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Since math is just proportions and proportionality is an inherent property of the universe math is inherent to the universe as per MUH.

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Hey everyone

I have the next few days free and want to work on a project.

What is the best COVID API? I'm going to define best as the most accurate and with the most detail. I would ideally want demographic and sex separated, but this has been increasingly hard to find.

Any help is great.


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There are two knights jousting and each has a clock. Let's assume they want to move their weapons in the striking position just before the strike. so if they do a dry run to see at what time they need to strike and then agree that they are gonna aim only when the clock shows this particular time, what will happen when they joust for real?

As I understand Einsteins relativity, from the perspective of each knight the other one should have a late moving clock (assuming they synchronized them before) and therefore each one should be able to pull the strike while the other is way too late for it, so each knight be victorious from his own perspective. But that is a contradiction. How to explain this?

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i spent 20 minutes trying to solve a problem that is impossible because i copied the wrong data from the manual

does this happen to you, /sci/?

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>start a statistical analysis on data I collected
>mess up typing up one of them
>it ruins the whole analysis

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Yes. All the time.

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>author is named Wang

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>authors name is Kumar/Gupta/Kapoor/Patel/etc

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>Zhi, Bo, Wang, Zhu

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>forgetting chief of department Zhang

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Li, Deng, Li-Deng, Deng-Li Deng

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In various videos he has mentioned topics that are popular here. And it seems to be correlated (no data, sorry), that topics that get popular on here seem to be mentioned in his videos.
What triggered this for me is in a video he mentions about "mind's eye", or a lack of, which is a common topic here, particularly in the last year.
The way he discusses it is almost as if he is answering questions or statements we posted in the thread.

The other theory I have is that he must be scraping data from lots of websites related to concepts that wishes to discuss on his videos.
And then displays the information in some sort of application or RSS feed.

So everyone, say hello to Tom Scott.
I think linguistics is really cool.

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Reddit cross-posters, there are sadly a lot these days.

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Reddit posting is sacrilege

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post cock pls

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Well, everyone knows about 4chan. It's a site that heavily influences even American election results.
I am sure Tom has visitted here at least once.
Maybe he liked it and stayed, just like the rest of us.

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Tom if you want to be a cool guy you can include a seemingly innocuous nod to us. Say anything about owls in your next video and we'll know you're one of us.

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just posting a stupid paragraph
nothing else
read it if you want
i didnt say shit


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How to get more intelligence? I lack social skills. I need intelligence to become rich and become a senator someday. I have many failed grades in my college transcript. How to become more charismatic and be the life of the party. I need a congress or senate seat and some day become president.

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Where can I upload my linguistics research?>

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For me, it's [math]\aleph_{69}[/math].

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>go to bed watching car videos
>have dream about being stabbed multiple times, dying, and waking up over and over again
>each time is a different scenario
>even ask if I'm dreaming and what year it is in my dream
>doesn't work, get chased and stabbed anyway
>last one, get wrapped up in an fence and thrown into a river after being chased
>eventually wake up in my own bed, took me like an hour to leave my room because I was scared someone was outside
Why do dreams seem to bend to the idea of what dreams are? Why can I not wake myself up even when I try to and I'm sure it's a dream? What's the deal with waking up multiple times? Pic unrelated

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When I quantum image stream with my eyes open, without thinking about any object in particular, I get the same effect.

I think it's because our third eye is closed and we're opening it too fast. I.e. we need an object to 'meditate' on and learn about with it.

If you do it haphazardly you're going to have to face the consequences of life. Which may be early childhood trauma (for me). All your triggers will flood your dreams.

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Dawg I've done psychedelics too shut the fuck up

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Hmm. Your brain is overwhelmed and needs to work on less things at a time, I think.

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This is /lit/ territory now

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>he buys textbook


>no black hand


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imagine taking moral lessons from books.
you guys really aren't any better than the whole "trump is voldemort!" crew.

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>>no black hand

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It's this kind of escalation that will someday start an all-boards war

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Which one is easier to terraform? Mars or Venus?

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Terraforming is pipe dream. Mars doesn't have a strong magnetic field to hold all the atmosphere. Venus has too much atmosphere.

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Venus. It'll be a good sandbox to get some practice in unfucking global warming.

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venus. as the other anon said the martian magnetic field is too weak which is a result of its internal composition, which would be an infinitely more expensive operation. though i wouldnt agree its a pipe dream.

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Okay guys, hear me out...
We colonize the Sun.
> Infinite solar energy
> Instant god-tier tan for all colonists
> We don't need to go anywhere for materials because its immense gravity brings things to us

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Isn’t it too hot though?

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Pseudo-science like that is why computer science is not about computers and not about science, therefore all comp sci grads are flaming faggots.


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>rote work
>medium tier job openings and salary
>gets mogged down by software fags

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Go to /biz/.

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No, but you should get yourself some software engineering skills before hunting a job.

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No. All jobs are needed, no job is more important than another. If you want money you need to start a business. If you want a high salary become a surgeon in the USA.

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Doctors and Lawyers are the biggest chads

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> no job is more important than another
I don't know about that one. A job is a job and no shame in working but some jobs are critical.

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How are you maximizing your chances of reaching the singularity anons

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I squeeze toothpaste directly into my rectum

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By talking about Roko's Basilisk

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Nothing admit we won't reach it and move on

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If you will reach singluarity, it will restore you from simulation backups. So no need to live long.

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Patchouli belongs to /lit/

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Do you want us to stop posting Patchouli or something?

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Yes! Let's (stop)!

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Post science-related studies you recently read that changed your whole worldview.

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i have loose black bussy then.

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So you like math, huh?
name all the numbers.

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Let A be the set of all the numbers.

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>Let A be

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p-pretty please?

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Not all numbers have a name, anon.

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and what if A doesn't want to be the set of all the numbers?

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I'm fascinated by the idea of looking at ourselves from the perspective of a non-human sentience. The utterly un-experiencable.

If so, then how do we come across according to our own ethical and moral codes when we are judged as impartially as possible by said sentience?

And just in general... If the sentience could not establish meaningful communication with us (a la Polaris), what do we look like to them? Do they find us amusing? Are we cute and cuddly? Unruly? Hard to control? Fun to hang with? Terrifying?

Just... how are we?

(pic mostly unrelated)

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Man, I'm too high so I'm gonna stop reading about roko's basilisk...

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wise move. not worth it outside the meme value
>another time perhaps.

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disturbing findings re the bot test btw..

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One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human - Loren Eiseley

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they don't give a shit, it is the only reasonable explanation

they already understand everything about us and probably better than ourselves, if they wanted something from us they'd have taken it by now, if they didn't want us to exist, we wouldn't, they could kill us all in an instant with a swarm of undetectable nanomachines that deliver neurotoxins or something, we'd all drop dead like sacks of potatoes, our civilization would erode, herds of feral cattle would graze in our parks as they migrate across the plains, gradually evolving back into aurochs, only knowing it as an unusually rocky area

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