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What's your thought's on Eternal Return /sci/?

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Reptiliandude (an internet troll who claims he is a fucking reptilian) posted this:

These are protons yet to be discovered which are not bound to the rule of thirds as expressed by the arrangement of quarks in this particular immaculate simulation.

They are formed from the quarks which those whose wisdom shall be revealed as foolishness claim are 'junk' left over from the formation of the universe.

These 'stones' which the 'builders' have rejected shall be revealed to be the chief cornerstones of this universe stirred into being by rivers unseen.
Let those examining the remains of this little subreddit years from now consider carefully what was spoken here.

Let those who remain in Judea ignore the lies of your money-lenders and flee towards the mountains as the war machines of the Kings of the East approach Megiddo.

Take nothing with you but that food, water and clothes which you can carry.

Do not tarry in Uru Salim.

Fear not those creatures falling upon them from the skies, or the terrifying visage of that One who leads them.

For He has earned His conquest by establishing His covenant upon many worlds with His own blood.

One Lord... many species, many faces.

Even terrible ones, which you cannot comprehend or gaze upon without terror taking hold of you.

Know that even these are the servants of this Great King.

He summoned them to war beside Him for their steadfastness and their desire to honor him.

Fear them not.

Is somebody here with more brain and science knowledge then me who can maybe disprove this theory?

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Here is the summary of RD's Teachings maybe there is something that could be easily disproven with science?


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It is very important to debunk him in my opinion because he is spreading so much negative shit and people are buying into it. This can only lead to bad things.

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here is the thread on /x/ >>21875339

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The protons he speaks up re outright fabrications.
If you want to screw with the time-space continuum, study actual science.

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Aids is a virus, which means it has mass. So if I took all the AIDS out of all of the AIDS people and put it on a scale, how much just pure AIDS would I have? How much does all AIDS weigh, ballpark figure?

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the virus is called HIV, not AIDS

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not enough to feed starving africans

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I estimate the it to be on the order of 5000 kg.

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Great thread in all honesty.

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Do Americans really have A B C D answers on their exams?
You have to be kidding me...

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It's called multiple choice. Depends on the subject and type of exam I've encountered them in Europe but always as a section (the least important in terms of the final valuation) of a larger test

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Multiple choice and True/False exams aren't commonly used except for highschool standardized testing (standardized testing doesn't affect student grades or evaluation, it's used for evaluating how well the school is doing and deciding how much money the staff should get). Occasionally exams will have a multiple choice portion but it's just there as a quick sanity check to make sure you know the material and save time for the TAs grading you.
For instance you may have a several page exam where the first page has multiple choice questions about some basic properties and true/false questions about some "obvious" theorems that aren't worth proving because they'll be obvious if you understand the material. Then the remainder of the exam will be a handful of long answer proofs/problems. A student who gets everything right on the first page but struggles with other portions of the exam understands the concepts but maybe struggles with proofs or just got stuck.

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Usually a few at the beginning for very few points.

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Why are shitholers so obsessed?

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I had a complex analysis course (in a Canadian Uni) where all the quizzes, midterm, and final were multiple choice. This sounds like a cakewalk but it's actually totally fucked. We only turned in our answer sheet with the correct answers circled in, we couldn't show our work and thus there were no part marks. The midterm only had three long questions so if you couldn't figure one out or didn't quite have enough time to finish it you automatically lost of a third of your marks. Our final had something like 20 questions and no one came close to finishing it. Also, the "wrong" multiple choice answers were always chosen so that you could actually end up with those answers if you messed up something (eg. dropped a sign somewhere) so trying to guess the right answer was basically impossible. There were lots of other problems with the way the class was taught as well (eg. the Honours version of the class was literally the same class and his teaching was literally putting the textbook on a projector and reading it to the class).

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Imagine if wojak was a bacteria

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Apogee of 51.4 miles or 271,268ft (82.7km)


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So V-2 tier?

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>virgin galactic
>sending one miserly human barely into space
When are we gonna get chad galactic desu senpai?

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>In order to live in deep space, astronauts will have to grow their own food. This experiment studies how microgravity affects plant growth.
Fuck off, rotating habitats now. Stanford taurus hanging gardens of Babylon breadbaskets for outward expansion into the solar system.

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>chad galactic

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I hope you like grubs and algae soup

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The weakest man, Y chromosome without X, with 20 genes, weak soul


The most powerful woman, the darkest soul, XX, 1600 genes

Who will be more mentally, physically strong?

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Sorry I got that wrong. Losing the X chromosome is very serious and probably makes a person disabled.

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So how will the male overtake the female? You do not believe that Christ will come He will remove the X from us and bring us the wages we have accumulated from the suffering we have gone through?

To the two above him, I just took a heavy shot to the ass a few days ago xD

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He won't.

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>pure Y chromosome man
Pick one. Everyone else is tainted except him.

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How do you KNOW Earth isn't a living organism and the Sun isn't actually intelligent and all the planets are actually sentient life forms floating in the ether because if space literally cannot be a vacuum

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Nope, clearly says right there in bold letters at the bottom that I can't use a computer to help me. If I'm reading the questions through a computer that counts as helping me solve the problem.

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Use your brain CSfag

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Are you a realist or an agnostic with regards to unobservable entities whose existence is postulated by theoretical sciences?

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I am writing my grade 12 math diploma in approximately 2 hours, I'm quite nervous. Does sci have any advice to make this as easy as possible? (were not allowed to use calculators)

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Just imagine that everyone is naked.

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What is a math diploma

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It's like simple stuff like linear equations and trig, However i'm still nervous for some reason.

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Have a few drinks and just be yourself.

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>go to psychologist
>take IQ test
>score 97 percentile
am I being memed on? what am I even supposed to do with it

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Reminder that IQ is worth nothing if you can't focus

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>t. not a mensa member

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97th percentile is the top 3 percent of the population
Welcome to the eligible to go to university club OP

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there is an estimated 6 million that has your level of intelligence in the us alone

big whoop

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To sacrifice that amount of maneuverability and speed by adding the stupid lift fan thing just because our Men In Uniform (tm) wet themselves at the idea of landing on a carrier horizontally may as well be an act of genocide. The enormous amount of complexity that the STOVL system adds basically makes it such that even the slightest battle damage will probably make the STOVL system fail causing the plane to explode upon landing, meaning that every flyout of the F35 is a potential suicide mission. At best it is profiteering, at worst it is an attempt to sell our NATO allies inferior tech so we can enslave them one day.
I think the F35 is more aptly called the F56, because it is truly a 56% percenter fighter jet, because it is simply half assed.

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a vehicle for hiding the black budget stuff. All those delays and problems sure provide great cover.

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Yeap, just like how the US military hides its homosexuality

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You said basically the same stuff I would've said.

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It's weird how the Russians made the Mig-35 to come out at the same time as the F-35.

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The idea has been around for a long time. In this case I think it was the Marines that really wanted it and they forced the company to re-engineer the planes to use this ridiculous system to redirect the engine thrust downwards. It adds a ton of weight and complexity to the planes that is not necessary. It's literally because they wanted just one plane to do everything.
The f35 is The Homer of planes.

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Claims he got his numbers from divine being through chanelling. What do you think about that? Simple modesty of a Hindu guy? No. It's the truth. Read some Jacques Valee.

i'm not even kidding right now.

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ramanujan was only partially self-taught and showed his genius from an early age. and yes, he really was great. you niggers will never reach his level.

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>being so insecure about the lack of accomplishments of the street shitting race that you latch onto a mediocre self taught meme

Argand, Green, Heaviside, and Galois. The only reason ramanujan is pushed so hard on this board is because Indian fags literally have no one else to claim. Then they’ll say the only reason we don’t like him is because we are racist. No, he really is just that overrated

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>literally only develops a bunch of useless special function identities
>”He was a founder of complex analysis!”

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>seething this hard
and what have you done, anon?

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>dodging the whole argument
I have fucked a few Indian sluts if it makes you feel any better. You know how much they love us white men.

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Can someone help me to understand why the Euler's formula is equal to the rotation matrix in R^2?

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Identify a+bi and (a,b). See that multiplication by i is equal to a rotation by pi/2, or more generally that multiplying by e^i theta is equal to a rotation by theta: this is proved most easily by power series expansion, and using polar coordinates.

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I'm starting to study paleontology as a hobby but I'm having a hard time finding some good material. By any chance one of you anons have some good links to PDF, images, websites, etc. Thanks in advance!

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>let [math]f: \mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}[/math] be continuous.
>without loss of generality, let f(x)=x
>f(x) is differentiable somewhere
>thus, every continuous function is differentiable somewhere q.e.d.
What you gon do, Weierstrass?

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But Weierstrass' function is continuous everywhere and differentiable nowhere.

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but every continuous function is pseudo differentiable

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do you know what nowhere means?

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>t. brainlet

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>loses all generality

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Are there any mech engineering jobs that involve no practical work at all?

I am in my 2nd year of mech eng and I am happy in the field but I can't stand doing projects that involve physically constructing anything. It sounds onions I'll admit but I just find it fiddly and uninteresting and I'd rather spend the time design, analysis, etc.

I know senior engineers do more pencil pushing but are there any entry level jobs like that.

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do drafting or gtfo

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Baby don't gas me
Don't gas me
no more

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Why are half the threads on this stupid board about IQ or something related to IQ ? Where's the sciene and math gonna fit when it's all retards wasting time talking about their IQ's lmao
What a shit board. If i want scientific discussion I hop over to r/asksciene where actual qualified scientists are. This board is for jokes and ego baiters

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I'm sensing some irony

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4chan boards lost their intelligence around 2012/2013, the low IQ redditors control this site now.

Theres an underground imageboard the oldfags inhabit, use your brain and you'll find us again.

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