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/noot/- Nootropics and Supplements(for reading and writing)
Otherwise known as biohacking. Anything worthwhile here? I know natural herbs are more common outside of the us, where they'll prescribe a four year old meth because he likes cartoons more than homework.
I'm interested in the racetam family and certain mushrooms as well.

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>Bronze 4

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Is it possible to be a completely self-aware schizo? Or are you not actually a schizo if you're self-aware? Asking for a friend

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I have a very rough theory about consciousness a possibly the afterlife/reincarnation. I’m currently in that existential quarter-life-crisis stage, and I’ve been thinking about the inevitability of death and the prospect of not existing a lot. I’m agnostic (probably more towards the atheist side), so I really don’t have any kind of religious reassurance, so I guess my desperate attempt to find some secular method of soothing my existential angst has led me to thinking this up.
Just to clear things up, I have a very basic understanding of physics, philosophy and neuroscience, but I’d still really appreciate it if any of you would take the time to read this and let me know if I’m just being a pretentious idiot. Thanks.

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