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What is Big Pharma going to get rid of this embarrassing condition? When I wake up in the morning I have to walk past my mom's and sister's room to get to the bathroom and half the time they comment on it.

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It's because your bladder is full. Piss in a bottle. Cured.

Now pay me my fucking money.

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Strip down and confidently wave it around in front of them. Happy ending.

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>The current state of /sci/

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I doubt whether I am intelligent enough to live. I don't think I have enough critical thinking skills to have original thought. What do?

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You were able to write this post so you're probably capable of being a janitor.

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If you're introspective enough to come to this conclusion, you're of average intelligence at the very worst, and most likely smarter than most.

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That's not very comforting
It seems like most people can learn things like social skills intuitively, and they don't need to sit down and think about them

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get a job

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>tfw you remember something as being funny
>and then you killed for remembering it that way

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What is the oldest age a person could hypothetically live to?

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13 billion years

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you do realize you said hypothetically so I can pull any number I want out of my ass

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tinyurl dot com slash FUCKWUMBA

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80 years

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To keep in line with chronology it would have to be some ratio of language handover from oldest living to youngest to whom it must be relevant and socially worthwhile to care about maintaining a massive mountain of health care records.

As an example, would a 5,000 year old have anything in common with a modern day English speaking teenager and need to maintain any interest? Chances are if they are 5,000 it is probably because they grew out of all that young retarded shit and left it behind for good.

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Why do physics/math fags even try to contribute?
What's the point of pursuing truth and furthering humanity's knowledge? Seems like a childish ideology to me... Most of these fags can't even make it to grad school and that's utterly pathetic. Have fun flippin my burgers filtered math/physics fags!

...LIKE IMAGINE studying something you can barely perceive... GOD I love being an ENGINEER/COMPUTER SCIENTIST. I study something that's TANGIBLE. SOMETHING I KNOW IS REAL..

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You realize what board you’re on... right?

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No remind me please

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Thanks for doing engi. We need you.

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>Engineers when they realize they'll never feel the touch of a woman

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I'll have you know I raw a prostitute a month and I'm an EE major at a top 5 university AMA.

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Disclosure is here, please be patient. A new word to represent this unique event will be created, a conjunction of the best of both living beings, earth and alien. Just remember to embrace it when it happens, just like a person embraces the complete peace that death brings when it's time to leave.

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>most of the people dying of COVID are 80+
>80+ is the average death age for natural causes
What's going on folks?

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>tfw scientists bloviate about resulting reduction in global life expectancy like it means that everybody is now more likely to die
you know it's coming

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I never even considered that. I completely forgot that Biden was in that age range. So there's a decent chance he could die in office. Thanks OP, you just convinced me to vote for Biden.

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There is something infinite about the world.

Tolstoy, a man infinitely more intelligent than you and I, knew this intuitively well before these advances.

Whether the multiverse is true, or whether the big bounce is real, either way, there is something infinite about the world.

These are the only two viable options. And both yield infinity of some stripe.


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>I am forgotten

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Was this that international space station leak where they discovered that a russian ground worker had drilled a hole straight through the hull and didn't tell anyone?

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yeah, then all the news ran with OMG ASTRONAUT DRILLED HOLE IN SPACE LMAO

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b-b-but the russians are good they said, they're fellow white men like us!!!1

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haven't heard nothing since

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It's in Roscosmos's best interest for everyone to forget about that little incident.

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Is there a way to screen out schizos using online tests or phone interviews?

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When someone claims they've solved the
RH, but when they present their proof it's full of mathematical inconsistencies and errors and when called out, they vehemently defend their proof, then it's conclusive enough to prove that they're a schizo.

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find a test for SDO (social dominance orientation)

disguise it as a test to find out how "white you are" or "high testosterone" or "against the narrative" or some other such ego-stoking nonsense

ban/shadowban/don't call back all the ones who test postivie

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Do schizophrenics have high SDO scores?

A good way is probably to ask people to write or talk about some beliefs or life experiences. If people are really far gone you'll find out pretty quickly, and you could probably train a computer program to detect schizo spam with accuracy

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As most people aren't schizo, accuracy is a poor metric for such a test.

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lol take your meds schizo

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So I'm studying CS at a university ranked in the low 50's. I feel I did pretty good for myself considering I barely graduated high school and flunked out of CC when I was 18-20 years old (I'll be 30 when I finish my BS) and compared to my younger days I actually have drive and ambition now. And I was thinking if I try hard and earn a 3.7 or so GPA in my BS I can do my MS CS at some prestigious university or some shit. But I didn't realize aid is not given as often to masters students and they are frequently considered cash cows. Considering I'll be graduating from my BS with only about 5k debt if I get accepted to somewhere on the lines of Columbia or Princeton should I go 50k debt for it? I mean if worse comes to worse I'll probably just do a online masters at Georgia Tech since the acceptance rate is somewhat high and the cost is like 9k. But I'd greatly prefer to do my MS in person. What do?

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True. I get what your saying but the in-person things you mentioned are not really on my radar for what I mean as being authentic or not. Plus I'm doing my undergrad at a school that does have your typical college experience setting so I'd get that there. Not that its super important or anything.

I'd do it online if I had to but ideally I want to be in person.

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I'm definitely kinda shilling for GT here, but it's got really awesome student life. The only people I've met that didn't love their experience were the ones that couldn't keep up academically. I'd at least give it a visit before you write the location off.

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Sure, if they're 23, and never left college in the first place, but it's pretty lame dragging that stuff into your mid to late 20s. I know people who got degrees in Higher Education just because they liked the college town vibe and never wanted to leave. Getting to make $35K and effectively stay in college seems cool when you're 25, but wait a few years. Also, the current social environment makes it much more difficult to chill and fuck undergrads. So what's the point?

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Stuff I read said that getting your masters greatly benefits those who want to immigrate to the US.

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The point is that you have a short life and can only fill it with so much things you want to do, and for some people that includes post-grad. Some it doesn't. etc.

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Why can't some things be unseen?

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Is pharmacy and medicine down there with biology?

I have a friend who thinks he's a genius because he has a pharmacy degree.

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Stupid people can memorize lists of shit as well as smart people for the most part, so stupid people will become convinced they're smart when they pick a field that's mostly just memorizing stuff and requires no actual thinking. Non-research health related stuff in general is mostly just memorization.

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researching pharmaceuticals = hard
handing out pills to grandma = easy

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>Is pharmacy and medicine down there with biology

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Developing a drug is a really unenviable task. Ive heard that shit is like 10 years at best

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Is it possible to learn the entirety of Calculus within a month?

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Hypothetically speaking, what if I'm 138?

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Solve this
y = y'

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Find another website to sully, you evil coward

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yeah it's easy, just dont be stupid

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spending 9 hours a day you could probably get through both single variable and multivariable calculus

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STEMtards are not better than Humanitards or Litards or /fa/ggots

You’re gripped with the same petty jealousies and hatred of the successful, the same pretence of knowledge that turns into furious seething when investigated, the same preference to insult rather than help, the same deep incuriosity, the same conservatism

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Engineers maybe, but only retards get into actual science to make a lot of money.

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Fantastic ironic reply cuntflaps

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STEM workers are just the slaves of this era. They do the soulless number crunch work that nobody else wants to do.

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Can you forget how to breath and die? Like when you are going into the kitchen and suddenly you don't know anymore what you wanted to do in the kitchen can you just like that suddenly forget how to breath? And then die?

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Unconscious lack of breathing can only occur if you have severe pneumonia or some sort of severe trauma.

You might as well ask if it's possible for your heart to stop beating, oh shit I jsut passed out.

>> No.11985940

No, there's a failsafe. That's why people with central sleep apnea don't simply die when they go to sleep without a breathing machine.

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Only if you're really really high and even then you're not actually dying, you just think you are.

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yeah anon this is a massive problem
your brain only has enough room for a certain amount of stuff and if you learn too much it pushes something else out and there's a risk it could be something important like how to breathe or walk or talk or something
the best thing to do is not learn any new things. stay away from books of facts and definitely don't play trivial pursuit or anything
by the way did you know the only letter not in any US state name is Q?

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Arizona has the Z

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>Type σ in Word
>Auto corrects to Σ
Fuck this Fagoot language anything else would be better even shapes

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Latex sucks and has no instant render. Microsoft word equation editor w/ unicode is the best. OP is a fag and needs to do \sigma instead of using the unicode sigma like a little bitch. Quit your bitching over "muh formatting" and realize that microsoft word as much more versatility and is much more time efficient than latex will ever be

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why do you need instant rendering. i have reused the same latex format with small adjustments for the past 5 years. it formats it for you perfectly. no instant rendering needed.

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No, seriously please! Word is incredibly clunky and frustrating relative to LaTeX. I used to be a WordFag and after I taught myself LaTeX I was much happier afterwards. It literally takes a day. The only problem with LaTeX is that if you made a mistake you'll get an error and it may be difficult to find.

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>why do you need instant rendering

Imagine spending 5 hours typing up a paper and you go to click render and a bunch of red text and shit pops up because you forgot one { and now the rest of your fucking paper is also italicized because you left out another $. Also imagine being balls deep into a 10,000 page paper and it takes minutes to render a simple word.

LaTeX is entirely impractical for fast typing. Instant rendering with microsoft word is great for catching errors immediately and visualizing what you're typing. Also, aligning equations, using matrices, etc. aren't a bitch like LaTeX makes it. Also, you can insert images quickly and move them around/format them freely. Everything is clicks away instead of typing in some dumb fucking code. I love how LaTeX faggots like to act like they're learning to code when all they're doing is overcomplexifying and obfuscating simple tasks that Word chads take microseconds to do.Face it, given an arbitrary mathematics paper, a Wordchad will be able to copy it much faster than some LaTeX cuck.

>> No.11985671

>The only problem with LaTeX is that if you made a mistake you'll get an error and it may be difficult to find.
That's a big fuckin problem too. Also it's slow. And also, see:

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If all humans would go and live in the sea would we become dolphin people? aka weird mermaids?

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Would there be any way Superman could actually save the life of a person falling at terminal velocity?

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He could get a couple mattresses

>> No.11985580

In the comics his super strength is also augmented by low grade telekinesis, which is why he can pick up buildings and airplanes without just punching through them like physics says should happen.
It also extends to people he catches.

>> No.11985640

The speed force

>> No.11985711

This. He apparently creates a bioenergetic field which he can use pick up other objects without damaging them too much

>> No.11985742

Go to near them, decelerate until he is stationary relative to them but still moving relative to the earth, catch them and gently accelerate until he can land safely on the ground?

Speed doesn't kill, it's change in speed that does.

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/sci/, how do you live with your autism being triggered by us:
Not using 100 or 1000 degrees, bur rather 360.
Not starting trig functions at the top of the unit circle and going around clockwise.
Not using turns as our primary method for looking at angles.
Not using base 2 as our counting system.
Not measuring radians with tau.
It wears on me. I may be autistic enough that when I learn to code I'll create something to convert everything to binary.

Also, have mathematicians (or other people) ever used Greek letters to write English (or other languages) as a kind of code or joke? (For example, spelling "product" as πρoduct)

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>thank whatever shitty civilization

The Babylonians, you nescient.

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>Base 10 is shit
shit for what
it does exactly what a base system is supposed to do

>Since computers work off base 2 and many things in our world are symmetrical or come in powers of 2, we should use base 2.
thats a fucking horrible reason

>> No.11985948

>For example, if I get the number 9625357.2582 and convert it to base 2, I get:
>Which can be thought of as
>-..-..-.--.-----....--.- point .-....-....--..-.--
Cool idea, but that translation from binary to 26-ary is very costly to do in your head. If you want to end up with a number 26-ary to make mnemonic you could use 26-ary in the first place. I don't think 26-ary is a good contender, but maybe 24-ary? You could do the same trick with any n < 27 really by using alphabet letters 1-n

>> No.11985954 [DELETED] 

Ups, I realized that your number is not in 26-ary there, but if you do convert it to 26-ary I think you will sometimes get fewer digits which is a plus

>> No.11985968

>Base 10 is an abomination
Base 10 is based, simply because exponents are easy to calculate

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Scientifically speaking, could I induce mania with a large dose of an antidepressant? Would it take more than one dose?

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