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I have decided to stop coming to /pol/. People stopped posting anything of value there. Just shitposting and occasional 'insiders'. How do I integrate into /sci/? Any study guides of some kind? How do I plan my studying? I'm especially interested in math and economics.

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/sci/ is a jewish board. Keep walking honky

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I have never cared, nor will ever, about whatever group of people. I live my life as my own, and don't care about external forces, be they real or not.

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Where there will be no discrete races, and everybody will have about 15% black, 15% Native American, 5% Asian and 65% white ancestry?

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It may become so to our perspective but the discreteness of a race is not an objective fact but it is rather socially defined.
Latin America is probably the best example of this.

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Yes but USA isn't even close to 65% white, especially in the future.

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european ancestry would probably hit those numbers, recall that most hispanic immigrants aren't pure native american but mixed with southern-european to varying degrees

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So you guys think you're pretty smart, but why can't you come up with a formula for this thing we humans call...love?

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Concretely and unambiguously define love.

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>So you guys think you're pretty smart
Thanks, but I'm actually retarded.

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Is NYU good for PhD research?

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Which is a good research college on New York? Specially for bio or biochem. I read that NYU has good overseas research facilities.

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go to your local community college

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How did they come up with it? They have zero innovation.

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Japan has anime
Show me anything of artistic creative merit that's come out of China the last...fuck we can go back centuries, maybe millennia

When there's an objective race, China's the machine.
When there is subjectivity, they're total trash.
Humans fool themselves into thinking we've even remotely scratched the surface. Some aspects of reality won't be discovered through machinery and objectivity.

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>Show me anything of artistic creative merit that's come out of China the last...fuck we can go back centuries, maybe millennia
Genshin impact.

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also /pol/ = /x/

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Race doesn't exist.

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progress is the price of democracy

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I'm currently an undergrad math student in my second year, I took a good bit of classes early (entered college with Calc 1-3 and Diffy Q done, plus some random basics like economics, photography, etc.) so I'd have the flexibilty to add majors/graduate early. I wanna do my PhD in maths, and I think I am good at it, I always get an -A/A in my math and other classes, do reading and thinking outside of whats required by the class, try and talk to profs and people online about math to build my understanding, etc. But i've seen a lot of threads claiming PHDs are a meme and talking about how its not worth it, im in the process of trying to get research experience by buttering up profs who have projects going with the hope of asking to join them (although I am full remote and corona has made it considerably harder), and applying for REU's in the upcoming summer. So I wanna hear about peoples experience to help make an informed decision about whether or not I should pursue my PhD or just finish up my math B.S in the next year and pick up something else like physics and try to go straight to industry.

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I am doing a thermodynamics course and I understand the theory and some exercises but I cannot understand some problems.
Any advice?

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why is there no comprehensive study comparing the accumulated suffering and cost of vaccine damages to the potential suffering and damages of the pathogen vaccinated against?

advancements in modern medicine should dictate that children receive fewer vaccinations because what they're being vaccinated against is no longer a major threat to human health

most of the things we're vaccinated against aren't shit but because our regulatory agencies have been thoroughly captured and government bent over to receive the fat cock of big pharma right up america's ass when they passed the childhood vaccine injury act

if vaccines weren't a scam they would not need a kangaroo court and billions in taxpayer money paid to shut up victims of vaccine damages in order to protect big pharma

they can literally synthesize antibodies to any fucking diseases, no one except the most vulnerable should be vaccinated but due to the childhood vaccine injury act scam and big pharma corruption we're caught in situation where EVERYONE MUST BE vaccinated. not because of any scientific notion but because corporations scared our government our of better judgement, captured out regulatory agencies, and braiwashed the public

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Are qRNG vaporwave ? Even for specialised applications ?

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Fuck, meant to post on /g/, sorry

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Was good knowing you guys.

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To be fair, if you read the article the researchers put stress on this being preliminary research.

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Nuclear winter is a meme.

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Cute that you're optimistic, even at a time like this.

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There's good in every bad.

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Depends on if I hated humanity to begin with, in which case this would be good. Because soon, not even I could be around to hate my own species.

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>food goes into stomach
>food gets broken down into shit
>some how feel more energetic because body turned food into shit.
How exactly does nutrition work /sci/??
How does putting shit in my body give my body more energy?
What the fuck is exactly happening when body digests food????

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Ah cool shit
And this what makes the proteins that the cells need to survive??
Does the stomach like obsorb the glucose and take it somewhere for distrubtion?
If so, how and where???

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Glucose just provides "energy". When a cell needs ATP, it will break down glucose, and use the energy from the reaction to turn ADP into ATP. This ATP is then used by enzymes to do work in the cell.

For making proteins, the cell scavenges amino acids mostly from old proteins but some from the protein you eat. Then, using the energy from stuff like glucose, it can bind these amino acids together to make new proteins.

Glucose and other nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and transported your blood. Your blood delivers these nutrients to every other cell in your body.

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thanks bro.

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What if you only eat fats for a month?

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Imagine wasting your precious little time getting a science education

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go back ridin with biden tranny

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>dude like why shouldn't i spend so much time of what time i have left slaving and tasking myself for a piece of paper that i will only use as toilet paper anyway when the supply of everything nosedives lmao

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>Give in to panic
>Drop out of school
>nothing happens
>now youre 35+ with no qualifications

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>entertaining even the idea of nothing happening
>despite every piece of evidence there is and could exist pointing to an inevitable happening
Who's the imbecile?

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Still you. It's never happening, anon. Every time it does happen it turns out it's a big bowl of nothing.

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What are some science fields that solved all or most of their problems?

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Do lockdowns even work?

Unless the Western countries were to take drastic lockdown measures like the Chinks did (literally welding doors shut), there seems to be no way for lockdowns to work—with the end result being a wrecked economy and still a continuation of COVID. Even if 99.999% of Americans were to follow all pandemic lockdown orders to a T, it really only takes a hand full of positive people to fuck it up.

Is it best to just open up everything and keep on with the masks orders until a vaccine pulls through? This looks like it’s just a viscous cycle of opening and closing things for nothing.

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>Do lockdowns even work?
No. They don't, like, at all

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We have this thread every day

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Elaborate because it didn’t work anywhere in Europe unless you’re talking about the chink model

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What do you mean by work? They decrease cases and spread. They don't eliminate the virus entirely, so cases will increase once the lock down is lifted. Even in China, the virus is still around, to the point that they'll test an entire city if someone tests positive.

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You only really delay the inevitable. The amount of susceptible people you have is set before the pandemic starts, and they will get it eventually. The Spanish Flu reached isolated pacific islands, and that was in the age before international air traffic.

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>get talking to a higher-year undergrad student
>turns out (she)'s a tranny
>(her) favourite subject is category theory
why are category theorists such a joke?

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Many such cases!

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You can't spot a tranny?
If he passed as a woman he prob hot then, in which case what's the problem

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i've never met (her) in person, was chatting over WhatsApp
>what's the problem
undergrad cat-theorists are

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I'm having a retard brain moment, someone is telling me these are equal, are they?

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Assuming L>0. If L<0 and C<0, you have a sign change, don't you?

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Kek, shit. This is for a mathematical modelling assignment though, actually ;).

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A root/it’s square = 1/that root
And you can split up square roots if it is multiplication

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[math] a\sqrt{\frac{C}{L}} = a\sqrt{\frac{C}{L}} \sqrt{\frac{L}{L}} = a\sqrt{\frac{CL}{L^2}} = a\frac{\sqrt{CL}}{\sqrt{L^2}} = \frac{\sqrt{LC}a}{L} [/math]

How's high school?

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Man I haven't seen this surds shit SINCE high school, thanks for the throwback.
I remember them teaching us that trick to get rid of square root numerators.

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I thought before Covid it was a bad thing for everyone to wear masks if they're not infected?

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They MSM said it was just a flu first.

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Early on lots of governments were stupid enough to lie to the public about masks because they wanted time for hospitals to stock up.
Then when these same governments turned around and said masks are good wear them lots of people assumed it was a lie because those same governments had said there was no need for masks.

Many governments treat their people like children and honestly I'm not sure they have any other option given how quickly people become giant peaces of shit under the slightest pressure.

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>Many governments treat their people like children and honestly I'm not sure they have any other option
When you lie to children, children remember and become less trusting. The same thing happened here. It's one thing to lie about something that will remain under wraps, but to intentionally disseminate bad information, and then contradict that information within a few months, will of course create distrust in the public.

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My knee-jerk reaction was it's bad to lie to the people but having seen how fast they turn savage under a little pressure I'm not so sure you could be honest with them.
The smart play might just be to tell the media to not mention masks at all until hospitals are stocked because I'm sure if you said "masks work but health workers need them first" people would be buying hundreds each the next day.

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Why didn't the WHO, or any government for that matter, simply release guidelines to make proper cloth masks and decontamination by washing or leaving out in the sun?

This is the only thing you had to do to eliminate the equipment shortage. Then again, in some countries hospitals weren't given proper equipment either. They were at most given dentist aprons.

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What exactly are dreams?
Also how do I stop having erotic dreams every night?

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Dreams are a product of what you think, do and consume. You are watching porn and thinking of sex. Do nofap, aim got no arousal, for a few months and you'll notice improvement.

>> No.12286228

But the dreams occur while I'm on NoFap and abstaining from pornography.

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It is your body attempting to rekindle and maintain memories and neural connections.

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Aw hell nah. Science bros, is this really gonna be the new normal? Is this shit like cancer or can you vaccinate against this?

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Good. I hope it has an 80% mortality rate.

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>let stupid europeeings go to other countries again
>tell them to be careful
>yeah whatever I paid and I deserve the right to annoy poor foreigners fuck you
>obviously get infected abroad
>ohhh surprise a new variant

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Why does the penis stop growing? What causes the penis to stop growing, and what causes the penis to grow in the first place? Your growth plates prevent your skeleton from growing beyond a certain point. Your penis doesn't have any growth plates. Why does the penis stop growing?

Has anybody ever done any serious research on this? This might just be one of those things were there's no demand to do any serious research on, or it would simply be too embarrassing. A lot of inventors throughout history have consumed their own products in order to prove their functionality, so it would be interesting to make my cock naturally grow to be a solid 11-inches long without having to do any unhealthy stretching nonsense that could permanently damage my penis.

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But you can't do that consistently. It would be too much work, and it would be putting too much stress on your frenulum if you still have your foreskin.

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I do have my foreskin and I don't see how that causes any problems. The skin is stretchy enough and women are wet, you know?

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>his penis stops growing


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