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Is linguistics /sci/, /lit/, or /his/?

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It's all three.

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If this is a genuine question asked out of a desire to help organize internal thoughts, then I will answer.

/his/ = the language that survived through the hardship of its scholars
/lit/ = the language explored and expressed that had nothing to do with the concerns of physical limitations
/sci/ = the language reduced to its elemental form, the reformed or grown as to watch it bloom.

>I love language, narrative, and story These are the three mature boundaries of time and space. You can also call it music, dance, and journey. It all works.

Also, pic is my reaction every time someone wants to reward or recognize me. Which is why I avoid it because I look like an awkward fuck when I get above normal attention or praise.

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Mostly /sci/.

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Can science explain this? https://twitter.com/Qclues_o7/status/1306036190718689281

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>Can science explain this?
>Twitter link

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Well you see, 33 is a number. 22 is also a number. Sometimes people talk about numbers to convey information as they can be representative of real life phenomena.

Can you try counting to 22? It's easy! Just start with 1, 2, 3 and work your way up! You can do it I believe in you!

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you seem upset

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How will society react if the DO find life on Venus?
I'm scared bros.

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UFOs have been confirmed on Earth and nobody outside the UFO community gave a flying fuck

They will not care about some tiny ass microbe on Venus

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More like 50 years or so. Also bacterial life evolves extremely fast, but I guess you miss that biology class in 4th grade

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Nobody will even notice. We basically did find a very strong indication that there is and if you ask a random normie they would not know about it. It's not news worthy to them.

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Well, if this Venusian life exist we need to take a sample of it see if it shares a common origin with Earth life, via some sort of panspermia event in the distant past. If it did develop independently, then yes we will have to throw out "abiogenesis is really rare" as a potential "great filter", but I wouldn't worry about it much. There are plenty of other potential great filter scenarios that we are already past (the jump from simple microbes to complex life, or that intelligent, tool using life is a very rare adaptation) that would have to be ruled out before I would concerned that their is a great filter in our future.

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Yeah I missed the class about microbes that live in Russian hangers surviving months of space travel, a few laps of aero braking and an atmospheric entry then living through temps 5 times higher than we use to sterilize things on earth, then thriving in a completely foriegn environment of 9 times earth pressure, 0 oxygen and concentrated sulphuric acid instead of water. 50 years later and its happily colonized the upper atmosphere and produced tons of phosphine gas.
Meanwhile, back on earth, we still get away with the same simple antibiotics for nearly a century.

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I mean, from an evolutionary standpoint, cats would be far more based if they could fly. And they're already based. Very very based.

So why didn't they evolve to have them? And would it be possible to genetically engineer a cat with wings? And if so, why isn't this already being done? And how can I go about getting started?

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It's not a cat though.

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>It's not a cat though.

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Not everything can just get wings that fly, like with a cat I don't really think there is a chance for a cat to just be born with wings unless it's INCREDIBLY low and would require an insane luck roll on every gene getting swapped

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because their ancestors didn't need them in order to survive

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Honestly, you would have to be some kind of moron to believe anything (((NASA))) says.

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Nah, this is the final redpill. If you actually researched flat earth it would start to make sense

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So please tell me how your research failed to tell you about oxidizers used for rockets and Newton's third law.

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Explain to me how these rockets get through the firmament

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once you explain how you failed to research about oxidizers and third law of physics.

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Why are you posting this thread on every board?

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How do I make my skin lighter?

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My ancestors enslaved blacks and whites so thankfully I don't care about not being white knowing that we fucked over the other races.

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It will do nothing, your skeleton and entire body is designed to be black.
Trying to be anything else would look unnatural.

Just become happy with who you are. Also consider living only with blacks. Yes... stay with them. It will make you feel better.

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There is statistical evidence which shows that collecting welfare, committing crimes, living in public housing and buying your groceries with food stamps all correlates with darker skin

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Get Vitiligo

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What is the world looks like in the year 2077? Will we gonna have a transhumanist modification of body?

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Nobody knows and no.

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In the future, there is no government in the sense of a political system that is not tied to economics. There will be an amalgam of both companies and politics, resulting in a cyberpunkesque scenario. So yes, it is an issue.

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My predictions for 2077:
The internet will be connected to everything. Cars, houses, planes will all be connected to the 5g network if 5 g is still a thing.

Humans will have computer parts in their heads. Not all of us of course but humans will have computer in their head that will replace phones and laptops and it will perform diagnostics on the human body.

People who lose limbs will have access to mechanical parts. Same with hearts or lungs or whatever. They will get those parts made. Probably in China.

All electric, planes and trucks are common but not 100 percent. Maybe 40 percent or less since planes and cars and trucks are expensive.

The military will have a lot of drones. Drone tanks, humvees, tanks and many other equipment will be operated by guys in las Vegas and fort hood and kill people without ever stepping foot in Afghanistan or Somalia.

Medicine will have stem cells that can cure cancer. Maybe pills that stop Alzheimer's in its track.

Rob it's and full automation has really left a mark on the economy. We will have gull blown UBI paying people 2000 a month to not kill each other and to have a basic survival means.

Government will be more transparent as congressmen have cam on their suits the way the people do. Technology will be all around us. Can't go anywhere and do anything without local law enforcement knowing about it.

Food will be grown inside because of climate change. People from Alaska will eat strawberries and watermelon and dish meat from plants in Alaska.

Maybe have humanoid androids like the game Detroit. Obviously only the rich have them but they are androids smarter then all the humans on earth combined working for the richest humans on earth.

We will get all of our power via nuclear.

Houses and other buildings will be built via modular ways. They will be made in a factory and then transported on site for so education cutting down costs and time spent building.

That's it for now.

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Yeah but what's the future going to be like?

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How legit of a disorder is ADHD?

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ADHD is real, but the picture doesn't really sound like ADHD to me, more like procrastination and laziness.

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>existential dread

that's low testosterone, imagine having this guy fighting by you on the front lines. i'd have to put a bullet in him myself. friendly fire style

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The guy who promoted it heavily as legitimate in the '80s spent the last few years of his life going around decrying the fact that it's wildly over-diagnosed in the USA. I'm too lazy to find his obiturary on my hard drive.

Allen Frances, editor of DSM-IV, said this:
Drug companies were given the means, the motive, and the message to disease-monger ADHD and blow it up out of all proportion. They succeeded beyond all expectations in achieving a triumph of clever advertising over common sense.

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To what extend is the problem that a for some people serious disorder has become the go to way to domesticate somewhat problematic and unruly young boys that normally would just grow out of it, leaving the people for who it is a serious problem standing in the rain because there is no real infrastructure for them?

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Old thread's gone

Wolfram Mathworld says it can't be done, but this does it. https://mathworld.wolfram.com/GlobalMinimum.html


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Other female animals
>Will generally give birth without problems if they are no predators nearby.
>No outside assistance needed.
>No pain
Female humans
>Have to be rushed to the hospital as soon as they are about to give birth.
>The whole process is extremely painful.
>Loses a fuckton of blood.
>May die regardless.
What gives?

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head size in humans is disproportionate to the body size. Due to humans being apex predators, female agony didn't get weeded out. With current medical state and female partner selection, it will get only worse.

It's so bad, actually, that humans have evolved to be born premature to increase survival, but again, with current state of medicine, gestation periods might actually start to increase.

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Have you seen the size of a babies fucking head?

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As long as we can cut women open we'll be fine.
If we are ever reduced to a state where the inefficacy of our women in terms of giving natural birth is what causes humanity to go extinct we were probably fucked regardless.

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Well, really, sperm, egg and uterus have already been created outside a human body, so we've literally evolved beyond giving birth.

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i want to know how to make cyanide but , but im not finding on the usual internet , i'd like to know who can help me on it

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It is found naturally in the pits of peaches.

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Guys help with this physics problem
An insulated container contains 0.5 kg of water at 50 °C. A piece of aluminum of 2 Kg at 20 °C is introduced and when the
The temperature has stabilized at 36.13 °C. What is the specific heat of aluminum?
I have been told that you could help me

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.5kg * 4,200 degreeC/kgMol * -13.87 degrees = 2kg * (Al heat capacity) * 16.13 degrees

Idk what unit you need Al heat capacity in, I just used what was convenient.

>> No.12146739

I fucked up the units, it's joules/kg(degreesC)
Next time ask in a general and you will get a fast answer

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Does the monty hall problem work with guessing who the impostor is in among us?

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The idea behind the monty hall problem applies whenever you make a guess and are given information that changes the probabilities. You will have to recalculate what the new probabilities are to see if it is worth switching.

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I dont think so. The thing whith the mounty hall problem is that the personn with the knowledge of the good door will not open the said good door, thus changing propabilities, so you need someone/an agent that have all the info to base your probabilities on. I don't think this problem can be used, but i bet with some stat you can make other kinds of smart strategy

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Lmao nice

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the joke is the footnote

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>tfw you will never have a gaianist gf

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edited for coping faggots

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Why do you need a hardship to study STEM (or anything really) at a prestigious school at both undergraduate and graduate applications?

What was your hardship /sci/?

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You could go meta and write about the hardship of writing a hardship essay.

Or you could write about the difficulties of making friends and connecting with people. That's something anyone can relate to and is a perfect learning experience for you to learn how to shit out meaningless words in order to get what you want.

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Write about the impact of the coronavirus ezpz and how you saved you neighborhood from the local 5g mind control tower

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you don't
I had the same background as you and now I'm at the top phd program in the world for my field.
grad admissions don't really give a fuck about that part of the app (at least for physics), and at the very most will use it to decide between two equally-qualified candidates.

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Just write down
>I never had a tomboy girlfriend to make fun of me for studying and being a nerd while simulataneously encouraging me to follow my dreams and aspirations.

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Top STEM PhD here. No hardships, just passion and accomplishments.

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So I was watching some videos on terraforming and I had this idea that sounds good but I am sure has a problem with it somewhere cause otherwise everyone would mention it.

When it comes to terraforming Mars the consensus is that we gotta cause some martian warming to thicken the atmosphere. Never mind making it breathable, we can do that later. We first need something thick enough to vaccum succ us dead in a few dozen seconds.

Plenty of suggestions about how to do this. Mirrors, mateor strikes, atom bombs etc. But one I never see mentioned is methane and water.

It's a well known fact that Titan has a few trillion gallons of methane and other hydrocarbons inside it's thicc atmosphere and oceans of it. Methane and hydrocarbons like that are very powerful greenhouse gasses. Europa is also known to have a huge ass ocean under it's ice that is full of water, likely salty but we don't know yet. Water vapour is also very good at storing thermal energy and quite good at greenhouse effect. Why not use those?

The idea would be to create large satellites and park them in orbit of said moons. Then they would be filled with either methane or water. These spaceships would be very bare bones: A simple engine, some basic metal sheet/foil and a hollow center to be filled with the stuff. The idea would be to make them huge, like a kilometre across at least. They could be filled with the stuff. These simple spaceships would then be put in a collision course with Mars and sent away.

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thats why you crash literally titan the entire moon into mars to combine their masses

>> No.12146763

That would be pretty good, but I wanted something doable in the nest 50 years not 30000.

>> No.12146770

then just make an oniell cylinder
there's only one way to make mars habitable and it involves adding a planet's worth of mass one way or the other

>> No.12146942

But I don't wanna make a Oneill cylinder.

I wanna make a martian house.

You don't even need full terraforming. Even if you get it to like half a atmosphere that would make colonizing it so much easier as to be simple.

>> No.12146957

Freeze the methane and whatever other gas you want, send it on a trajectory that will eventually cause it to crash into Mars. No traveling ships required once you have the harvesting ships in Titans atmosphere sucking up, freezing, and accelerating methane balls for Mars.

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Would Columbia have been avoided if instead of the space shuttle being smaller than previous rockets it was just as big?

>> No.12146430

Wasn't part of the reason they went with tiles instead of inconel (or a similar high temperature alloy) due to the Air Force's requirements for a larger vehicle that could reenter in one orbit? If so, the shuttle's size was actually part of the reason Columbia happened.

>> No.12146533

Air force is why the huge delta wings.

>> No.12146561

Exactly, and I believe that the larger surface area combined with the aggressive reentry profile that the delta wings were made for necessitated the use of lightweight, fragile tiles.

>> No.12146582

Jack of all trades, master of none. Should have created three or so different designs, each catering to a different mission scenario. Problem is that sounds more expensive up front but ends up being cheaper since the Shuttle wasn't very good at any of its missions.

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>this is what normies consider science

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>this is what normies think is a good post on /sci/

>> No.12146790

No. That’s just random YouTube junk

>> No.12146842

Pretty sure you can get disability payments, OP, if you think people would consider "the king of random" is a scientist.

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Well, what was the N on the chocolate and ice cream for this study?

>> No.12146853

this, lole.
OP wanted to mock normalfags for being stupid, but only managed to out himself as being stupid and a faggot.
OP, if you think everyone else is stupid, it is statistically likelier that you are in fact, the most stupid.

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Why do we perceive the world as we do, with space and time, when quantum theory shows us space and time don't even exist? Why have our senses evolved in a way that let us not experience true reality and instead give us illusions about reality?

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How else would we perceive it?
We can't really know why we are how we are until we know how else things can be.

>> No.12146449

>when quantum theory shows us space and time don't even exist?

>> No.12146474

Space and time are both mental constructs of evolutionary origins, the purpose of which is to help the brain make sense of all the data collected through the senses, in order to build mental models of the world used by the organism in fulfilling its Darwinistic goals of survival and reproduction.

>> No.12146614

Because humans are stupid and there’s a reason we all make fun of you. Imagine not even being able to visualize your entire existence on a subatomic scale.

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QFT, String Theory and even The Standard Model are literally memes which have contributed literally 0 useful results over their entire existence.

Basic QM, Electrodynamics and Relativity are what the world has been built on and continues to be built on.

>> No.12146855

1000 years ago, QM, electrodynamics and relativity had no bearing on the world. Shit thread.

>> No.12147030

bumping this thread because it's shit, and i want /sci/ to suffer

>> No.12147146

Quantum electrodynamics is the most accurate theory every tested.

>> No.12147150

How the fuck do you do "QM, Electrodynamics and Relativity" without QFT? Do you even know what any of those words mean?

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