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Serious question, how do I see my sperm under a microscope?

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spit it out

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>muh sinuses!
>muh pollen!
I hear this every fucking day this time of year.
All these defects running around with their sniffles, hoarse throats, and complaints that go with them. Then they run for their Claritin, and bitch and moan about it still.

I've come to the conclusion, and the hypothesis brought here for discussion, that seasonal allergies are a symptom urban/suburban childhoods.
Individuals raised in the country seldom have allergies. Most bugmen from the city cannot stand to be outdoors this time of year.

Quite frankly, it's downright pathetic to be subdued by something as innocuous and widespread as pollen. Amazing how animals in their natural habitat of the wilds are not affected.

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I agree. Same goes for most made up food allergies and intolerances desu.

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People with peanut allergies tend to be real genetic defects. Even as a kid, I hated them.

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I've always thought the use of the word "allergy" was a misnomer. You're not "allergic", your nose is just irritated. It's a stupid meme word that only idiots use unironically.

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You hate people with peanut allergies? What are you, a /pol/ user? That's the only group of people I can think of this deranged/unintelligent.

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>what is the evolutionary purpose of

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purpose =/= advantage it's not semantics don't be ridiculous

the question is annoying because it indicates lack of understanding of how evolution works, and /sci/tards never want to listen to anyone

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when people say "what is the evolutionary purpose of [x]?" they mean to say "what is the specific advantage in [y] species of [x] trait or behaviour"
you're just being anal about words

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>when people say what time it is, they actually mean which year is it

as a biochemist it's getting really tedious arguing with evolution deniers, the phrasing of the question promotes a wrong way of thinking about evolution and the theory of evolution has already suffered enough misconceptions and brainlet inputs
it's enough
it's a retarded question

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>refuses to interpret what someone is saying liberally
>tries to put words in my mouth
1) nice hypocrisy
2) analogies are not arguments

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ok retard
looks like we're done here
enjoy being laughed at :^)

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Is it true that scientists are the most angriest group of people?

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Tell me, /sci/, who was (or is) the smartest (truly bright) person that you ever met IRL? How was like? Did anyone here met someone close level of Von Neumann?

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He was a vegan, so he wasn't all that smart.

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What did he do?

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can we just agree that psychologists fucked up again, and this shit is just like lobotomizing women for "hysteria" or sterilizing homosexual men because "muh psychology REEEEEE"

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>Why yes I had my penis removed. How did you know?

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did they cut a new orifice into your body and reinsert some penile tissue and stitch it in too? asking for a friend

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technically speaking, I think you actually chopped your dick off

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Because you get 15 minute dilation breaks on top of the smoke breaks since smoking in the gender neutral restroom is prohibited.

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>foot binding
>humor imbalance
>tonsil extractions
>wisdom teeth extractions
>hormone "therapy"
I wonder what nobel prize-winning ideas we'll have in the future. I can just imagine. Fingernail removal? Preventative eye surgery? Eyebrow reduction? Maybe even in-vitro hormone vaccines? Can't say you weren't born gay.

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Ive long contended the world isnt running out of resources we are humans just lack the will power to think big and think outside the box to tackle alot of problems.

for instance the world has oodles of empty land. for example Russia is the largest land mass of any country yet majority of it is covered in ice/snow.
sure it wouldbe costing a shit tonne in sunk costs... but why not just turn a good chuck of cold land mass in farm land via greenhouses.

same could be done in over open and large land mass spaces.
example australia. its hot AF,very little green sapce but they also need fresh water to grow crops, why not use the heat of the sun to desalinate the salt water in I undo glass tubes or whatever and use that to grow crops.

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Resources are not running out, there are enough for a million years. It doesn't matter what you use because there is more

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what resources are you running out of?, that we couldnt build more of.
lets say fish
people are worried about the oceans being depleted
just build more lakes or agrofish farms, hydroponic farms for growing crops too.
you can have miles and miles of fish farms. Yes it would be expensive but lets not imagine we are also running out of money too.

hell when you start going to other worlds you can put fish on those planets too.

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Why go to other planets at all if you can grow more on Earth?

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A lack of land, water, seeds, and fertilizer has literally never been the reason for why people struggle with food. The inequitable distribution of wealth means that there's more than enough money worldwide to provide people with the financial ability to afford food wherever they live. Arable land and freshwater exists in sufficient abundance to sustain many times the current world population.

But it's even more complicated than that since oftentimes areas that struggle with hunger are also stricken with famine and lack of infrastructure. In which case, billionaires giving the villagers money does nothing if the farmer's markets do not have produce. Feeding those people would amount to building roads and airlifting crates of food, which is a bit of a logistical nightmare that most governments wouldn't do. You also have to factor in the fact that hunger also exists in places with conflict - governments are reluctant to start foreign aid in warzones where militants can kill their nationals.

tl;dr we are nowhere near desperate enough to turn a frigid wasteland into an expensive high-tech green house. hunger is a lack of resources in certain places, not on a global scale.

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>A lack of land, water, seeds, and fertilizer
addendum: a /global/ lack of these things

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Hey what are your thoughts on this? My math skills are extremely rusty since it's been billions of years since I invented math.

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It's not precise, and the primes are getting exponentially further away it appears, but all the prime numbers appear to be directly related to this sine function I found...

Refute me.

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It seems close to me, I can't quite remember what I did when I invented prime numbers all those billions of years ago though...

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Can anybody see where this is going...

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What ever, I'll look at this again later. I forget what I did when I invented prime numbers... it's been so long.

This seemed familiar to me though but IDK.

Anyways, tell me if you found it interesting.

sin pix - sin x
sin pi(x-2) - sin (x-2)

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schizos should be lynched by the neck

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why does everyone lose their shit when i say that im a mathematical realist? I dont think there is some magic world that contains abstract entities, i just believe there exists underlying structure and a priori intuition that needs to be accepted in order to ascertain synthetic math.

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They hate you because you're right, and accepting your point of view would take too much glucose to reorganize their neural structure to reinterpret reality under viewpoint.

Try explaining it when they are on psychedelics, you might have more success in triggering a Cascade which allows them to reinterpret reality platonically.

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>not being a formalist

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sort of based but sort of "dude weed" at the same time

pic related

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>sort of "dude weed" at the same time
Most people shouldn't take psychoactive substances, but if they do they should at least be exposed to good information.

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imagine thinking geometric constructs are string manipulation

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Why does /sci/ hate computer science so much? Is it because it's not a hard science like physics or math?

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You should have probably seen the many threads that are identical to this one. But you're most likely new here, so it's fine.

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bc everyone in compsci wants to be a java codemonkey and no one gives a shit about studying compsci as a science, ya know, graphs, automata, complexity, etc. which are actually extremely interesting areas.

it isnt that compsci is a dumb meme degree its just more akin to engineering than a pure science. the pure science side exists, it just isnt the focus, because its full of insufferable manchildren

t. compsci degree

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Not about computers or science.

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Post >CS majors are web devs.
I never understood the hate for CS but I agree a lot of CStards are insufferable. But at the higher levels of CS, it's not easy.

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>Why does /sci/ hate computer science so much
Why do you /g/ay-fuckers make 300 copies of the same thread.

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>Saturn V rocket
>Doesn't fly to Saturn five times

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god seeing that thing take off and the massive thrust it puts out must make your butthole clench and test double.

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>Those F-1s

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Right now if a child says they are in the body of the opposite sex it is becoming normalized and acceptable for the parents to raise that child as so, even with the addition of hormonal treatment to slow or stop the process if puberty. This is abuse. If you are believe this to be false or are on the sideline of the issue please do some research for yourself that is not politically biased or serves a specific agenda. That is all I will say about the issue but here is a video from a trustworthy source with a personal connection to gender reassignment and what harm it can have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlRkLtKqSrY

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at least by then it will be in UHD 16K resolution

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It's definitely related to science you tranny

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i guess you lads will learn the hard way.

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wow. i ignored this post out of hand, and came back to the thread later, just lurking, but i eventually clicked the youtube link and just wow. a very sober argument on a very controversial topic. and he’s right

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>russia or the middle east
So third world countries full of uneducated morons, with broken economies and corrupt governing bodies, are going to somehow dominate countries with mass infrastructure, production, and the most advanced military might in the world? You’re a moron. It’s more likely that western countries’ economies will collapse due to corporate corruption and hyperinflation, rather than any belligerent exterior to the nation. You’re thinking like it’s the 18th century, but it isn’t. Contemporary civilization is nested in a complex of integrated socio-economic structures, it can’t be undone by drunkards with tanks or moslems with refurbished AK-47s

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Are they too scared of real math like Analysis?

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Before is more attractive

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Agree she had a beautiful Jaw

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Yeah, definitely.

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Before was better what are you even doing

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>implying that's not a jaw you'd want to pass down to your son

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A fuzzy plug that connects to any electrical interface. Essentially a dense array of microscopic insulated wires capturing and sending signals to any conducive surfaces in a connector. Noise and imperfections corrected by a processing model trained on months of synchronized ground truth.

Why wouldn't it work? Illustration not to scale.

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Smart concept. It would tie into the whole software over hardware "thing" we have nowadays. One cable, infinite uses. Building it would be the easy part though. Not only you have to program some software to make it recognize each and every hardware you dip into it, but you need to make it so that the act of figuring out the kind of cable you plugged into it doesn't potentially fuck up any other kind of cable. Like, to figure out what kinda shape it needs to be it has to either:
1- change shape and monitor some parameters
2-run some current somewhere
Or possibly both. Both of those things can fuck up a connector and/or the device connected to the other end of it.

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>plug in iphone XVIMLII Max
>friend comes along and plugs in their iphone XVIMLII
>third friend comes along and plugs in their Galaxy Rubik's
>all at once
You know it's going to happen. How will you accommodate it?

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How the fuck does it work?

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because the male connector might require potential differences from one surface to the next; and this "signal velcro" could short it

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Honestly most of the time they don't, I've always had bad luck with them

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ITT we explain why perpetual motion devices wouldn't work

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And you can't get out of the game.

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what prevents air from surging into the tubes from the top? Anybody who's flipped over a full bottle of liquid should know about how air will just rush up even when liquid is pouring down that same tube

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>It's easy to design a system that perpetually just cycles energy through a system in a loop.

It is not -- there is energy lost in friction an other issues.

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capillary tubes draw up the water automatically, that's how a tree gets water up from the roots

>> No.10587978

Well, a flywheel in a vacuum will only have trivially small amounts of energy loss. If you assume that the execution, materials, and place you install it are all perfect it could be nearly perpetual, and by that point you would be more worried about weird obscure things like quantum fluctuations.

Actually implementing something like that would obviously be impossible. There are designs for perpetual energy machines which take friction into account, they're just impossible for other reasons.

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[eqn] F_{g}~=\frac{G_{m1}\pmG_{m2}}{r^2}[/eqn]

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[eqn] F_{g}~=\frac{G_{m1}\pmG_{m2}}{r^4}[/eqn]

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thoughts on a degree in chemistry?

do i learn how to cook ?

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You're better off learning how to install HVAC, enjoying your life and buying drugs with your large quantity of cash.

>> No.10587776

Either bio if you're going into pharma or inorganic if you're going into engineering. i

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Chemfag here, making drugs is overrated, the only reason drugs cost so much is that they have a really small product yield compared to the reactants, not worth.

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How the fuck does Evolution explain this shit???

What force of nature just makes an insect take the shape of a fucking dead leaf???

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thicc thighs save lives

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Took a long time and pure chance. There is no mechanism. Mutations are random. If they weren't, then all species would exhibit such features.

>> No.10588163

recognition isn't a certain process, sometimes even a bug that looks nothing like a leaf can be mistaken for a leaf by a predator having a brain fart. the more a bug looks like a leaf, the more often it will be mistaken for one. it doesn't have to suddenly look exactly like a leaf, just resemble one more slightly more than the other guy.

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natural selection is simple to understand.
I couldn't imagine how much of a brainlet you would have to be to not understand it.

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this has got to be one of the easier things to explain

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