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I've been an on and off nootropic user since my early 20s, I've tried all the racetams, noopept, alpha gpc, choline, sulbutiamine and a lot of other herbal nootropics. I never do experimental doses and usually keep to the recommended daily intake. Tell you the truth the only nootropics from which Ive actually felt some effects were Phenylpiracetam and Huperzine-A.

Anyways, since I first learned about nootropics I´ve been waiting to try PRL 8-53 and NSI-189. I just got them in the mail today. I orgered 500 mg PRL and 30 ml NSI freebase from science.bio.

I just tried .6 ml NSI (the equivalent of around 30 mg) which I tried to take sublingually but the burning sensation was so incredibly bad I had to gulp it down and my mouth lining actually started peeling off although the NSI only stayed in my mouth for 3 seconds at most!!!!!

As I assume many of you have figured out Im not well versed in pharmacopeia and dont want to do anything stupid so I'm hoping you guys can help me clear up some things:

1) I've read that NSI freebase is ineffective if taken orally instead of sublingually, just how true is this? and if so what can I do in order to not waste all my money?

2) I've also read that freebase is a bit stronger than other forms, this being the case do you think it would be wise to lower my daily intake to around 20mg daily?

3) Im currently not taking anything else and was thinking of using NSI alone for 15-20 days and then adding the PRL (5-10 mg daily) and using the two compouns together for 10-20 days (until the NSI runs out) and then keep on going with PRL alone. Do you think this is a good idea or should I start mixing them earlier/not mix them at all?

4) does anyone have more info on the two compounds being used for language learning and word recall? I've only read a few anecdotal reports on longecity but thats pretty much it.

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