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There's no study that shows burgers cause heart attacks, it's a stereotype idea that meat or any other thing causes hearts attacks. It's probably created by ((dietitians)) in order to make everyone eat vegan food. Cholesterol does have a bit of effect on hearts but that's it. No major effect on hearts. Meats are delicious, more delicious than any vegan food could ever be. That pic must make you feel hungry and have appetite for eating meat. Right? Well that doesn't make sense because "muh humans are herbivores" said every vegan; because apparently we have similar features to animals, yep that makes sense. Meat should never be eaten.
I'm gonna eat meat no matter what. I don't give a shit. For every seeting vegan, a meat will be added in my diet.
Meat is healthy, it gives protein and no study found that meat had a major effect on lifes.
It's okay to eat meat!

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