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This is a relatively recent phenomenon, and there just hasn't been enough time yet for these kids to grow old enough for us know how bad it is.

But tell me what you think /sci/—how FUCKED are these kids' brains? Will giving an ipad to sub-10 year olds be made illegal at some point? Are these "parents" creating broken children?

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Dude, don't post the abstract to a super technical paper you only pretended to read.

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You need to think up a new line. You can't say what someone did or didn't read. Maybe you're just projecting.

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no u

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What are some science degrees that allows you to work remotely anywhere in the world, besides CS?

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I dont see how software and big data could stop growing, anon. At least give a good argument.

Changing the subject a bit, what are some interesting careers if you want to work on cool researches like those guys from NASA in Antarctica?

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>I dont see how software and big data could stop growing, anon. At least give a good argument.
code monkeys get pumped out 10 times faster than the demand is growing and the jobs require skills attainable over a weekend

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Get an American degree. If you have to get into a community college and transfer to a 4 year university

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Second poster here, but would also like to comment that yes software and data is here to stay.

Also a lot of the high paid jobs are reserved for engineers with a special skill, but there is high paid low skill paths too.

I don't know about NASA, but they asked me to apply to a 6 month position to an Antarctic base once. Even if I got it I don't think I would've gone. Only do it if you don't have any relationships etc.

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Hey anons yesterday I was browsing 4chan as usual and then I came upon this pic, it was the 1000th time I saw it but never knew if it was true or not. Can you confirm or dismiss it?

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>violent white destructive riots in our nation's history
Holy shit that’s so wrong.

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it is true
t. biologist

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>be non violent against the small percentage of cops who are actually out to get them, they'd do a lot better.
You think people are psychic?

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yes you're right, i mangled that thought. i meant to say if they toned down their level of violence in general, which is very very high, whether black on black or black on cop (higher than cop on black violence), then there would be far fewer incidents going into the future, as only the small percentage of truly unrepentant racist cops would abuse innocent blacks, and it would be clear what was going on. police ramp up the violence because blacks are highly violent at baseline (again, average differences, i know smart well behaved blacks cringe at this whole business)

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But the level of crime and violence has dropped though.

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Does anyone know of any software capable of doing calculations with finite categories? I'd like to be able to input two finite categories and be able to automatically find functors between them and hopefully even natural transformations between those functors. I'm tired of finding Functor categories by hand so I thought that I would ask here if you've heard of any software that could help me.

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Disprove me via contradiction without using limits.

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0 = 0*2
0/0 = 2
0 = 2

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No, 0 * undefined is NaN.

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My proof shows that any number other then 0 causes contradictions. It's a proof by contradiction.

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Your image is incoherent garbage. No one could ever prove you wrong because you're not even wrong. You haven't fucking said anything.

8/10 bait; I couldn't resist

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How is it wrong? Where is it incoherent? It seems pretty coherent and sensicle to me.

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Hello all. I've been working a few years in industrial machinery and almost all of the new tech improvements have to do with cameras, communications, etc., so I've been very interested in self-studying optics and photonics. I took mechanical engineering in college so I dare say optics is the area of physics I have the least instruction in. Does anyone know of good introductory resources or textbooks I can check out? Help this 30 yr old boomer spread his wings!

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Bump for interest

Don't forget to also brush up on programming and control systems!

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Of course! I've already started refreshing my crusty knowledge of Visual Basic and Matlab. Unfortunately I'm a total brainlet when it comes to PLCs. My end goal is to be an applications engineer at a photonics supplier near me.

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desu idk which book is the best but i know the physics department at my school uses hecht

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How did planes measure their speed in the past? Any instruments or calculations?

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Same way cars did — a speedometer.

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their airspeed or their relative ground speed?

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>In the adiabatic process, since the heat is 0, how can it be possibile that heat capacity times ΔT is 0?
>In the adiabatic process, what's equal to 0? The heat or the change of heat?
I read somewhere that Q is 0, and somewhere that ΔQ is 0. Which is 0?
>If I compress a gas I have a negative Work, so the equation becomes Q = ΔU-W . But shouldn't the heat increase? If the Work is negative, how can the heat increase?

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Negative work = negative heat = heat goes away from the gas elsewhere

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Do factorials of matrices exist?

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not that i have heard of anything like it, but you could define it, probably only works with square matrixes tho

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Only on a square matrix, and it wouldn't make sense unless each coefficient was the same. You could then derive that [2,2;2,2] factorial is just [2,2;2,2]x[1,1;1,1] = [4,4;4,4] and so on. Pardon my notation, I am a Matlab scumbag.

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The gamma function is a holomorphic continuation of the factorial and thus continuous in almost all of [math]\mathbb R[/math], so we can define a matrix function (so long as the eigenvalues aren't [math]-1,-2,...[/math] or other negative integers) through a power series or the Jordan form as in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_function
See also: https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1634488/how-could-we-define-the-factorial-of-a-matrix
And: >>>/sci/sqt

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>>11730196 (Me)
ah, and of course this assumes a square matrix as other anons have pointed out. doesn't make a ton of sense if you can't compose the matrix with itself (as is the case for non-square matrices)

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Find the pattern that the grey and green shapes have in common. Both the grey and green dotted shapes will correspond to the shapes at the bottom. You have to say which ones they correspond to and why.

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the answer is b

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B follows the pattern of which colour? Green or grey

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green green gray green

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>struggling to understand pi
How does pi stay the same even when the circle changes size???

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>Here's a simple proof.
>OP guy doesnt know what a ratio is
You are the autistic one in this case my friend.

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you're an idiot

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I am curious jet i know only 3 normal people (not different able or sth.) Who cant grasp simple geometry. 3 Out of 80 i m sure the dont get this. Maybe 6 more who cant grasp more complex topics like perspective. But if i look what people write on the net, there seem to be much more stupidity out there as 10%
Did people hide there retardation? Did the fake to be smart?

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And yet i dont even try to find retardation, the opposite is true and still...

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>Did people hide there retardation
yes. They get through high school subjects through pure memorisation. They don't understand much.

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is consciousness a wave or a particle?

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Watch these:




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we just don't know
all the theories I've seen are unfalsifiable

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Consciousness is much more complicated. To reach enlightenment, we have to achieve Brahman Atman. This is done by releasing our consciousness into the universe of consciousness, and being accepted.

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What's the scientific explanation for the pareto principle? Why so much phenomenon follow it?

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>100% of masculine ejaculations are caused by OP's blowjobs
this phenomenon doesn't seem to follow it tbqh

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>disproportionate things exist

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Its just recognizing that a lot of thinga gain less output with more input. Basically that a lot of things have a sort of square root graph, although thats not really accurate but Im so tired i cant remember the names of these fucking graphs. Basically they approach a horizontal asymptote. Square roots dont do that but they look like what im blanking on.

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Richest 20% 82.70%
Second 20% 11.75%
Third 20% 2.30%
Fourth 20% 1.85%
Poorest 20% 0.4

Exactly how getting laid works except, money is less a factor.

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Hi /sci/entologists! Have any of you tried to do math animations before? What software did you use? Wolfram Animate[] can do great things, but recently I started getting into Manim (https://github.com/3b1b/manim), and I really like the looks of it. However, it can be clumsy sometimes. Any other recommendations?

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What's your favorite element, /sci/? Mine's fluorine

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fun fact:
in my language, "Zir" means "under", and "con(kon)" means ass
so you can think of zirconium as something like underassium

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Te because I did my masters project on Zinc tellurite glasses :^)

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Tantalum. I will shoot anybody that disagrees with my Ta-180m gamma ray laser.

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>walnuts are a brain food

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honestly i think drinking too much roasties is bad for you but one roastie a day is fine.

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Peak of sophistication...sometimes it feels that way big time. Note: technological ≠ sophistication

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Cultural sophstication

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>Scientifically speaking, [insert non-scientific comment/question here]

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If you mean the industrial revolution 1750-1850, then yes. We are but a shadow of their former glory.

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theres evidence for it for example ancient greece is a case of people with very high median IQ and we are still marvelled at their insight... then they had a "progressive" decline to what it is now:

>a higher IQ group conquered the lower IQ group... first there was the neolithic native greeks they were replaced by minoans then by myceneans and this group would be finally the responsible for all the ancient greak esplendor... then theres a long time of "progressive" decline to what we have now in modern greace.

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>Brodmann area 9 is basically nonexistent
>shit working memory
>shit attention span
>shit self-discipline
>socially retarded

How is your prefrontal cortex game, anon? Maybe you know some *sloped* scientists that make it? Post them in this thread, so sloped-bois can feel better about themselves.

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What the fuck is this nonsense

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Just another truth, suppressed by *academy*

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>shit working memory
you just want to remember everything you see, touch, smell and hear and because you cant you wanna get diagnosed as having dementia just to get those prescription medicine.

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cute eyebrow OP

>> No.11730440

looks like hegel

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Are Europeans and Middle Easterners the same race from a genetic standpoint?

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I didn't say it was impractical. I said it was arbitrary/bunk and not totally reflective of what is meant by the category race.

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>not totally reflective of what is meant by the category race.
The point is to base the category on something solid so that it gets a clear meaning.

>> No.11729954

You're trying to be too concrete about a messy division if you just say "muh FST"
I can divide euros and middle easterners, they are obviously different, but not at the level of country, so its appropriate to apply the category "race".

>> No.11729957

also see >>11729719

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You should post the original, also it's from an old paper based on only 120 allele frequencies and Nei's genetic distance was used not fixation index.

Cavalli-Sforza, L., Piazza, A., Menozzi, P. and Mountain, J., 1988. Reconstruction of human evolution: bringing together genetic, archaeological, and linguistic data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 85(16), pp.6002-6006.

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Which type of water will hold more coldness, super salty or distilled? Basically I'm comparing like if you freeze a brick of wood and a brick of steel, steel will be cold for much longer and stronger. I'm doing cold training and I want to freeze a plastic bottle of water so I'm thinking which water to use.

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Damn, but is it a good for my intentions or bad? Should I make it slightly salty? Btw, what about alcohol? If I freeze vodka for example.

>> No.11730242

>if I freeze vodka
if you cannot freeze salt water you absolutely will not be able to freeze vodka, anon

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heres a little known fact I like to spread with the world whenever we talk about ice and cold things. So one of America's first millionairs was some dude that cut blocks of ice out of some frozen lake and sold those blocks of ice all around the world (as far as india). The transport? Literally just a wooden ship, imagine how long the journey took, hot tropical weather, ice dumped in some cargo bay. half year travels, sold in india. how bout that anon.

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Normal. At a plastic bottle size you will gain ZERO (0) benefit of any approach. Just freeze a bottle of water retard.

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Look, if I'm going to do something everyday I want it to be most efficient

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