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ITT we greentext our novel ideas

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Go ahead

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>american family
>husband works for an pay-tv company
>comes home stressed out, worries about income
>describing the smalltown life intensively
>relations between neighbours
barbecues are meet up days for friends
>teens do their own stuff at those times, after dinner exploring the city and it's environment
>they find spoopy thingys

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> have soul crushing job in shopping mall
> be obsessed with the 80s and 90s
> no friends, no life
> writing book about someone writing a book in the 80s and 90s
> Mall slowly becomes dead Mall
> continue working miserable jobs in dying shopping mall
> mall closes for good
> get new job as security guard patrolling the empty carcass of shopping mall.
> spend years watching mall rot away
> all Publishers reject novel
> kill-me.jpeg

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If the internet would let me, I'd hug you

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bump for interest

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>Rich investor guy meets a salesman
>Salesman tries to sell the investor something bizarre, like a literal mountain or something
>Investor guy declines, salesman insists for a while hen disappears.
>Investor guy starts seeing things related to the salesman, the thought of buying that thing from the salesman haunting his everyday-
>Ultimately the investor guy breaks down and searchs for the salesman
>he begs him to sell him the thing
>loses all his money in the process and becomes homeless or whatever
Seems stupid but i'm probably not going to write it. If i try to i'll make it work somehow

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>be me
>be french soldier in ww1
>be loner mother died
>dad works in Indochina
>need money this was supposed to be a short war
>have no dreams whatsoever
>dead inside
>be other guy
>be german soldier in the same battlefield
>Pretty popular back in Berlin
>Dad is a hig ranking official in the kaisers army
>be full of life and of dreams for when this war is over
Both fire a shot at the same time and kill eachother

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>well-off mother
>out on boat with family
>don't know how to swim
>fall into water
>start to panic and push 9 year old son under the surface due to instinct to stay afloat
>son drowns but end up getting rescued
>blamed for son's death
>mental breakdown and overwhelming guilt ensues
>friends start drifting away
>can't even leave the house anymore
>commits sudoku

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>poor fag
>tfw not Napoleon Bonaparte
>stock images man wielding an axe.jpeg
>oops soz sis.jpeg
>tfw no escort gf
>hurr durr

Sorry lads, I'm yet to finish the book

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>Soft sci-fi setting
>Woman from a shitty, borderline colony signs up for long haul shipping through Human space after her family died
>becomes the ship's maintenance tech
>joins small, bickersome crew aboard an old cargo hauler
>becomes friends with the pilot and astrogator
>pilot is from a nice, habitable world
>only there because he flunked out of the military
>astrogator is a cripple, hooked up to the ships FTL systems and essentially a cheap alternative to buying a full AI.
>learns more about how pretty much everyone on board is running away from something
>end up arriving at a major port just as the local government crumbles and a civil war starts
>mad dash to escape ensues
>ship survives but with heavy casualties
>astrogator dies saving everybody
>The survivors all decide to call it quits and retire, except for the tech, who signs on for another go.

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dead malls are the greatest

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>man with no fingernails or penis obtains a job at a fancy london-based bank
>his missing fingernails have usually held him back from getting jobs but this one is different, because
>interviewer has a missing fingernail fetish
>interviewer decides to let no-fingernail-or-penis-man have the job
>interviewer becomes no-fingernail-or-penis-man's boss
>boss and no-fingernail-or-penis-man see each other daily. there is sexual tension but no-fingernail-or-penis-man is unwilling to satisfy it

the remainder of the book comprises the boss's attempts to flirt and fuck no-penis-man. His advances are fruitless because no-penis-man has no sex drive and therefore is unwilling to reciprocate, even though boss is cute as hell

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>566 blank pages
Novels are a waste of time. My readers will get exactly the amount of substance they bargained for.

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>one of the two characters of the novel is a daughter of a lord who was stripped of his titles and lands.
>One night she starts having a dream of her former home.
>Convinced that the dream was no dream but something bigger she prepares herself for an adventure
>not knowing where to go, she starts going to the alehouses to hear gossips and rumors when she overhears a rebellion is starting to form.
>join them in the hopes they would reward her with her former home.

Extremely tired to write the rest of the greentext, the remainder of her story comprises of cliches until the midpoint where everything changes as they failed in taking a castle and therefore failing their main objective. Is at this point everything start to crumble not just the rebels but also for the main character as she thought- no- deluded herself into thinking she was some sort of hero and was great at everything.

I was thinking on writing her as prideful and arrgont from the get-go like some other novels' characters. But I was thinking of being subtle as I won't feel it being hammered at the reader.

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red dwarf knock off

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>theres a miserable dentist
>nobody respects him
>cheats on wife
>gets caught
>lashes out at patient
>kills himself in a mall
>granite worker
>lazy as shit
>does good work
>eventually just gets drunk
>finds a new routine after a while
>home stuck investor taking care of pops
>pops has alzheimers
>never left the state
>sold patent and gets money money
>gets killed out in the salt marsh while trapping
>all three stories interwoven because hey why the fuck not, they all live in that shitty little hick town

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That's one of my influences, yes.

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You should turn this into a homoerotic obsession where they sniper each other at the end of the book.

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Damn anon, that's metal as fuck.

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Had a dream like that one time

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This sounds comfy. Hope it isn't autobiographical, anon.
Bretty gud. I'd read it.
Please write it anon. Cliche as fuck but I personally can't get enough of space truckers. Idiots like me will buy it anon - there's probably dozens of us if that sweetens the deal.

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As a soldier?

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Write it anon. If done well I would definitely like to read it.

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>Spaceship heading to earth
>Incompetent captain puts friend in charge of navigation
>crashes into a meteor
>not enough life shuttles for everyone
>captain takes shuttle for himself, escapes
>passengers on ship freak out
>mass hysteria breaks out
>fighting over food and water, many killed
>oxygen tanks failing
>mass hysteria continues
>only cockpit has oxygen
>cramped, more killings
>After a week food is scarce
>Fittest passengers on board kill the weak
>eat them
>Captain returns with help
>the end

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>man on toilet; constipated, he waits untold hours for a turd that may never come
>he brought one book with him (histories of herodotus, landmark edition) and has soon read it all, for he was three quarters through
>becomes increasingly bored and insane as he reads the backs of bottles, desperately tries to write on a fogged up mirror from where he's sitting, and rereads the book in its entirety
>i won't spoil how but it ends with his tragic death

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> describing scenario rather than the human interactions that take place

this is how I know it's virtually certain to be dogshit

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this could be good if done by someone smart

so, it won't be good

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make that a screenplay and you might have some sellable Oscar bait on your hands

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Am I the only one who is afraid to post my novel ideas because I'm afraid someone with much more talent steals it? It's not that good, but I've had it in my head for almost a year now.

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This post is
probably better than your actual book

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Seek Freud.

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>Now is a "professional" Herodotus scholar before his death
He fucked up.

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>man wastes youth jacking off in front of a chinese imageboard
>is too caught up in self-loathing to interact with reality
>tries but things don't end well
took a monstrous leap of imagination to come up with that one

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I haven't really thought this through very much but I would like to write about a wealthy society tearing itself apart in the most savage ways possible. to show how we fool ourselvs into thinking that we are any different, any better than those who we would call savage or evil from the past. To argue that war and suffering are parts of human nature and something we all secretly crave.

I want to watch some high-minded idealists sink into the barbarism and savagery that they believed to be a thing of the past. It would be cool to have a European civil war, set maybe 20 years from now. We would watch people who have lived in a bubble for so long be forced to reacquaint themselves with warfare.

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The reaction of a God when it's forgotten.

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>Ready Player One except the MC is an asshole griefer whose only joy in life is ruining everyone else's and the virtual reality part is a plot by a transhumanist think tank trying to bring about a digital version of Human Instrumentality

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This might interest you then

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Rude man Im not as good writting in english, not my mother tongue

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>ronald reagan getting fucked on national tv by a clown

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>kid is a reality warper of a small scale
>whatever he draws on paper can become real for a time period
>his dad died in an accident when the kid was seven, kid has PTSD about it
>mother has to marry an old friend because she has no money
>kid's new father is actually a homosexual and the marriage is a farce for some reason
>kid is 15 now and he starts developing feelings for his step father
>kid is 16 and his father dies
>kid is 20, lonely and emo
>he finds a boyfriend
>boyfriend is actually working for a shadow organization that aims to control the kid
>there are more than one organization involved
Haven't really thought the details beyond this, all I know is kid's boyfriend dies, kid finally gets the courage to confess to his stepfather about his feelings and does it in front of his mom.

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his father dies again? that's gotta be rough

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>21 yo guy in india working in a shitty bpo
> no dreams, no social life always cynical and upset
>becomes friends with a pakistani boy online
>they chat everyday, slowly a relationship builds
>indian boy becomes less cynical and cheerful, finally have some passion in life
>plot twist: the pakistani boy is a 40 yo man working for a terrorist organization specialized in turning impressionable boys in the neighboring country into cold blooded terrorists
>indian boy kills himself after knowing the truth

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Sounds like an attempt to bore people to death.


It sounds weird enough to work.

Solid stuff.

Ease up on the misery porn.


Very solid but lacks something that stands out.

Well, it's something new.

So a bit less deluded Don Quixote with tits in a genre book? Why not.

Not something I'd ever want to read but not too bad overall.

Sounds stupid but functional. Just what's the point?


Solid YA stuff that should get a lot publicity due gay protagonist. Go finish it and earn some shekels.

Pretty cute before the dumb twist.

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do it

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Instead of hickory or maple or whatever, what if you smoked a turkey with weed for thanksgiving to reduce thanksgiving leftovers?
Wait, wrong kind of "novel".

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>a modern retelling of Les Miserables IN THE FUTURE that doesn't appear like the future right away
>remove all the sewers and Waterloo shit
>add five tweens protagonists from different classes
>add politics and terrorism
>add a few absurd, supernatural elements a la Alice in Wonderland
>remove talking animals

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Write it, anon! I love the idea of this. I can relate to this story, and I think it has a deeper meaning than how it appears. I often found myself feeling really guilty if I rejected an offer by someone I loved when I was younger. I once had a tantrum when I was 3 on christmas when I got something I didn't want. I have since felt very guilty about it. I remember looking at the same item at my nursery a few years later and wishing I didn't reject the gift so harshly. It still haunts me desu. I would really like you to write your novel. I encourage you to write an excerpt of it on lit one day.

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Found this picture of you.

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I have several that are really just variations of "disenfranchised young person lives life as an outsider and leads a romantically isolated life." To be marketed to young people the same way that John Green is.

>a NEET neckbeard loser that gets in a gay relationship online
>they meet, walk a rainy Washington beach and discuss 05-09 internet culture
>book ends with examination of why his life sucks of bad

>another is a normie girl that ends her unhealthy dependency relationship, quits her job, drops out of college and glumly bumbles about an overcrowded city
>she longs for the happiness that her bf gave her in high school and she's trying to determine when and why it lost its luster
>book ends with examination of why her life sucks of bad

>a third is the pitiful tale of a metal-head bartender edgelord who feels superior to everyone yet hates himself
>he's a real pervert and jerks off to female coworkers in the bathroom at work
>book ends with examination of why his life sucks of bad

You get the gist. I also have a realistic sci-fi idea about the energy crisis and the crumbling of Western civilization.

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>guy and girl meet
>every scene is somehow related to them having sex
>oh no one deceived the other
>actually no it was BEST FRIEND deceiving
>it ends with them fucking again
>every character talks like mr. collins from pride and prejudice
>after the book is finished, proofread and is about to be printed secretly replace every "the" with a "da"

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I cant remember the name of the poem or the author but there is one that's got a very similar concept. Sounds good though, depending on how you do it of course

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Only novel ITT that I actually want to read, and can probably relate to in some way. Do it anon.

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>young man has a destiny, and it's absolutely fucking horrible
>as a child he caught a falling star
>it burned his right arm off
>as he was running towards it he wished for an interesting and suspenseful life.
>His mother starts showing symptoms of a degenerative brain disease a few weeks later
>Finds out the star gave him the destiny to save the universe
>Saving the universe wouldn't just wipe out all life, it would make life physically impossible
>He meets other people who caught falling stars
>None of them caught it while it was still hot, so they have all their limbs and superpowers to boot

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>girl wakes up
>throws up spiders
>everything dissolves into spiders
>planet was Spider nest
>Universe is cupboard of old man q

>> No.9820825

does anyone remember that story about the kid who had some coming of age ritual where he was supposed to take a shit in this big thing and all the elders were watching and he tried but all that came out was a spider so he was rejected from manhood until he try again next year, shit was weird as shit, but memorable since i still remember it years later

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>near-future sci fi
>colony spacecraft going to distant planet to colonise it
>religious sect with a propensity for terrorism don't like that
>devout terrorist spends half of his life training and going through the program to be a colonist
>semi-dead stasis pod things are what the crew stay in for most the journey
>teams of crew periodically brought out of stasis to run manual checkups on vessel and course
>a crew finishing their checks go back into stasis, a woman is the last to go in
>vessel malfunctions, shit gets fucked up, seemingly all the crew dies in stasis pods except the woman not in a pod
>woman realises 1 other crew member is alive in pod, which is the terrorist, who functions as an insurance layer for the missions failure and death of the crew
>woman has issues with relationships, lonely and stuff for all of her life
>based on limited information of the false identity of the terrorist and her own fantasy, she creates a 1-way relationship with the man in stasis - she can't bring him out, until the vessel nears the planet
>spends time sleeping on top of the pod, fantasising/convincing herself of stuff about him and their possible relationship - she is alone, afraid and delusional
final part
>vessel nears
>he awakes
>she pushes her facade
>he crushes it
>they fight
>she badly wounds him
>vessel destroyed, they're on-planet
>they stop fighting realising their circumstance and lives
>put aside their conflict and who they are
>she swims out into a lake holding him tight, they bleed out/drown together, far from home and the structure/people they are bound by

>> No.9820890

>vessel malfunctions
forgot to mention that this was orchestrated by the religious sect

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I have a graphic novel idea

anytime a novel goes into the shape of the jaw or the nose or the eyebrow of the fucking landscape like, nigga, no matter what adjective yall usin its going to be wholly inadequate for my image of what you are describing to match mine

and fuck that whole mess about our subjective interpretation, if you have a vision you want to get across get it across with accuracy you fuck

words can't describe form well, formal structures of face and body and movement, they can approximate at the best.



thats my feeling anyways, I want to be a graphic novelist

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Totally not alone. Which is odd, because even if I see good ideas on here, I'm never tempted to take them.

>> No.9820932

>afraid people "more talented than you on this shit cesspool image board" are gunna steel yur ideas and proper roll with it and make a forchooon

christ yall are the most intolerably elitist boring people on planet earth

>> No.9820954

That is to say, if its properly your idea, if it comes from a space of dangerous importance in your soul, there is no possibility of it being replicated and exploited. You're existing in the marketplace of people behaving like idiots if you think your ideas can be stolen.

>> No.9820966


Implying a drawing isn't also simply an approximation at best.

>> No.9820971

I only mean to say that when words attempt to evoke formal experience, (forms, images), the are usually incredibly lacking. It's all well and good to say that the reader inputs his/her own experience into those gaps of clarity on the part of syntax, but why not have a perfectly clear image of the author's imagination? This idea that it loses its ambiguity thereby is only a cry of those who have thus far felt that ambiguity of image as a kind of shield against more perceptive person's who might realise the inadequacy of their inner vision.

>> No.9820973


lol I'm in the same boat. The shame that comes from this arrogance that I know I have - that my idea is one even good enough to steal - bothers the hell out of me.

Also lol at the implication that there is anybody on this board talented enough to actually upstage you in this regard. Be pretty damn funny if your novel idea pops up on a bestseller list, gets a film adaptation, and ultimately winds up canonized in a century or so. And you sit and you wallow and you pull your fucking face off, cosmic loneliness the only thing to keep you company.

>> No.9820975

I retract some of what I just posted, ambiguity is fine, but I feel that our age is ready for more precise visions of paradise, lest we all run off the cliff of industrial entertainment momentum into a fog of abstract apocalypse.

>> No.9820978

>Dystopian society
>Two sectors : wealthy and poor
>The wealthy are isolated and live under strict guidelines while the poor are outcast
>The poor have access to a mystical drug which induces visions
>Many characters have vivid symbolic visions
>There is a myth of the chosen one coming from this drug, who is God.
>The aristrocrats are privy to this myth and seek to prevent it from coming true.
>They build nanotechnology that infiltrates the brain and takes control of the body
>As the assimilation takes place, the chosen one is emerging from the chrysalis of the collective consciousness.
>Judgement Day

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You are a fucking witless faggot. Your so called "novel ideas" are not in fact worthwhile if they don't in turn inspire you to actually act upon them. You're only fooling yourself to protect your tiny ego.

>> No.9820998


I'd argue that a drawn image, even a photograph, requires the viewer apply their own perspective onto these gaps of ambiguity. It is a subconscious response. You're choosing to favor one medium over another, for reasons that on the surface appear to you reasonable but are coming off to me as painfully arbitrary. Draw me, or show me, an image that isn't simply a collection of lines and symbols that operate in almost exactly the same way that written or spoken language does. You don't need to create a hierarchy here - why should it matter?

Write your graphic novel. Draw your graphic novel. Engineer it as a response to this argument. Otherwise, maybe worry less about where you see your medium in relation to another's.

>> No.9821005


Hmmm you're going to have to do better than that to get me to give you my "novel ideas."

>> No.9821010

I only posit my greivance with the word-as-form. To describe a face with words. To describe the shape of things with words, the color. Poetry tries to do this. By why not simply paint, or draw? It shouldn't deal with form and color. Or if it does, only as a texture upon a broader canvas of concept, emotion, idea. That is the proper use of words. I will never experience a fucking sunset in a paragraph, I don't care what you conjure up.

Words have their place, and proper enough, in narrative, but never in the evocation of form. In that regard, other mediums are more relevant. Anytime a novel introduces a new character and tells me about his or her chin I start to get annoyed. Tell me about his character, fuck the form, I'll fill that gap myself. Words can't fill that gap, and it's the word-smith's ignorance that it can.

>> No.9821021

I don't want your ideas. If you think by relating the bone structure of them to some anonymous image board is enough for it to be "stolen" on any level then you are not in touch with yourself.

The refinement of every detail of things is still YOU. If you don't feel in touch with that refinement then your ideas are basic, conceptual, without soul and individual character.

>> No.9821033


Ahhh it seems you might be reading shit prose. We might even be in the same boat here. Needlessly detailed description of physical features bores me. In that sense, I agree with you. I am not a particularly visually minded person.

That said, your point as you have laid it out to me feels reductive. Of course the word isn't the thing. But neither is the image. Which comes closer to capturing the thing, its essence? To me, one doesn't eclipse the other. But I am the type to miss major bits of graphic novels and comics because I tend to disregard the illustrations and focus on the text.

>> No.9821037


I don't disagree with you. Maybe the fact that I'm unwilling to share the ideas says more about the ideas than the community that would critique them.

>> No.9821043

Form, the curve of a line, is like music. It doesn't really mean anything. The inherent value is immanent in the line itself. In the melody. Never what it signifies. Words inherently signify, and there is beauty in symbol and metaphor. In vague constructions, left to the reader's imagination. To me, a novel is like a guide to your imagination. "Hey, wouldn't it be interesting to imagine this scenario?" It doesn't give you the precise outlines of the structures of the buildings, the shapes of the characters faces, the sound of their voices. That is left to the reader. That is a proper medium and I enjoy it myself.

I only mean to say that when the novel tries to describe the shape of a hill and a tree and a face I get really bored, it is losing focus of the point of its own medium. The essence, you say, yes. There is certainly something of import to be conveyed in words. This is of a more conceptual character, not so visual or sonic or textural. It's like an exe program for the mind, a "go ahead and imagine what this situation might be like". The author doesn't really have the reigns as far as image goes. That is the reader's job. When the author tries to take the reigns of that job with over-specific formal language, I get bored.
If the author has a proper vision to convey where the image and shape is important, he should draw it.

>> No.9821048


I like your line of thinking here. I would ask what makes an image different from the .exe file that asks your brain to imagine something specific.

>> No.9821053

I only mean to say that words, no matter how specific and poetic and elaborate, even if you get crazy and start delineating x/y/z coordinates, will never convey the image as you, the artist/author, sees it. Not even close. The purpose of the written medium is to invoke in others allegorical experiences. From your own past life, there are experiences that have allegorical significance to other person's past. The will fill that gap image-istically themselves. It is only the writer's job to evoke those images, rather archetypally but yet individual, according to the memory of the reader. The writer does not have to invent the wheel as far as the image is concerned, the reader already has a wealth of images. The writer, rather, is like an artist of the memory of the reader. He puts this and that memory together in an unexpected way, and novel images are created thereby. He never creates new images though. That is up to the painter, the sculptor. Words only invoke and combine.

>> No.9822007

Seems like you read things that didn't take advantages of words. Obviously the imagery will never be as precise and obviously a writer not getting it and trying to emulate it with words is wasting time, and words. If you want spoon feed the person with the most precise imagery possible, film is the way either way, since images will always lack the dynamism.

>> No.9822344

>be loner fag
>have no job
>stay in metro as hobo
>watch the populace of city
>witness young teen suicide
>scarred by life lost with so much more than i had
>see this being a trend
>take on god
>decide to patrol the metro stations, learning them by heart, knowing where the alert stop buttons, phones, etc are
>become aquainted with every humans' face who travels around
>get to know their personalities without talking to them
>attempt to save lives, one person who had given change suddenly about to jump
>see them about to, sprint to them
>reach for them as they fall
>swing around with as much weight momentum while holding on
>accidentally slip
>save person but die in process

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>I will never experience a fucking sunset in a paragraph, I don't care what you conjure up.

Confirmed for shit taste in literature. Opinions discarded.

Words communicate directly to the mind and deliver more weight/dimension than visuals. Read better books.

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>some book about a cuck
>things happen to cuck
>cuck finds redemption
>surprise! cuck's redemption was empty after all.
Gonna call it Speakeasy Street

>> No.9822691

>He never creates new images though

Incorrect. Words contain the spirit of the meaning as they are representative of it. Images are only secondary. What images are invoked by words to a man that has been blind since birth? We don't communicate in images.

You might have a case if you were arguing for classical painting but you're talking about graphic novels here.

>> No.9822692

I like your idea and it seems like it would be sadistically satisfying to read. But that title is gay as shit.

>> No.9822699

it was going to be called Breathing In July but that would concentrate too much on the second woman.

>> No.9823454

I'm interested. I would like the name of this story.

>> No.9823519 [DELETED] 
File: 143 KB, 1203x1489, 1500916291274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>guys steals idea for his book from a website like this
>actually gets it published
>comes into an intellectual property conflict with another guy who did the same thing with the same story
>he reads the other version of 'his' book and finds out its much better
>the other guy goes on to become a wildly celebrated author
>finds the original idea man and kills him, then himself

>> No.9823534

Well, at least no one is going to steal and idea with an ending like this.

>> No.9824123

Get to the part with the inspector. It will be the best

>> No.9825013

>A man on a battlefield kills an enemy soldier
>finds his death letter and the death letters of the dead man's comrades
>can't understand them, but looks at each one
>each new letter is a flashback to a point in the man's life that details his life story
>as the book progresses it is clear that he was a happy child but his life became dark and he joined the military
>he burns the letters and his soul watches his body walk away while it fades into nonexistence

Basically the flashbacks will be written with joie de vivre and nice poetic language, but as we approach the present the language becomes dark, monotone, like computer instructions.

>> No.9825223

First of all, it is unashamedly genre fiction.
>A talented but troubled athlete lives in a vaguely corporate run city of the future.
>After his best friend stops talking to him he's manipulated into joining what at first seems like a gym for professional fighters that is actually a funnel for would be corporate stooges.
>Meets a girl, kills a man in cold blood and quietly disappears into first world athletic slavery.

>> No.9825692

> Parallel universe of the 1990s
> Typical communist dictatorship in latin america
> The main character is a former torturer of a military dictatorship of the 60's, lives hidden from his past somewhere in Uruguay
> The current dictatorship begins a process of hunting of former torturers and agents hidden from the military era
> One by one its old colleagues disappear that at the same time an informant of the anti-hero notifies the escalation of power a agent robocop type
> Eventually both meet and after a duel the old torturer manages to escape and what follows is a hunt, the same time that the former police officer tries to understand and find out more about his hunter
> After a long journey through a Latin America in complete chaos, the old man ends up wounded in the leg and trapped in a cemetery, with his rival and other agents coming towards him to kill him
> A boy a few miles away, observes the scene with a binocular, he then stops observing the scene near his end, looking up he says:
> When will this end?
> Under his foot a newspaper bouncing a counterattack on the current government
Yes, I know it sucks.

>> No.9825771

yeah dude if you're as good of a writer as fucking Flaubert a plot-less novel can work fine otherwise fuck off


write it you stupid fucking lazy fuck
the worst books are the ideas of books that never even exist because the author is scared of failing
fuck that fucking shit write your book

>> No.9825777

It's not a new idea, it's not even a well-sold proposition, but you better write it well and make me give a shit about the characters on a brutally fucking human level for it to work. The ending is expected/cliche as all hell, but if you can sell the set up, it works.

only works if non-linear

>> No.9826829

Thanks guys <3
You've given me motivation to write it. I recently signed up to a writing workshop, that might help.

>> No.9827138

would read

>> No.9827301

>1700s, New Hampshire
>Town is raided by Indians during peacetime
>They kidnap a woman and her kids, kill her husband
>Governor tells ranger to get them back
>Ranger was in love with woman until she married other guy while he was fighting at Norridgewock in 1724.
>Indians raid other towns, split into three with different captives in each band
>Ranger and friends pursue, using tracking methods and witness testimony to track down the three different bands
>Recovers woman and preacher after fight
>Fights another band
>fights the final band, woman is injured, ranger drowns lead Indian (who he has a past with) in mud during a cave battle
There's way more to it, but that's kind of the tl;dr, I left out much of the backstory and some events. It's basically an adventure novel that's part action, part history book and part nature writing. It's sort of a warm up before I begin my 1904-1921 novel on Russian aristocrats and peasants.

>> No.9827327

Seems too simplistic for the topic but the ranger having a past connection with the lead Indian has some promise.

Pray tell, how the Russian aristocrats idea looks? Seems more interesting due the setting alone, though I am probably biased as slavfag.

>> No.9827518

Like I said, I dumbed the plot down for greentext. It's a lot, shall we say, deeper in a full plot outline. A lot of it is the ranger wanting a second chance with the woman, not anting to kill the indian leader or his son, who he has traded and hunted with, and regretting his actions at Norridgewock while also feeling unrecognized for his great achievements.

As for the other, it's three books, reach named after a contemporary song. Book one: On the Hills of Manchuria is set from 1904-1905, the A plot is about two Russian nobles who love the same woman, one who has loved her for years and the other who just met her. Since they're best friends it leads to conflict, especially as they fight in the Russo-Japanese War. Other plots include:
>A Russian noble serving as an officer aboard a ship in the second Pacific squadron
>The Naval officer's kid brother and his friendship with a little girl with abusive parents (I assure you its better than it sounds haha)
>The hypotenuse of the officer's love triangle at home
There was also meant to be a plot about a young Jew witnessing the 1905 march on the winter palace and the massacre and his journey to becoming a communist, but it doesn't mesh well with the rest of the book, comes too late and could be covered in the next book anyway.

Anyway, book two is probably the one I developed the least. The core of the plot is 1912-1917, World War One being the backdrop. The plots now are:
>The two officers again, their friendship totally collapses.
>Little boy, brother of naval officer in the Corps of Pages/Cadet Corps (can't decide which), having to deal with hazing and training to become a soldier.
>His female friend is about to be married, and gets married to an asshole.
>A former kitchen boy for one of the officers becomes a communist, giving us a view of the growing red tide in Russia.

Part three is 1918-1921 and basically has two plots:
>Communist and his comrades fight the whites
>Cadet Corps kid and his comrades fight the reds
Again, I dumbed it down, but you'll notice that as the series goes on the aristocrat characters (save for Cadet Corps and his girl friend) fade from prominence as the Muzhiks come to the front. Officer #1 from that love triangle I mentioned in part one is sort of the main character except in part three, but he's still major.

>> No.9827709

Mhmm, with the added detail it definitely sounds better. Although while obviously functional it lacks some unique detail to catch my interest. For just a warm up it's pretty decent for sure.

>The Naval officer's kid brother and his friendship with a little girl with abusive parents (I assure you its better than it sounds haha)
Actually sounds promising, as does the rest. Though weaving all the plot threads in an organic narrative seems like a pain. The period offers so much potential and it sounds like you know what you're doing.

The plot with the young Jew seem good to add more connection between one and two, so I'd try to make it work. Couldn't he be some childhood friend from the naval officer's brother?

How do you plan to handle the names? Even as native, reading the translations of Freddy, Bulgakov or Tolstoy was such a pain.

>> No.9827777

How much do you know about Russia?
Do you consider yourself capable of handling this complicated time period?
I recommend you to check this project that is basically facebook if it was existed in 1917. There a lot of documents of that time, such as magazine's articles, private diaries and so on.
https://project1917 .com/

>> No.9827795

I now I should probably have been more detailed. The plot outline I wrote is way more in depth, as are the character sketches.

As for OTHOM, I came up with it freshman year of high school and began it that summer but stopped around Junior year. It's one of the best things I've ever written. While my prose has improved, I knew the characters so well that I could write so much about them and I had fun doing it. I haven't gone back yet because I want to reform it, but I don't now exactly what to do. I also didn't finish my historical research (mostly based around the Second Pacific Squadron) before I started writing, I just sort of read a little bit of Anna Karenina and then got to work, utilizing my already extensive Russian history knowledge.
I wouldn't make the jew (Fedor) friends with the kid (Ilya) just because Russians in general hated Jews at the time. The book has a lot of the main characters expressing period appropriate views towards Jews and the Japanese, occasionally they might call on another a 'jew' the same way people on here call one another "faggot" or "nigger". There's also the age distinction, Fedor is about twenty-one or so, while Ilya is six. But, I appreciate any suggestions. I actually enjoy suggestions because there are a few things I'm unsure about. I might squeeze Fedor in the second one and have the 1905 massacre be a flashback. As for the names, I find them rather easy. The main character for example is "Vasily Zinoviyevich Chornin" called 'Vasya" by friends, by people who aren't friends he is "Vasily Zinoviyevich", at war he is "Lieutenant Chornin" or "your high wellborn". Others call him Prince Chornin. Spelling can be a little weird, like Vasily is spelled that way, but others would spell it "Vasilii" or "Vasiliy" (which I think is technically more correct. While others names ending in ий like Vasily's friend Arseni are spelled just however I like. i like how Vasily looks compared to the others, I prefer Arseni to Arseniy, and Zinoviy to Zinovii.

>> No.9827796

>futuristic amusement park
>dinosaurs are brought to life thru advanced cloning techniques
>working title: billy and the cloneasaurus

>> No.9827799

Nice digits, I know quite a bit. i was able to write so much of it in the past because I filled it with so many references to Russian history, mythology and culture. I've decided to put in a glossary at the end in case any non-Russians are lost.

>> No.9827807

i love this empty dying mall vibe, it's extremely depressing, god's speed

>> No.9827823


Sounds like a cool book, but I'd bet a lot of money the book itself is nowhere near as good as this description. Like, for on I'm sure there's about a dozen scenes where the MC jacks off to anime in the lonely, empty mall.

>> No.9827992
File: 422 KB, 1475x900, sketches.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not super set on mine other than:
>Sci-fi YA novel
>World with super powered people, working under a government organization
>No actual "super heroes", mutants are used to do jobs for the government
>Female gay protagonist has elastic powers, uses them for government espionage
>Eventually learns about shady shit going on with mutant-government group, tries to get to the bottom of it with her assistant
>Slowly learns origins of where super powers came from
>Something something cosmic being that placed super power-genes in people a long time ago comes back to harvest all the abilities that mutated and formed in people blah blah

Sooomething along those lines. Not too confident in the end-game plot stuff, but I dunno. Wanna rework that a bit before I keep adding to what I have written so far, I keep going back and forth on what to do there.

>> No.9828143

What the kek. That's an interesting site.

>just because Russians in general hated Jews at the time.
Jews weren't too popular in the empire, or at any other time during Russian history but outside of certain periods when they were antagonized for propaganda, suspicion describes it better than hatred. The comparison with 4chains usage of "faggot" or "nigger" is pretty good actually. Also good lord, the amount of nation-based insults in Russian is impressive. "Turk" is used a synonym for idiot, Khokhol to insult Ukrainians and "black asses" for people from Caucasus.

>Fedor in the second one and have the 1905 massacre be a flashback.
Meh, flashbacks are lame, unless it's not an obvious flashback and used at the start.

As for names, "Zinoviyevich" sounds rather tricky, specially if it comes up often. Though it probably adds a more "Russian flavor" than something simpler like Nikolajivich would. Vasily or Arseni are probably preferable to the more technically correct ones. It's simpler for the Western reader and close enough to the original for natives. Vasya is ... well, functional. Not much one can do without the я in latin, and something more flippant like Vaska would sound too feminine.

So a less dark and more futuristic Darker Than Black with a chick that got gomu gomu no mi powers? The end game sounds pretty lame for sure, so yeah, that could use more work. Why not make it more relevant to current day situations? Some abstraction of a more realistic problem basically.

What about her and her assistant personality?

>> No.9828208

>Why not make it more relevant to current day situations?
Thaaaat could work! I'll kinda brainstorm what I could twist around to make work for this. I kinda wanted to get away from the sci-fi stuff anyways, obviously other than the super power stuff. Might do more with the espionage angle too because I think I could probably do a lot with that.

>What about her and her assistant personality?
The main character (Emmeline) starts off pretty serious until her new assistant helps her lighten up a bit. Emme's been kinda used as a government tool for a lot of her life and is pretty sheltered. Assistant helps her learn more about the outside world a bit while they travel around investigating the shady happenings within their organization... Err, well, if I stick to that plot idea anyways.

>> No.9828975

Plump cuck mulligan

>> No.9829020

>YA novel.
>Unpopular loser kid discovers technological conspiracy to make artificial slave copies of human beings.
>Takes a lot of beatings, barely survives and after saving the day basically gets nothing for his trouble.
>Message can basically be summed up as "Good men don't do good because there's something in it for them."
I know it won't sell but I want to write it.

>> No.9829049
File: 3.26 MB, 1920x1080, 1492633156052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since I received such a positive reaction early in this thread I have a bit of a confession. I've only just begun planning out this novel and based on the positive response I plan to put my other novel on hold for this. I forgot to mention that the MC is also hallucinating nihilistic Windows 95 pop ups the whole time.

I don't even have much of an outline yet. I'm working out the details on the mall itself.

>This sounds comfy. Hope it isn't autobiographical, anon.
it's not, which means I have research to do about working in retail.

I want to extend the Vaporwave art movement into literature. I also just have a fascination with dead malls.

>Sounds like a cool book, but I'd bet a lot of money the book itself is nowhere near as good as this description. Like, for on I'm sure there's about a dozen scenes where the MC jacks off to anime in the lonely, empty mall.
I don't have too many specifics on what the main character will be like but I'd imagine he would jerk off to anime and his tiny apartment while guzzling Arizona Iced Tea.
I may have him buy drugs from a dealer in a far-off abandoned wing of the mall later in the book.

>> No.9829105

>British major in the EITC army has to get his men and thousands of civilians through the Indian mutiny

>fairly formulaic horror book set in Alaska
>spooky things from native folklore and a few pretty good twists

>a book about a guy in university who makes friends with five people there on exchange
>falls in love with one of them
>attempts to hit on her but its halfhearted, keeps telling himself "she's here for a whole eight more months, I have time", "a whole seven months,"
>realizes the inadequacy of this, instead of doing something about it he drowns himself in booze and partying and loose women
>that relatable agony of trying to get over someone you never actually dated
>yes this is a somewhat fictionalized, somewhat masturbatory take on my own senior year

>> No.9829581
File: 32 KB, 498x498, IMG_7652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be old man
>just retired from job
>constantly complain about mundaneness of life
>nobody cares about what I have to say
>decide to start preaching in street to tell society to its face that it's retrograde and disgusting
>slowly start to gather crowd
>turns out to be just a bunch of teens
>they see me as Socrates or Jesus
>start to tell these kids to do different stuff for the hell of it.
>get the attention of their parents
>tfw people start to listen to me

>> No.9829720


>> No.9829798
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ask me know I know you cant into philosphy

>> No.9829916

for a while I've wanted to start on it but never had anyone to get decent feedback from

>homage to winchester mansion
>woman builds all these doors to rooms that go nowhere to appease the ghosts of the guns her husband made
>woman dies in this mansion with hundreds of doors and rooms that go nowhere
>some disenchanted fuck gets the place
>eventually realises each door opens up to various times when the rifle was used to kill someone
>think like time travel but only observing
>dude gets hell fuckn amped about viewing death and writing about it
>starts to interfere with his everyday life
>gets really obsessed with guns and the way a single trigger can take a life
>starts killing with an old winchester rifle

needs work but

>> No.9829942

Maybe it should turn into a piece about death. For example, the guy would continue studying the killings until he realizes that he is studying death and not the gun or people itself.

>> No.9829963
File: 382 KB, 836x456, aman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rich billionaire tech genius in the likeness of Elon Musk retreats from his social life of decadent mansion parties and even divorces his Swedish supermodel wife
>contemplates existence while staying in his mansion with the curtains drawn
>arrives at the conclusion that the human race is grotesque and hardly any better than a squirming pile of maggots
>wishes to exterminate his own species and wants to use his resources and superior intellect to come up with a real doomsday weapon

idk what it should be

idk how it should end

>> No.9829974

all that you wrote is part one
the rest of the book is an epic saga that details his rise to supreme dictator of the world who purges humanity
minimum 1500 pages

better study up on your hitler
because if you dont write this I will

>> No.9829982

that's exactly what i picture whenever i see a goober replying to every individual post in a thread.

>> No.9829984

how will he rise to dictator if his goal is to exterminate everyone?
I guess initially he will have to conceal his agenda and then he will have to leave some people alive/promise his army they may live.

I could see this being good.

Also his perspective would distort and he would descend further into his mania at some point

its still rough

>> No.9830000

>protagonist is a well-off woman in her early thirties
>setting 1950's new england
>she develops schizophrenia in order for the story to take an incoherent turns because i'm a bad writer

>> No.9830001

yeah, exactly like that.
i can just picture him giving hitler-like speeches to thousands at the UN and making organizations bow down
and its starts of small (becoming governor, president) and then he eventually takes canada through negotiation and invades mexico
and then eventually key players should be arguing over who gets to own europe
and then eventually he turns on his own people and enforces cleverly disguised eugenics that exterminate everyone
he should largely succeed
but in the end he should be brutus'd by his closest advisor/partner
real Machiavellian type shit

>> No.9830025


Goes through great efforts making plans to destroy humanity only to come to the realization that humanity is not even worth destroying and that all of his plans were just a waste of time. So, he kills himself because he is too much of a narcissist to realize he to is just as worthless and not worth killing.

>> No.9830064

I thought of that ending but quickly discarded it. Suicide in that case would just be a cheap meaning-bait substitute to actual plot.

>> No.9830402

I was thinking of making a contrast the french guy being a robot and the german being a Chad having the narrative constantly shifting between their points of view

>> No.9830412

>a teenage boy is constantly ridiculed for for being a virgin
>he makes up a lie about his hot blonde science teacher giving him a blowjob
>the rumour goes around the school until it reaches the ears of the police who charge the teacher with statutory rape
>what follows is a hilarious coming of age story

>> No.9830506
File: 868 KB, 1414x2000, 1501006364064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>begins with per diem of atomic family unit living in utopia 50s styled society
>social order begins to crumble with bizarre and gruesome rapidity, almost overnight transition from apple pie and platitudes to widespread gore and violence
>follows the sole survivor of the family as he flees his suburb and later escapes the neighboring major city now turned warzone
>he comes to realizes that he and everyone he knew are/were an artificial intelligence effectively living a post scarcity simulation by advanced lifeforms, futuristic human beings
>literally meets his makers and finds them unfeeling, petty, and living in a world of filth ruled by inequity and appetite
>after some exploration of the real world and an amusing sex scene (robot genitals) the time has come for him to be decommissioned and euthanized along a few others of his kind
>all this time false flagging hard hinting that this is a matroshka doll situation and each world's existence is created and encapsulated by another
>near the end 'he' expresses gratitude for the fact his people had no real past and considers the briefness of their being a mercy
>concludes with the scientists preparing another simulation suggesting the organic and prolonged nature of their world, their realness, and the futility of their curiosity and task
I literally just made this up on the spot for the sake of this thread but I sort of like it.

>> No.9830723

>YA for lack of better genre
>Mostly militarized society background
>Social anxiety-ridden teenage girl fails her military university exams
>Her limited views on life says her life as a special corps sniper snowflake elite is forever out of reach
>Spiraling down depression turns into psychotic-fueled hallucinations about a happy and confident girl that moves into the neighborhood and befriends her while trying to get her to care more about life and her other options at work/employment
>Angst over 9000 over getting so inside her own head yet feeling better about her life as a shut-in
>She increasingly catches on to the fact her friend is a hallucination when her suggestions get more and more demanding of her to act in the real world
>Can't stop the hallucinations by her own thought-process as she seemingly started them so in despair she tries to kill girl/herself
>She realizes here that the girl was real all along (not sure if by almost getting to the act and being then committed to a psychiatric ward or potential love interest ex machina stopping her)
>Final pages plot twist would be that reader sees that the friend was indeed a hallucination that turned into a personified familiar of the girl and after acquiring enough thought-energy from her went off on her own (possible hook for more stories involving supernatural/psychic shenanigans since the militarized society with a supernatural shadow movement is a setting I have building up for a while but not too sure on this kind of twist for this particular story)

>> No.9830725

I would read this

>> No.9830812

> be on earth, heavily polluted and deadly with constant rain
> humans noped the fuck out for living hedonistic lives somewhere in space
> they left behind all their mechanic and biologic experiences
> some are engineered animals with human intelligence
> these animals, anthropomorphic or not, built feudal, neomodern civilizations with time
> war and misery at every corner
> Inhabitants see humans as legends or gods
> one group of human worshippers find a stasis chamber with a human girl inside

t. Furry writer
t. Trying to be Clifford D. Simak 2.0

>> No.9830835

>mild sci fi
>some random guy got the power to turn back time 8128 hours, 28 minutes and 6 seconds if he dies
>he doesnt find it out until a meteor hits earth and everybody dies
>tries countless way to save Earth
>finally create an antimatter gun that makes the meteor disappear
>earthquakes afterwards
>fuck it all everything is purpose-less.jpg

>> No.9830873
File: 1.22 MB, 150x150, 1482495963228.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9830920

>Corporal in the military police of a Colorado-based nation.
>This guy's unit is sent escorting an extradimensional diplomat from an alternate Earth.
>Diplomat promises weapons from his nation of origin in exchange for raw material from Colorado.
>Protagonist then finds itself in a city being besieged by a sudden invasion from a rump USA.
>Guy survives.
>the extradimensional weapons allow Coloradans to push up to Gettysburgh.
>Then the USA drops an H-Bomb and the protagonist dies in the blast.
>Final pages reveal the twist: it was never our Earth, it was an Alternate Earth in the future, the extradimensional ambassador was our USA's ambassador and Itlay supplied the hydrogen bomb to the "other USA."

>> No.9830940

>two friends in an art gallery
>commenting on the art
>tallking about love and life
>it becomes apparent that they are lovers
>they quarrel
>one of them stabs the other to death

>> No.9830949

>guy on bridge about to jump
>another guy passes, tells him to stop
>they talk, there is a back and forth, the second guy telling him all the reasons to live
>the suicide guy reconsiders it, he hugs the other guy and walks home
>the other guy does what he came for and jumps

>> No.9830954

>year 2023
>postmodernism has taken over
>everyone is either an intersectional progressive or a complete idiot
>the government has become like a rich dad who's children take money from but don't listen to
> Food stamps are given, free education, free health care
>but everyone still bashes the government and police because of issues that have already been resolved
>no one trusts the police, any positive mention of the guvmint, other than food stamps, would be met with backlash.
>shit starts to go downhill fast
I'm not sure what to do in this part, but basically I want something to happen that would be destructive to humanity. Like some ayys killing everyone. I'm not sure
>while shtf, the police forces, hospitals, every government related group tries to help people and warn them
>no one listens because "teh gubbermint is ebil!"
>everyone fucking dies
>the government was being good guy

>> No.9830967

>three people fight demons in a horror comedy

>kid goes missing in the appalachian mountains
>other kid finds him
>they become best friends
>turns out kid was missing 24 hours longer than he remembers
>years later, they discover that demons and shit are real
>third person enters scene- she's mute, stereotypical greaser "cool dude"
>they gotta save the world

It's gonna be shit. I just really want to write it.

>> No.9831065

>be high school kid that is regularly beaten by his deadbeat dad, also one of his ring fingers is severed from the 1st knuckle
>bullied because of said father and just generally being a loser
>beaten up at bus stop one day and a weird looking older fellow breaks it up
>older guy tells him that he strangely just finds himself where trouble is just about to begin
>later that night the mc wakes up and starts to follow visions guiding him through his small town
>finds himself in an alleyway and hears what sounds like a woman in trouble
>approaches and sees a man hunched over a man and looking like they are getting it on, rests his mutilated hand on the wall under a light
>startles the man on top of the woman, he sees the hand with a missing finger and the kid's shadowy figure, the kid runs away because who wouldn't at that point
>mc goes back home and continues with his life just thinking he encountered a couple fucking
>what he actually saw was a serial killer who was choking her out (he won't find out till latter half)
>kid realises he has the ability to dream of future crimes that will happen in and around his town
>goes ghetto vigilante with a baseball bat and a few loser friends to prevent these crimes
>serial killer is freaking the fuck out because he thinks he has been found out, sees a photo of the mc in vigilante getup fleeing a crime scene, he notices the finger
>killer attempts to track down the mc while the mc continues to do vigilante shit

it's pretty long winded but I'm fairly particular in how I set up my stories, ending has to be figured out for the most part

>> No.9831078

actually good

>> No.9831079

>Young boy (10 years old or so) develops a crush on a girl in his class
>Father takes a job a few towns away, whole family moves
>He visits his aunt, who lives in the original town, every summer and stays with her for a few weeks
>As he becomes a teenager, he comes to the conclusion that his feelings are just a crush and he starts dating a girl in his own hometown

I dunno, probably cheesy and done to death.

>> No.9831119


>> No.9831121


>> No.9831124


>> No.9831125

Eh, I'm still gonna write it eventually, once I'm done with my current project.

>> No.9831128

Dude this seems like a shittier kickass

>> No.9831129

Self-publish it somewhere and drop us a link.

>> No.9831133

Do it, I want you to umiliate me in the next 5 years. My name is Andrea Carraturo, remember me as I will remember your book

>> No.9831141

It all depends on if my current project is a success in any way at all. If it is, it could easily spawn a series of novels. I'll keep you in mind though and thank you in those books if that happens though. Deal?

>> No.9831164

Also this is mine
>drunk farmer get out to the field and start shooting ddt-drones with his rifle
>insurence guy start an investigation on the farmer to rip his ass apart
>we are talkin about half a mil
>insurence guy has to deal with his daughter wich is dating a lame ass musician that smoke weed
>the girl is actually babysitting the dude out of trouble
>onenightthe dude gets beaten out of a club, the girl must come and take him from the police station
>wile driving she get hit by a light bean, a reflection from a skyscraper
>she loses her right leg
>a woman involved in the carcrash also loses her right leg
>insurance dad try to sue the skyscraper
>the skyscraper is actually a well know death machine who killed a lot of people before because of how it is designed as a magnifier lense
>dad gets depressed
>daughter get depressed
>boyfriend start acting as an adult for the first time
>psy link is enstablished between the two one legged women when they try to masturbate
>impotent insurance dad decide tohelp the farmer with his insurance trouble
>book ends with the dad and the farme killing a cow together using a train to blame the drone manufactury

>> No.9831169

Yeye deal

>> No.9831173

>psy link is enstablished between the two one legged women when they try to masturbate

You lost me

>> No.9831194

Its fanservice dude. Do you hate money?

>> No.9831213

Make it a noir and you got me

>> No.9831217


>> No.9831251

>a propagandist book
>thinly veiled metaphor to talk about mass immigration, ethnic replacement, statism, etc.

/pol/tards are gonna love it

>> No.9831338

That's a really unsatisfying ending

>> No.9831383

/pol/tards don't read anything longer than meme image or a shitpost. You have a better chance selling hair care products to a bald man.

>> No.9831446

Calm down

>> No.9831470 [DELETED] 
File: 347 KB, 362x570, üüüüüüüü.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>guy was forced to take a small, tasteless pill once a week by his parents for all his life
>they never told him what the pill was for, but went apeshit on him when he refused to take it
>otherwise had normal life
>turns 22
>parents die
>he doesen't know where they got the pills from
>he will now learn what happens when he actually doesen't take the pill anymore

This is just the hook, there is tons of shit happening later.

>> No.9831474

sounds interesting and has potential to be meaningful
i hope you dont turn it into a postmodernist thriller

>> No.9831475

Does he became fat?

>> No.9831502 [DELETED] 


What is a postmodernist thriller. Give examples pls

>> No.9831503

>main character living a conservative modern life with family
>a lot of going down-tier things happen SUBTLY around him as the book progresses and he is the only one that notices it
>it bothers him more and more, starts questioning his beliefs
>the world stays the same, but the impression of it through writing changes from an ideal 50's atmosphere to dystopian
>it is followed by main character's distancing from his religion (his religion represents his belonging to the world) until he finally renounces it and becomes an outcast
it would be called The Heretic

>> No.9831508

books with little meaning and value in which its most important to be interesting and entertain people

>> No.9831518 [DELETED] 

I see. No, that's not what I want to do at all. I have a very specific idea about the meaning of the different characters, themes and actions that occur in the story. And if I ever finish this story, I will make sure that I give the reader enough clues and points to find meaning inside of the book.

The reason why I want to write this is because I think I can say things in a more beautiful way when I say them through this story, instead of just stating what I want to say bluntly. So I really want to say something with it and don't intend to just make shit up for entertainment.

>> No.9831525

Does the pill makes him very tall?

>> No.9831528

make it oi ocha not arizona

>> No.9831533

I dont like your choice of words

>> No.9831567

>novel is about a scammer
>hack is in a dry spell
>posts on a literature forum about other people posting their ideas using a quotation system
>doesn't post his ideas
>steals everyone's shit because they are idiots how believe an image forum protects their intellectual property
>scammer gets rich like the other scammer who used this exact tactic on the television forum
I think it might get a movie deal.

>> No.9831578

>implying the hack wouldnt just help them get their ideas public, which is something theyd never do due to everyone's laziness here

>> No.9831579

What kind of retard scammer puts that much effort into their scams? The point is money for nothing, right? Not, money for the effort of writing a bunch of books.

>> No.9831581
File: 213 KB, 500x400, 1495248418525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dark absurdist comedy
>Neurotic, depressed air conditioning repairman
>Lonely virgin with no friends, no family, no hope
>Lives alone in comfy Alaskan apartment
>Falls in love with UPS driver
>Knows she is way out of his league
>A correspondent from hell appears at his doorstep and offers him the ability to win her heart in exchange for her soul
>As he goes to shake hands with the demon, another demon shows up and tries to cut him a better deal
>The two devils get caught in a bidding war
>eventually, one of the devils sells his soul to a higher-up devil in order to make good on his outlandish promises
>the situation continues escalating in ridiculous ways

Really hope i can do it justice. I've been sitting on the basic idea for a year or so. Working on outlining.

>> No.9831589

.... this is the plot for Prince of nothing series in a nutshell
waste of time writing it desu.

>> No.9831601

"Scammer" is allegory /metaphor for author you dunce. What you doing here if you take everything you read as literal?

>What kind of retard scammer puts that much effort into their scams?
The one that made millions stealing an anon's shit from /tv/.

>> No.9831605
File: 127 KB, 1327x617, 1496037519180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a myth you insipid fuckstain

>> No.9831608

I'd read it desu.

>> No.9831610

>implying there is something of value here
>fbi agent dies in cuba
>fbi agent dies in mexico
>a guy is trying to leave Agra before the indo-pakistani war explode
>IBM is searching for this man while infiltrating a guy in a spy cartel system against the Motorola group in India
>the guy has a talking cat
>the cat is telling him things about the new educational plan made up by the government for the region of Bengali in witch professors are going to teach wrong things to their students on purpose
>guy get cought by indian antitrust
>they think he is an IBM guy
>suddenly he became an actual indian citizen (all his documents has been changed)
>he is now accused of high treason
>he blame the cat
>cat is kill
>man escape in Moscov as a soviet double agent
>gets killed two years after by a deformed sicario

>> No.9831621
File: 245 KB, 719x1024, 1501486692754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

basically, this anime but with better characters and a better historia, erasing every otaku sexual fantasy.

>> No.9831625

thank you

>> No.9831669

basically the hungers games but with a sad end.

>> No.9831767

God I hate weebshit

>> No.9831798

me too, but the concept is good.

>> No.9831865


>> No.9831952

Zinoviyevich does appear often, because characters address Vasily by his first and middle name (think Anna Karenina, where Anna is called "Anna Arkadyevna") it's not the most beautiful spelling, but hey, it's his name. It's not as "clean" as Arseni's name: Arseni's Mikhailovich. Where I get tripped up is this character Stasya's middle name. Her father is Bronislav Demidov, so I don't know if her full name should be Anastasiya Bronislaveva Demidova or Anastasiya Bronislavevna Demidova. Vasya sounds nice, I think, it's his nickname and not a full name anyway.

I am still working out the second book but I think the Jewish guy will be in the second one rather than the first, because reading my old first draft (which I never finished) it sort of comes from nowhere. He also does not appear at the opening ball scene where all the characters are introduced, so I think it's better he shows up in relation to the communist kid in the second. The second part is pretty underdeveloped at the moment though, it lacks the plotting I put into the first.

>> No.9831969

Wow imagine being such an edgy reactionary

>> No.9832062

love this

>> No.9832215

>so I don't know if her full name should be Anastasiya Bronislaveva Demidova or Anastasiya Bronislavevna Demidova.
Neither. It'd be Bronislavovna, although I have no idea why exactly.

Well, the way you describe it, the Jewish guy does sound misplaced in the first but depending on how big his role would be for the others, it'd be nice for continuity to introduce him sooner, or at very least provide hint/nudges for his existence.

>> No.9832264

reverse it and you got sth

a hippie's son who becomes a businessman

>> No.9832302

Would read

>> No.9832323


Furfag, get out.

That's also a shitty story idea. What are you trying to write?


>> No.9832331


>> No.9832363

go for it, just don't make it as cringe-y as Player 1 and your good to go

>> No.9832368

>replying to every individual post in a thread.
>He didn't reply to every post in the thread
.t liar

>> No.9832384

>didn't like feedback
>bitches about poster instead of improving their shitty story idea
>Hates furfags
Catgirls are gods chosen

>> No.9832420

>Everybody wakes up and realizes they're gay
>Like, they feel no attraction to the opposite sex anymore
>Snippets of life of various characters, wife and husband, girl with her most recent hookup, a college boy trying to beat his meat, an old married couple
>This becomes a large scale problem, the news talk about it
>LGBT movements are enthusiastic
>Fights among couples
>>1 year later
>Many divorces
>0 births
>It has become global by this point, UN is talking about it, scientists are studying the phenomenon
>In vitro doesn't work
>Governments try to get people to fuck anyway
>With no success
>Fear starts to creep in
>>Fast forward 15-20 years
>Last generation is 20
>Population has decreased drastically
>Humanity is headed towards extinction with no solution in sight
>Second coming of God, He condemns humanity for its depravation (God's speech, Sodomah and Gomorrah)

If you guys like it I might start putting some actual effort into writing it cause right now it has such a big scope I can't quite get into it (first time I'm writing anything half-seriously)

>> No.9832433

can it be found for cheap at a convenience store? That might make a difference.

>> No.9832434

It's fucking stupid. Deus ex machina makes everyone gay then deus steps in and judges everyone for it, despite their attempts otherwise (ignoring in vitro medicine) you're a fucking spastic and incapable of the mediocre thought needed to write a novel.

>> No.9832440

Faggots had kids and families with non faggots for millennia.

>> No.9832504

I basically just want a book ending with God condemning humanity because of its depravation
And I liked how the scope widens from a familiar to a local to a global to a divine point of view

>> No.9832574

I know, the whole idea is way too /pol/ish.

>> No.9832639

>average joe (around 30)
>massive world event convinces everybody that he is the next incarnation of god
>is terrified at the amount of power he has over people and refuses to talk to anybody ever again
>the rest of the book follows the real jesus as he uses this opportunity for run of the mill school skipping shenanigans (ferris bueller, zack and cody, etc.)

>> No.9832649

>wife kills wealthy husband
>hires pi to frame her stepson
>stepson hire another pi to fake his death and frame stepmother

>> No.9832666

The book idea means nothing, the execution does. Make a book about Dracula being forced to sell his castle and work as a Chechen bride kidnapper, it can be good if you're good and think it out properly.

>> No.9834018

theres a book like that

>> No.9834834


>> No.9836289

Whatever the idea, you can rest assured; there's a book like that.

>> No.9837378


>> No.9838377

>20 year old becomes lethargic about his job waiting tables at a pizzeria
>doesn’t quit but performance dips to the point where he is fired
>after a week of looking through job listings, he only finds positions where the outcome will undeniably be the same as the pizzeria
>is deeply depressed by this but suddenly gets a craving for pizza
>knows he only has about $100 left in his account
>goes back to the pizzeria and orders 6 large pies
>waitress who worked different shift than him sees this and quits on the spot
>gives her a ride back to her house; they eat and talk about their plans for the future
>he wants to be a doctor, she wants to be a playwright
>no sex
>they reunite several years later at one of her plays having accomplished their goals
>they meet after and catch up: both married, both no kids
>go to a diner, then back to her place
>husband is away on business

>> No.9838404

if life is mundane to this guy, then why does he care that society is retrograde and disgusting

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