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How concerned should I be about prions and their related illnesses?

I have OCD, and prions completely terrify me. So much so that I stopped eating beef years ago and more recently have stopped eating all meat + fish and eggs (along with most other foods). Rapidly losing weight. Most days I just eat whatever doesn't feel contaminated.

It's difficult for me to know how much of this fear is irrational and how much of it may be rooted in reality.

Why do we not see more prion illnesses? How has there not been a massive epidemic/pandemic?

My understanding is limited. I'm not a scientist. I've only read what I can find on the internet. I would like to know more and have a discussion.

On the OCD front, I've tried almost every available treatment, except ketamine and deep brain stimulation. Already signed up to give ketamine a go.

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I do reach that conclusion. I'm not worried about a random prion mutation, I'm concerned about contracting it via food, which leads me to try to control what I eat.

From my experience, this illness is about being unable to accept uncertainty. I know prion diseases are incredibly rare. But in my mind, every time I eat, it feels like a coin flip that's deciding whether or not I'm going to die an incredibly excruciating death.

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How do you have time to fixate on this one spooky medical thing? If you can't accept risk how are you not in a constant panic about the stakes of living a modern life where you have to maintain a job and stay afloat?

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meh, you won't have the cognizance to feel anxiety or suffering when you get to an advanced state. You'll just be a confused animal, then you'll die.

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Fair question. I have no idea. Things like that never bother me. It's like the risk evaluation part of my mind is completely skewed.

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You sound very capable. Run for office and the unclean shall be swept away.

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Just read the comments section, we're actually living in an idiocracy.


Wait, so if death gives so much meaning to life, then why are you so jealous about other people trying to postpone their own death? Plus, it's obvious that these technologies will be subsidized, like education.

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Post like this again and I'll SLAP YE ACROSS THE FACE LIKE A LIL' BITCH

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I see no problem with the rich spending money on medical research

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>new major, expert-factchecked, peer reviewed study-analysis by harvard specialists shows

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>empirical evidence bad
Science and Math board, everyone.

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They aren't from here.

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This board is basically reddit now though

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Can’t be reddit, we blame jews for everything

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>bullet cluster
>gravitational waves move at c
>can’t explain ultra compact dwarfs
>still believes einstein's theories are perfect
>particle physics is the one that needs to pick up the slack and discover the dark matter particle
>accept the model, bigot

Let's be real, ΛCDM is garbage. Dark matter is cheap patchwork for failing models and no one (or rather, very few) has the balls to try to think out an alternative. MOND kinda sorta works, but we need more people working to at least disprove it before we carry on, and as of yet it has not really been disproven. The external field hypothesis has been getting traction lately due to some experimental evidence to back it up, we can simulate galaxy formation using MOND, and so on. Despite this, we have researchers continuing to insist that ΛCDM works and that we just need to find the elusive "dark matter particle" and maybe, just maybe, we will figure out what the actual fuck dark energy is supposed to be other than some hyper-schizo conspiracy theory. All that current research seems to be doing is finding useless bullshit to reaffirm this broke ass model, while tossing out data that doesn't support it as "that's cool, but I'm not gonna try to understand it because it might undermine my research program and the grant money that comes with it." The LHC is already believed to be obsolete, so they apparently want a new collider like twice the size at least to get the energy needed to create a particle they know nothing about. Sounds like horseshit if you ask me. We need the next einstein (preferably not jewish this time) to un-cuck cosmology and physics as a whole.

Funny how they call us schizos when they expect us to believe there's some stuff out there in space that we can't see no mater what but you can "see its effects".

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>I do applied mathematics and work with engineers
einstein was a wage cuck patent office clerk when he wrote special relativity

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yes, and there is at least one concept that can easily account for some of the difference, and open up the door to all sorts of studies and measurements as well as modeling from data that already exists.

I've even seen a book on it, so at least one other person has thought about it. But screw you guys, I'm going home, figure it out on your own. Tired of you all stealing so many anons ideas and then passing them around and acting like you came up with the content. Do your own homework.

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Since the recent discovery and confirmation of the existence of galaxies with little to none dark matter (rotational speed is as predicted by GR) most versions of MOND are either dead or include some type of sark matter particle, we have good reasons to believe spacetime to not be fundamental so some modification of gravity will happen but dark matter is pretty much confirmed to exist as some type of particle beyond the standard model

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>The LHC is already believed to be obsolete
I love how it costs billions and take 20 years to build, and it's utter piece of useless shit

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/noot/- Nootropics and Supplements(for reading and writing)
Otherwise known as biohacking. Anything worthwhile here? I know natural herbs are more common outside of the us, where they'll prescribe a four year old meth because he likes cartoons more than homework.
I'm interested in the racetam family and certain mushrooms as well.

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There are a lot of noots, we're talking hundreds and those are just the ones that are popular and legal. I haven't found the meme NZT stack yet but I've tried a lot. I don't have ad copy on hand, but I can list off some benefits of my favorites.

Ashwaghanda(KSM 66)
>A herb in the class of nootropics known as adaptogens, these are effective in treating the symptoms of excess stress. Interestingly, they are also known to improve efficiency in excercise, increase libido and alertness.
>A mushroom that literally increases lung capacity, increases energy levels and makes oxygenation more efficient during excercise
Rhodiola Rosea
>Significant improvement in GAD symptoms was found with R. rosea, with a reduction in HARS scores similar to that found in clinical trials. These preliminary findings warrant further exploration of treatment with R. rosea in clinical samples.
> Chronic Rhodiola Rosea supplementation is able to reduce both lactate levels and parameters of skeletal muscle damage after an exhaustive exercise session. Moreover this supplementation seems to ameliorate fatty acid consumption. Taken together those observation confirm that Rhodiola Rosea may increase the adaptogen ability to physical exercise.

Some more that would be fun to google:
Racetams. My favourites are Phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, and Pramiracetam. Special mention to Coluracetam for Schizophrenia and Fasoracetam for ADHD.

Lemon Balm for stress and sleep

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Ah, desoxyn... a REAL nootropic

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If more docs would prescribe this for patients with treatment resistant obesity our fatty crisis would be solved by year's end.

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>Nonono I don't oppose slavery because I have a MORAL problem with it, I oppose it because it's economically unsound in our industrialising world. The march of SCIENCE has made machines capable of doing the work of TEN slaves--AND you don't have to feed them! Look, don't get me wrong, I may be a white abolitionist but I don't REALLY like negros. Trust me, if it still made economic sense I would be biggest supporter of slavery out there, but it doesn't though. What? Playing into the hands of jacobinical abolitionist negros? No of course not my arguments are purely economic s-stop laughing at me guys

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True, that's why I advocate a return to slavery (starting with the enslavement of all the dumb goyim around me, kek.)

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>seethes at chad pepe and wojakposters
>posts anime girls

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Go back.

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Is it possible to be both smart and strong

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I can't build muscle

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No. You only have so much time and training strength will limit the time you have for studying and vice versa.

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Define both

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A wild Langan enters the thread.

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It's up

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What was his point with the energy to orbit calculation? He could have just said
>orbit takes a lot of energy pr. kg
>this is why large and light rockets are more efficient etc.
Guy is fucking rambling at this point.

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He has this weird idea that only NASA has the god given right to launch spacecraft.

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I like some of his videos about debunking indiegogo scams, but I started seriously questioning his ability to have an impartial judgement about Elon Musk after his video on the Hyperloop test track, where he criticized the PROTOTYPE of the tunnel for being in the desert, as opposed to what, a major populated area?

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You guys already live on another planet.

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'ate urf

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Are humans a genetically engineered species? Or are we living in a simulation?

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we were created by a higher entity

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Anon, I've been through this I don't give a BLOODY FUCK WHAT YOU THINK!

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The human brain messes with me.

Evolutionarily it looks like grew out of the back of our skulls like a giant tick.

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And? What do you want me to do about it?

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I've always thought about the tick look, but never had a way to describe it. Thanks

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Suck my dick you chubby coon.

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We can kill every single mosquito on the planet.

Should we?

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Can you repeat the question?

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no we need them just like we need every other animal :(

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The quadrality of man

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Our science is useless when it comes to non-linear phenomena. So we have no way of predicting the second order effects of getting rid of all mosquitoes, just like we can only model how many people will die from a pandemic only after it has happened.

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Just the ones carrying diseases, which is only about 3 % of all mosquito species.

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i bet you think bringing up semantics when the point was very clear makes you clever
any kind of pro-worker left is dead thanks to idpol anyway

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Yeah, I see people bring up this "[prestigious job title X] are predominantly [insert political ideology here]" point like it's some kind of flex, but if they think the average surgeon is deeply invested in normie average-people culture war nonsense that's ridiculous. Like some guy that hunts squirrels in his free time thinks he's smarter by association because he votes for the same guy as the surgeons. Like bro, it's just for the money lmao

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A psycho with endless greed that sells procedures like the next iphone is the type of Drs we are producing.

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Because they're evil.

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Because medicine, much like psychology is largely unsubstantiated bullshit propped up by authoritarians, much akin to religion.

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science thread

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I hate that stupid hairstyle. It's ugly and a dead giveaway for annoying bitch

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>safety glasses

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surely cheering isn't good for relaxing your muscles.

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>becomes an athiest because of carl sagan
>carl sagan says he's an agnostic
>reddit moment

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covid was the most science moment bacuse we learnt that too big to fail doesn't exist and all we have to do is hand a wad of money to coporate megaconglomerates and everything willl be fine

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Do you begin each math class with a prayer? This guy does.


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>increase your math gains with this one weird trick
>liberals hate him

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You guys are literally the problem you are complaining against. If you hadn't replied to this thread it might have been buried right now, but literally fell for the lust provoking image not because I posted it but because of your own moral decay.

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Do you have the one where Mio Honda talks about gays?

>> No.12805556

Lol okay this one is based.
The image that is. Videos are still cringe.

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Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
> Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
>https://www.thefire.org/ (US)
>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

Information resource:
>*The author is seeking additional input to diversify the content into containing all STEM fields.

No anons have sufficiently answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads.

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i’m currently about to finish my bachelor of science, with a major in pure mathematics, and i’m beginning to realise that i’m probably not smart enough to do a phd in math
how difficult would it be to switch over to getting a phd in computer science, with the eventual hope of getting into a tenure position?
everyone makes fun of cs grads here but it seems like an easier way to get into academia, or at least an easy way to get a high paying comfy industry job

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Is it possible to get a Masters in Chemical engineering after getting a BS in chemistry? My uni did not offer any engineering courses and I dont want to spend a gorillion years on a PhD

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CE here. Just get above a 3.0 and do some internships and you'll be fine. If you want to do grad school try to do some research for one of your professors. Oh and don't be a smelly slob or a autistic freak. That's all it takes. Welcome to the middle class.

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Is Pharmacy a dead field?

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CS is now popular, so there is even more competition for anything related to IT. Even the indians do it.

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What are the most underrated stem degrees and most overrated stem degrees, in your opinion?

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>most overrated stem degrees
Computer Science
>most underrated stem degrees
Petroleum engineering

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How can i cure social anxiety, scientifically speaking?
Scientifically speaking, how can I pick up women?
Scientifically speaking, of course.

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You can’t, it’s too late

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See >>12805133

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>how can I pick up women
suck the dick, bigot

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is left accurate?

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japanese bird posting the truth online

>> No.12805258

Check, based, and birdpilled.

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Pick one

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Expert here

What kind of niggerfaggot would actually trust me?

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Left is always accurate

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I took .7 g of shrooms yesterday tryna trip( I didn’t have a scale and was trying to eat around a gram due to having a bad trip previously at 2.3 grams) I have 2.8 left, and felt nothing from eating .7 yesterday, if I wanted to have a trip equivalent to 1.5 g how many g would I need to eat today? They are albino penis envy’s

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>t. retard

>> No.12804788

>lasts 5-6 hours max

uh oh retard alert

>> No.12804794

lol so if I eat 2.8g it’ll be about a 1.4g trip?

>> No.12804795

if you’re sucking random acid tabs off a stranger’s dick, like this faggot does, then your timing may vary. if it’s shrooms, 5-6 hours max.

>> No.12804799

don’t listen to these retards, they’re either fucking with you on purpose or talking out of their asses

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Apollo 17 edition
Previous >>12801442

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i wonder what her preferred primary docking port is.

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Aft is a sin, anon.

>> No.12805514

she doesn't look like a fussy craft, i'd say any of them would be welcomed.

>> No.12805532

i have some fuel i'd like to inject through her for optimal mixing

>> No.12805570

saw it in the theater when it came out, not bad

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