit/ gf who abhors feminism and is an indian who hates all brown people with a burning passion, mostly because her family is full of shitheads
When I was on vacation I bought her a copy of Paradife Loft from the 1930s and read her the excerpt from the third chapter about Milton being blind, and she cried because she loved it so much
She is obsessed with Soren Kierkegaard
Do not allow your worldview to be dominated by misanthropic 4chan memes, people are not nearly as simple as they would lead you to believe

>> No.9609769

>poo in loo hates feminism
>Hates a group that encompasses a large number of ethnicities because of daddy issues
Sounds like people are exactly as simple as I thought they were.

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