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Hello ive made 2 threads about dna and spit within the last 2 weeks and i think ive learned a bit though there is more that i need to know

someone talked about brown ampules and having to seal them with heat though i am very uncertain of this and i was wondering if you guys knew any online guides or the like where they learn you how to do it? and is there anything i should keep in mind?

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anyone studied info theory on their own or university?

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Probably yes.

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Scientifically speaking, were Weinberg and Hawking hacks?

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jesus fuck

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how far away is that tree?

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>booty shorts wearing thot
Every time.

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13 is my feet estimate

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>""science board""
imperial fags get out

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I don't know if I'm asking the correct question, but why is it that when you mix the colors of something such as paint or food coloring it comes out brown but when you mix the colors of light it's white? Is it something to do with transparency? What differentiates these?

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fuck off reddit nigger

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Combining beams adds to the spectrum present (red is red because there are only red photons).
Dyes change colour by subtracting from the present spectrum (red is red because it absorbs everything else).

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addition vs subtraction

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Go back to Tumblr fat, lonely cunt.

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Oh right, duh.

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Why are male incels the only types of incels that the scientific community is allowed to care about?

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Female incels don't exist. Any woman can get sex at any time so their celibacy can only be voluntary.

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When a woman says she can't find a date, what she really means is, hundreds of guys are flirting with her but she isn't attracted to any of them.

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Men and Women are different. All a women needs to do to stop being a "femcel" (what a stupid word) is open her legs.

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Lmao that's wrong

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all else is derivative, and, as result, trivial. prove me wrong.

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implying mathematics isn't a science

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sorry, this thread is about science.

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really fucking irks me that people don't see it like this on here.

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Alright, use physics to explain evolution than, or model a complex chemical reaction.

Oh wait you can't? You're too busy smashing shit together like a monkey in your gay little "particle collider"? You can't even give a good model for the turbulent flow of fluid in a pipe? I guess we're just supposed to wait until the physicists figure it out before we can do anything or make any advances. Tell the chemists to go home, the physics guy has this one covered. I'm sure they'll be able to develop the cancer drug you need with string theory and the space time continuum.

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Applied ““““sciences”””” absolutely SEETHING.

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I wanted to buy some tumeric/curcumin extract. I used to take it and it helped me with headaches as long as I took it for a couple months first, and it helps my friend who has osteoporosis, but she has to take like 10g a day and it's really expensive and sucks. I was wondering what sci thought of nano formulations of curcumin? Some brand I'm looking at says regular tumeric only has 3 percent absorption rate but theirs is 100 percent.

"Nano Curcumin is around the size of 45nm, while biological absorption channels of the body's cells have the size of 200nm. Therefore, Nano Curcumin absorbs quickly and completely, providing a much higher efficacy than Curcumin, which has a particle size of 250nm"


I'm not a scientist or anything so can someone tell me if this is just loosely put together shit to hype something up? I already know the tumeric works for inflammation I think there's plenty of evidence for that plus antioxidant status, but what about nanoparticle size for better absorption? They claim 250mg is equivalent to typical therapeutic amounts which is like 8g

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Why is lithium chloride toxic for consumption, but not sodium/potassium/rubidium chloride?

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>abstract concepts
Implying dragons aren't a metaphor for angels, which are perfect shards of creation.

Okay fair enough.

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dragons and angels can still manifest as physical objects. you have to go deeper

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No they can't. Never, ever.

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Lithium was abandoned as a salt substitute, because some people overdosed. It is still used as a medicine. Rubidium chloride used to be used as an antidepressant, but it isn't anymore, possibly because of its expense or because it might cause mania.

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>rubidium chloride might cause mania
d-doesn't that technically cure depression though? Mission accomplished I would say.

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>ITT: We assume the soul is real and attempt to prove it
For funsies

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It feels real.


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It's an abstraction of your distinctive traits and habits. That makes it at least as real as other abstractions like the number 5 or your center of gravity.

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Then if you could prove Abstracta exist then you prove the existence of souls.

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Physics is not a science.

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How can a brainlet be useful in the current/future world?

I'm a turbo brainlet and I'm only good for my physical fitness. 6'3" btw. I'm a junior in university studying molecular biology and realizing I'm not capable of anything intellectually demanding in this world. I just want to make a comfortable living that doesn't make me want to suicide.

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Somebody should eventually figure out how to scale up machine language learning to the point where anybody who is fluent in a language can contribute. I don't know why it hasn't happened already.

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Have you thought about sacrificing some of the time you dedicate to having sex and partying to study more?

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You'll do fine in the labor camps don't worry

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>>11404150 >>11404154
Keep working on the field that interests you, ensure that your passion survives and keeps burning through you. It might not be instantly visible that you're improving, but your brain is plastic and can be shaped into whatever you use it for. Keep that fact with you at all times brother, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

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How do we evolve bears to make them smarter? Imagine all the free labour we get if we made them just smart enough to control.

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t. Butthurt gorilla fag

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Well, I'll take a bear over a gorilla.

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>Bear eugenics, then bear slavery
Let the bears be, dude. There is enough humans to enslave, and we will soon not be needing much slaves anyway.

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But what if they rebel? Imagine a slave race of ultra-ruskies turning against their masters. To call it a bloodbath would be inadequate, perhaps a blood flood would be more accurate.

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>Imagine all the free labour we get if we made them just smart enough to control.
be more specific. i can't think of much a bear could do that would be an improvement over how things are currently. if you used them as trained fish fetching pets then that would just leave some currently employed fisherman out of a job.

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Let's face it - there's likely some sort of afterlife

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OK. Tallulah Bankhead's last words were "codeine... bourbon" and Archimedes' last words were "don't disturb my circles." It's kind of like people just say random shit while they're dying sometimes.

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>Archimedes' last words were "don't disturb my circles.

Realm of forms confirmed real, how will materialists reductionist redditors ever recover?

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>don't disturb my circles
We didn't listen, and now look at us.

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The Forms are pretty reductionist. It's basically the worldview where you believe everything works like object oriented programming. I loved it back when I first learned about it in school decades ago, but it's as autistic as it gets to be honest with you senpai.

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>at one side nobel price winners
>at the other some television guys, who try to make science understandable for retards like op

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Is it true that COVID-19 is race specific? Are Asians more likely to get it and are the symptoms and fatality rate worse among Asians? Some British guy who got it in Wuhan said it wasn't that bad and he cured it with whiskey. Meanwhile I see videos of Chinese people shaking violently in hospital beds and dropping dead in the streets. Be me, white dude living in Murica, wondering if I should shack up in my house for a year or blissfully go about life as usual when it eventually hits my town.

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You're a fucking idiot. It's not like shacking up would be any different from what you normally do.

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Yes you are immune.
Trump is a racist for closing the borders

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>1. a black hole forms, and the galaxy forms around it
2. a galaxy forms, and the black hole grows within it
nobody yet knows which is true

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Maybe it happens at the same sort of time.

E.g. with stars and planets, do they form at the same sort of time? I know planets coalesce from protoplanetary discs. And I assume this happens at the same sort of time as the system's star is coalescing and starting fusion?

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Black holes in out universe create white holes in adjacent universes. The Big Bang was a white hole, and the multiverse is a mobius strop of universes collapsing into and expanding into each other.

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seems likely desu

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Women cope it better.

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yes and no.
they have better social networks
but they are less able to cope by themselves

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women get men to compete for them, to work for them, to solve their problems for them

the best part is that 99% of men live to satisfy women and they are happy to do it.

men make women happy
but women do not make men happy

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About a year back now I used to take alot of acid, I started with 1 tab, then I would take 1 tab again 2 weeks apart, then raise it to 2 tabs 2 weeks from that, then another 2 tabs 2 weeks later and so on doing each dosage twice and 2 weeks apart before going up one, I did this until I got to 17 tabs and then my dealer stopped selling permanently. After training myself I was able to handle ALOT more than anyone I've heard of and without having a single bad trip either, they were basically 15 hour dmt trips once the numbers got so high. After stopping I realized it's as if my brain works completely differently now, if that makes any sense, it's hard to explain. Basically I'm curious if anyone else knows anything about what can happen to the brain after taking such large doses so often for so long, because I can't find anything online talking about anything as extreme.

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I'm hittin the sack for now I'll be back on when I awaken

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>anyone that's taken lsd they know how your just able to understand things you cant with your normal intellect, but after your trip is over that goes away and u can't remember any of it.
That's literally just the LSD fucking with your perception.
Just like it fucks with your perception of sight and sound, it fucks with how you think about things. Things seem all trippy and wow and amazing, secrets of the universe, puzzle pieces fitting into place... that's the distorted perception.
Think things that make no sense but regard those thoughts with total awe.
The awe is memorable; the nonsensical thoughts that preceded (?) the awe, for the most part, are not.
tl;dr: don't hang around niggers unless you like violence

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not really true desu, mega shroom doses gave me insights that still stick with me years later.

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you've basically just made yourself more schizo. Your noticing human interaction and ideology, most of us just ignore it but you seem to be permanently fucked.

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or they just made you retarded.

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