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>yfw P = NP but the proof is non-constructive

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hey can I get some help with my calculus homework

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Poopy nigger butthole semen guacamole frisbee.

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1.07068735 cm is the wavelength of 5G spectrum which is enough to affect small insects, birds, bees and god knows what other organs/tissues inside us.
Maybe not for a few months, but over the years it will cause some kind of damage that we will only understand after 70 years. Why are we not stopping 5G? Internet doesn't need to be this fast at the risk it poses to us and our environment.

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Current mobile broadband signals are proven to have negative effects over time as well, in humans and other animals (e.g. bees). If anything, we're already fucked and 5G won't make much of aa difference.

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Niggaz don't give a fock niggah!

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Show me where the number 1 is in this image and I will concede.

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turn your head sideways

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It's in your trips OP.

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It's not less than 1 though.

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both are correct.. he put the one sideways at the end far right to look infinite and its still one of something but not as large of ones matter of another

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For all practical purposes
0.99999....... = 1

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this is real science you don't have to include your faith in it like but it helps including atheism it helps you take ownership on the idea.

heal up and kyng virus

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so we want to code so the cells know how to get more I hear a lot of you saying revert to stem cells?

for a wound:
behind cells hold structure and pattern with respect to before the wound. connect to contact to wounded cells. reverse cells to stem cell state
steam cell state and multiply translate to proper structure fix in like one(know itself) two (know its brother) (know the total)
and repeat to total structure I think that is enough but how does i know? where the structure is how does it know that? the four fours hold it together. looks good to me.

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Crane removing Heel Stone and Rocks from
Stonehenge 'for polishing', Digging Mishkan



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Come join The Dig, bring a Mason
Trowel and a Don't Panic Towel.


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o u cheeky brits

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Exactly, many Times before.


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>Abductive reasoning is a form of logical inference which starts with an observation or set of observations and then seeks to find the simplest and most likely explanation for the observations.
Basically, what scientists do when they come up with a new hypothesis.

Your task is to find a creative and parsimonious hypothesis of how the car in the image works.

[math]\mathcal{A}[/math] [math]\mathcal{re} \space \mathcal{you} \space \mathcal{to} \space \mathcal{the} \space \mathcal{Challenge}[/math]

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OP here, just correcting some mistakes
Are you up to the challenge?*
and, A hypothesis to explain how the car in the image works *

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Definitely not, this post unlike every other post in this board, is about science itself, not about bragging how much you know about what science has contributed to mankind..

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What's the difference between computational biology in the biology department and the computer science department?

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Nothing, they both answer to the based department.

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If we have genes for the cobalamine synthase, (actually several of them) does it mean we can synthesize our own B12, as long as there is some free cobalt in our food?

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We alreadt do, but in a stage where it's too late for our body to absorb it. It's in our feces.

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It can't be absorbed, retard.

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What can't be absorbed? Cobalt?

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There's no study that shows burgers cause heart attacks, it's a stereotype idea that meat or any other thing causes hearts attacks. It's probably created by ((dietitians)) in order to make everyone eat vegan food. Cholesterol does have a bit of effect on hearts but that's it. No major effect on hearts. Meats are delicious, more delicious than any vegan food could ever be. That pic must make you feel hungry and have appetite for eating meat. Right? Well that doesn't make sense because "muh humans are herbivores" said every vegan; because apparently we have similar features to animals, yep that makes sense. Meat should never be eaten.
I'm gonna eat meat no matter what. I don't give a shit. For every seeting vegan, a meat will be added in my diet.
Meat is healthy, it gives protein and no study found that meat had a major effect on lifes.
It's okay to eat meat!

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I was raised on meat, and I'm not sure if I'll ever completely cut it out. I just don't see any good argument for it besides it tastes good since it doesnt really make sense economically (that is, total use of resources. I'm guessing that there's more money to be made with animals than plants at the end if the day) and it's pretty bad for the environment, if you smart enough to care about that sort of thing.

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>hormones bad
I enjoyed my accelerated and enhanced growth, thank you

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any red meat more than 100g/day shows up in statistics

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>Cholesterol does have a bit of effect on hearts but that's it.
In that chronically high cholesterol causes the development of plaques that lead to a heart attack. Saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, characteristic of meat, elevate blood cholesterol levels. Advice to cut down on meat isn't a conspiracy. You can do it if you're concerned about your health, but otherwise nobody's forcing you to and nobody cares.
>That pic must make you feel hungry and have appetite for eating meat. Right? Well that doesn't make sense because "muh humans are herbivores"
I love scotch whisky but I'm not going to argue that it wouldn't be better for my health to avoid it or that my taste for it proves that I'm physiologically suited to an alcohol-based diet. Just eat what you want if you understand that there are consequences in the long term that you may have to face.

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>In that chronically high cholesterol causes the development of plaques that lead to a heart attack. Saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, characteristic of meat, elevate blood cholesterol levels. Advice to cut down on meat isn't a conspiracy. You can do it if you're concerned about your health, but otherwise nobody's forcing you to and nobody cares.
The problem is with oil, not meat. While meat does require a bit of oil, so do many stuff you probably eat as a vegan. The difference is everyone is putting a large amount of oil in the meat.
>I love scotch whisky but I'm not going to argue that it wouldn't be better for my health to avoid it or that my taste for it proves that I'm physiologically suited to an alcohol-based diet. Just eat what you want if you understand that there are consequences in the long term that you may have to face.
I never said anything delicious is healthy, it just means it's edible. No average person looks at a shit he found in the toilet and decides he wants to it. This point was to respond to the herbifags who claim that humans are somehow 'herbivores' because of similar features towards herbivores.

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hi sci.
please provide me a scientific paper to refute
the conclusion in pic related.

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self bump
any scientific evidence for human to human spread /sci/?

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Pretty much every single infected person had close contact to another infected person before contracting it.
This who didn't don't have it.
You said evidence, not proof.

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well, no shit.
any scientific medical papers to back up your claim. if its so obvious surely you can tell me of an MD that checked it, right?

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selfy bumpy
one down,
anyone else ?

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How far are scientists in the first-world from preventing certain genetic mutations in newborns? Is there a certain mathematical field I could study?

I have a genetic mutation and it’s said there is a 50/50 chance that I could pass it to my child (if I h e children). I want to devote my life to find a way I can prevent my child from having it.

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I'm starting out with AI:a modern approach by norvig and I'm wondering if there's any prerequisite material I should read before diving into this book, like linear algebra? if so what textbook would you recommend? Also do you guys think the hackerrank ai problems are worth doing?

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The book heavily focuses on the symbolic approach to artificial intelligence. So you should have an understanding of first-order logic, set theory, and boolean algebra

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If you know what a tree is you should be fine.

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did humans really come from monkey?

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Don't chimps have a part of telomeres in those fused chromosomes, meaning they evolved from humans, and not the other way round?

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Sure, but nothing really changes if we both came from a common ancestor. At some point the evolutionary thread crossed.

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Nothing evolved from humans apart from down syndrome kids. We share a common ancestor and that's it. If you take a fork in the road you can always say "that other road forked off from the one I'm on" but that's really not actually true, both roads forked from the main road, and none of them from each other. It's just a natural bias towards whatever point of view you're already in.

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Tripnamefag, fuck off and get the fuck OUT!

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I don't think that's how it works. Wolves didn't change because dogs branched off from them.

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i'm assuming this board is familiar that a lot of life follows the Fibonacci pattern, some rabbits reproduce in the sequence, and a lot of plants have the geometry that involves fibancci spiral/square. ANYWAY
>what is the smallest life structure that starts obeying Fibonacci pattern?
I'm under the impression that DNA double helix does not follow Fibonacci pattern. This is odd to me.

interlude: if you are unaware/forgot
>the Fibonacci pattern is the most efficient pattern in the way life grows. hence why it shows up often.

obvious Fibonacci isn't the most "chad" type of pattern/shape, as alas that must go to the Sphere but there is strong potential.

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Your penis

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pi/4 - arctan(1/2)/2

anything involving this as an angle

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if h is = the planck length what would change

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semantics. the plack length is the smallest length

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Don't take the term quantization too literally, QM still treats reality as continuous.

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>then for one the stars in the sky would be updated
I've always hated the slow FPS the sky has. The GUI definitely needs updating.

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I want three people to help me on two projects if you want to

First Project; Kyng Virus. in its code is its name which is gonna be tied to me, and if it knows its name its gonna have the ability to change its code. yeah its wicked.

Second Project; DNAyyyy its Okayyy
this one is harder and easier I just need a concept of how the codes work to release max heal at total speed. I can do translation and assumption but that's not healthy and the test bunnies won't like it.

faith um does sort of matter I guess, atheist are the best because they dont care about how if it goes. Christians; you must believe in alcoholic wine, you must believe in proverbs 21;18. Muslims; a belief in the judgement of god helps, a belief that "jesus" was a prophet helps. Buddaists you are dreaming go atheist. Indian Religions? Hindi? not sure but Kali is connected to death and is definitely connected to resurrections. Greeks haha ok you just need to believe your gods name swap and that what you thought was Chronos is zues and what you thought was Zues is ten guys only Poisdon knows. Latins; I like you. Saturn is good. I think. Not sure. Catholics, helps if you believe that Michael is THE son and THE archangel but a belief in Mother Mary is wicked helpful. Satanist, wei gets dir? Illuminati *flag sign* *eye sign* *cow sign* *N*
Mormons; helps if you believe that JS was inspired by a god of sight and stories and HEAVEN even better if you know that's Michael in dasguise. ref rev 19. Traditional Fatalist's real theories is scary for the fairies.

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anime fans; death note?! not higurashi but umineko yes, melly, um special A, angel beats. and they say "hellsing" which I haven't seen. and the manga school rumble where I get to larp as Eri. you'll get it if it works.

inuyasha isn't relevant neither is black cat.

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ok so what do we have GATATGGTGCTA hacking bio isnt science its MAGIC sorry its not it is science I have issues learning this incase I snap it like I dont want to and i do not intuitively understand it idk how they programmed degradation into it idk the code for time

I know it is based on repetitions though.

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so first would you nullify the code that stops um healing that might also make giants though so would need to program a max height I think?

remember gilgamesh and such

in elf its called verse the son and I play that too.

so first it neets a box star in it caping up and down and side ways length. so its centre of gravity. to start, and link it with the eyes focal point? maybe? Iike to anyways in case we need space heal like

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>Eleven days after his first symptoms had appeared, the patient received an infusion of so-called convalescent plasma. On day 12, his blood tested negative for infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. His body’s inflammation level turned sharply down. And his blood-oxygen level had climbed to 90%. The next day, he was weaned off of the mechanical ventilation that had breathed for him for three days

Is this a cure? They're calling it a game changer. I mean they can't make enough tests, PPE, or toilet paper for everybody but blood is one that's easy to mass produce. Right? Assuming we start a massive blood drive will things start going back to normal before summer's end? Will things to back to normal before the November election?
also how weird is it that a disease that came from bats can be cured by behaving like a vampire?

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In a stable world full of people that can get together and focus on one thing and be generous this would be possible but if blood donations are voluntary chances are most will deny donating.

I'm an optimist though, so even if some people don't want to do it, it still makes a huge difference and chances are once things get real bad and tens of thousands die every day people will probably want some kind of cure.

Sadly most people are so reliant on mass media telling them what to do the outcome won't be 100% cured corona is gone

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bump for answer

can we build an exponentially growing group of blood donors with COVID19 immunity?
can we produce enough for the nation to attain 100% immunity with this method, and how fast would that go?

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>if blood donations are voluntary chances are most will deny donating

Well people aren't working. They need money, so pay them for donating. It's more valuable than regular blood, it ends the outbreak so they can go back to work sooner, and if they're being intentionally exposed with plasma cure at the same time so they can donate later, then they'll also be getting immunity to the virus. It's a total win win. If we can pay people $1000 check for sitting at home to slow the outbreak, we should also pay them something for helping cure the outbreak.

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What if you donate HIV instead

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can you donate your allergies?

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>when the bottom wears nothing but a hoodie that hangs over the ass and stops at his upper thighs and his outfit is safe for work friendly
Other than me being a faggot why is this so hot?

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some bisexual ones

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Also you can just find a bottom who’s ok with you eventually knocking up a surrogate

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Just give me a discord and I'll msg you uwu
How is this thread still on /sci/?

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