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I want three people to help me on two projects if you want to

First Project; Kyng Virus. in its code is its name which is gonna be tied to me, and if it knows its name its gonna have the ability to change its code. yeah its wicked.

Second Project; DNAyyyy its Okayyy
this one is harder and easier I just need a concept of how the codes work to release max heal at total speed. I can do translation and assumption but that's not healthy and the test bunnies won't like it.

faith um does sort of matter I guess, atheist are the best because they dont care about how if it goes. Christians; you must believe in alcoholic wine, you must believe in proverbs 21;18. Muslims; a belief in the judgement of god helps, a belief that "jesus" was a prophet helps. Buddaists you are dreaming go atheist. Indian Religions? Hindi? not sure but Kali is connected to death and is definitely connected to resurrections. Greeks haha ok you just need to believe your gods name swap and that what you thought was Chronos is zues and what you thought was Zues is ten guys only Poisdon knows. Latins; I like you. Saturn is good. I think. Not sure. Catholics, helps if you believe that Michael is THE son and THE archangel but a belief in Mother Mary is wicked helpful. Satanist, wei gets dir? Illuminati *flag sign* *eye sign* *cow sign* *N*
Mormons; helps if you believe that JS was inspired by a god of sight and stories and HEAVEN even better if you know that's Michael in dasguise. ref rev 19. Traditional Fatalist's real theories is scary for the fairies.

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