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Do you think modern science places too much emphasis on the role of evolution in biology? I think in the following decades we will be beginning to see post-evolutionary biology being the "hot" field.

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Literally nobody cares except popsci writers.

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Why do apples get brown.

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>can I introduce you to our Lord and savior Elon musk?
>Humans should or will be a space faring race
>muh space colonies
>ayyliens are more advanced than us just like Hollywood says
>life exists outside earth >kek
>evolution has been proven beyond doubt
>CERN will for sure figure out the fundamental basis of reality
>muh IQ

What other opinions give away someone as a popscience cuck?

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climate change

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shut up retard

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If smoking is really that bad for you, why is it that despite the nearly 9 decades of anti-tobacco research and the government's non-stop assault on the users, not a single scientist has been able to prove that tobacco causes cancer or COPD in even a single animal or randomized epidemiological study, thus forcing the entire consensus to rely on self-selected epidemiological data without controls for extraneous factors (and even then of course the evidence is weak at best, compare Japanese or Greek lung cancer or COPD rates to the very anti-smoking USA). Curious thing.

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I have this idea. Can I run the program shadow from a usb stick? So I could plug it into any computer and with install run the program? There isnt a computers section here so I thought this would be a good place to start.

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*Without install....

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Hey eggheads, how much energy would it take to keep artificial beach like this warm and bright in polar night in, let's say, Antarctic region?

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At least as much as the equivalent black body radiation for the temperature/surface, increased by a factor depending on quality of insulation.
At 300K black body radiation is about 500W/m^2.

Would be better to built it in space: good insulation and facing the sun you could get it as warm as you needed.

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Man won't colonize other planets. We are not fit for space travel. Our machines will do that job for us. This is reality.

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hey /sci/

this board is filled with dumb people, they use fallacies/give unsupported opinions witout citing studies or quoting scientists in relevant fields.
ive made a lot of good quality threads, but they always die after i question the bases of opinions given.

i see stupidity all around me/ and i long for a community of like minded people. they will already have left this board long ago but if some of you are still out here, please tell me where smart people hang out online and discuss ideas without brainlet interference. and i can understand why you wouldnt post it here so ill leave you my e-mail adress.

[email protected]

this will be my last thread on here.

oh and the brainlets can discuss IQ/CS/engineering/climate change and AI in this thread.

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when did the words 'likeminded people' become sysnonymous with herd mentality?

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You propose to censor ideas, that's not open.

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I've decided this place is mainly good for rapid iteration. That's the baseline standard I set, and I doubt allow it to train meas though these are real people in the real world. There's a certain metric, a certain purpose, and I stay focused on that as much as possible. If you view these as real people you'll be turned stupid slowly. Pretty much act as though people are legit, but have no expectations that aren't strictly self contained and solely about you.

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The entire reason why 4chan is unique to discussing with intelligent people IRL is the anonymous nature. It means you don't have to take ego into consideration or be worried about what the other person thinks about you and therefor your arguments can include a lot of topics and depth that they wouldn't be able to IRL.

Try discussing the difference in neuron count in mammals between female and males of their species and it would be a very awkward discussion due to all kinds of assumptions and implications.

Have that discussion on something like /sci/ and as long as you ignore poltards it can actually be interesting. That's just one example of course.

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i dont propose to censor ideas, but you cant suggest that should respect each persons world view in the same amount. i might then go door to door ringing bells trying to talk to poeple hearing what their world view is. there are things and arguments that are logical and those that are not.

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Capacitance IS gravity.

Change my mind.


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>gravity is electricity
this is even dumber than the people saying gravity is magnetism

the absolute state of sci...

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maybe dubs BUT

> >gravity is electricity
> this is even dumber than the people saying gravity is magnetism

gravity == electricity == magnetism

isn't that kind of, you know, what Grand unification theory is?

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gravity == electricity == magnetism == light


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Capacitance is like gravity.

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Chaos, random chance. The slight eskewing of probability to one outcome rather than another

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Why are the chimpanzees and bonobos considered different species?

and am I on the correct board[/spoilers]

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Because you touch yourself at night.

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Before the 1930s, bonobos were considered a subspecies of chimp as well and were called pygmy chimps, but researchers decided based on physical differences that these smaller apes are distinctive enough to warrant separate species status.

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Species are mostly a subjective concept. For example polar bears and brown bears can produce fertile completely healthy offspring yet we consider these to be completely separate species.

Same with humanity. We aren't even a real singular species but a hybrid species of homo sapiens+neandethals+denisovans+erectus and a lot of other unproven ones. Races are determined by the mixture of these homo genes.

I had a lot of problems coming to terms with this when I was younger. But the earlier you start to understand that it's just purely subjective labels and not really based on a stable definition the easier it'll be for you.

Bonobos and Chimpanzees are largely the same species but we have subjectively decided to make them different. Neaderthals, Erectus and denisovans never went extinct but instead created a singular mixed species we now know as humans. We aren't homo sapiens unless you are a pureblood aboriginal.

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Hello All, Serious question here when i was about 8 years old i was in a bicycle accident resulting in getting stitches in my face, but the thing thst worried the most was the question the doctor asked me, he asked when i pee outside does it steam? Why would a doctor ask that? now i was raised innawoods and was wondering if it was something related to that.

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hey /sci/

i heard that child abuse causes an underdeveloped frontal cortex, causing problems with delaying gratification and l;ots of other stuff.

can you tell me what you know about this?
like all the problems caused by child abuse, physical or psychological or neurological.

and what is the best way to recover from this?

are adult abuse victims ever going to be able to be successful later in life?

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not a bad idea actually, thanks i had not thought of that.

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*happy /sci/copath noises*

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arwe you implying im a psychopath?
or that i am just a hapy /sci/ p[oster because ive just found a possible solution?

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It's referring to me. >:O
I'm the /sci/copath. It was a joke. Stop reading into it so much. These ideas come from somewhere dark. So I jokingly refer to them as /sci/copathy.

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i see, i kind oflooked at it in an autistic way.
but i chuckled

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what else other than a degree makes someone a scientist?

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funding and to a lesser extent peer review

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the scientific method

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the act of doing science

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If you edit a photo, in photoshop or in some other program, does it always leave trace? Is it always possible to detect fake image using some software or something or are there pics that are as real? Total noob in the topic here.

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It looks crapple. Maybe someone else can do it better. There isn't much white, the dots are more purple-green.

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art weeee

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If you have the tool that recognizes fakery, you could build a bot that can fool the tool.
An easy way to hide tampering is to save the edited image at a lower resolution/quality.

You still need to have the skills to make a fake that respects the light source.
If the light sources don't appear to come from the same place or have the same color, it won't look real.

An interesting idea for phone camera makers would be to implement some sort of steganography that encodes information in the least significant bit of each pixel.
They could hide metadata that would tell them device, owner, time of picture, gps location, short audio clip at the time of picture, etc. along with a hash value that would detect tampering.

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No it doesn’t always leave a trace. Image forensics is a huge pseudoscience meme

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it literally isn't. There are cameras that have a very specific sensor pattern which, if the output image is disrupted by tampering, can be easily used to reveal a fake. And even without any knowledge of camera intrinsics, you can make use of basic geometry of lights and shadows as
mentioned. For example, the line from every identifiable point to the shadow it casts must converge on the same vanishing point if it's illuminated by a parallel light source like the sun.

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Is High Speed Rail a meme? Why not just make airports way more efficient?

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It was supposed to be viable here, all you'd really have to do is connect two densely populated zones (or even semi-sparse zones like suburbs to the main cities). The best place for this was California, but corruption, lawsuits, and good old fashioned "good enough for government" work killed it. They really should have just connected San Francisco and Sacramento or San Francisco and somewhere halfway to LA as the first stretch; not that retarded route they decided on in the Central Valley. That alone would have alleviated some of the problems of urban sprawl and high cost of living in the area. But no, we can't have that here. Did you know that we got offers from European and Japanese railways to help, but they got turned down because of laws requiring a certain percentage of American contracts? There was even a private funding plan from a French company.

I don't really give a shit anymore, let people be retarded. It's all going to burn down and I'm just going to spend my money preparing and enjoying my muscle cars. Either people get fed up and push hard enough to clear the corruption or we slowly decay further into a backwater where every project just serves to bloat some political donor's wallet.

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I did not know that, that's pretty terrible
City planning is so openly corrupt in this country I don't understand why we put up with it

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Rail doesn’t work in the us. It’s much cheaper and faster to fly. Why would any take rail if it costs more and takes much longer?

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How do you just "make airports efficient"? It's harder to coordinate 20 planes than 20 trains imo.

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>How do you just "make airports efficient"?
Integrate them into the city better, and not make people arrive an hour before their flight leaves.

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What is the optimal degree to attain if I wish to be "made", as they say.

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phd in pure math
any job you want
300k starting

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you will kys in your late 20s with =<10k in the bank

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fuck, ment to say you should go into webdevelopment since thats the only option for retards
t. aspiring web dev

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Reroll female and then become an instathot and sell lewds on patreon to cucks. From there pivot into being a camgirl and make even more money while using one of those vibrators that activate on donations. You can watch movies while cucks throw money at you. Eventually marry one of your donator cucks who is a millionaire and then laugh your way to the bank while secretly being banged by Chad.

ez life.

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how are the teeth always so white below the plaque

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what do you mean?
Tooth is a bone tissue.
Its compromised of 3 layers
The top one called enamel is transarent
the middle one is called dentine and it is opaque,and it gives to color of the tooth.
The enamel is hard and transparent as a diamond and acts as a protective layer for tissues below.
The plaque is just mud that can be cleaned from the surface.

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gives the*

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can hyaluronic acid rebuild the gum between the teeth ?

>> No.10391718 [DELETED] 

no,the tissue surrounding the tooth is very complex in structire.
a simple additive cant do a thing.

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no,the tissue surrounding the tooth is very complex in structure.
a simple additive cant do a thing.

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>people rejecting LEM believe it has to be either true or false, and therefore accept LEM
really makes you think, doesn't it

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Does anybody know the minimum voltage to cause an arc? With references or a calculation if it exists?

A can accept even a few volts could cause a spark, but I have a project where people think 1V difference between two object could be a hazard in sparking. I doubt it.

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i think that is to sustain an arc. or maybe create one from isolated terminals.

Drop a spanner across the terminals of a 12V car battery and it will spark for sure.

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Don't confuse an arc with a brief flash of light due to recombination. In that case the distance is much smaller than a mm.

>> No.10391798

OK good. you sound knowledgeable.

Spark/Ark/recombination. If it would be enough to ignite a CH4 gas leak then that is a problem.

I am assuming the recombination/spark from a 12V battery shorting would ignite CH4/ or LNG.

Would it occur a 5V? (probably), 3V? 2V? 1V?

>> No.10391805

I'm not sure what you mean. Keep in mind a 9 volt battery can drive a 100,000 volt stun gun. So yes even small voltages stepped up can create an arc big enough to cause an explosion. Very low voltages are unlikely to do it. Every gas has their own particular break down voltage, but it doesn't take much for methane (CH4)and O2 to go.

>> No.10391822

yes a stun gun powers a 9 V battery coz it steps it up. You could power a stun gun with enough pieces of copper, zinc and lemons.

What I mean is, if someone said
"I'll pay you $1M to stand in this chamber filled with CH4 and air at a correct flammability mixture (you can have your own independent breathing supply) and then short out a 12V battery with a spanner, would you do it? How confident the air/CH4 wouldnt explode from the sparks caused when you short the car battery.

Now, same question but make the battery 6V

Same again, make the battery 3V, 2V, or 1V

At what voltage would there definately not be a spark capable of ingiting the mixture??!?!?!?

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Am I a npc? I noticed I dont really think but just react properly, like if I see a math problem I dont say the numbers in my head or anything but the answer just pops in my head.

When I try to study and actually think everything out and understand it becomes a lot harder, I had to reread a sentence multiple times just to understand it and I cant hold onto a thought(s) if im trying to think of multiple things at a time like a multiple step process. I just want to be smart

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Okay, but then what can I do about it? Take a technology vacation? Or just limit my consumption?

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*Benjamin libet would like to know your location*

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Eliminate usage of wireless devices, consume NAC, iodine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and Co-Q10, drink filtered or distilled water with silica added. Do not drink fluoride.

I've recently found "triphala" to be very helpful. I'm not sure exactly why or what it's doing.

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Thank you. I'll empty out alex jones pantry ASAP (sarcastic response but a genuine thank you)

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Why is reading important?

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