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I can't "love" human beings. Most of them are fucking brainlets : products of jizz and eggs of fucking idiots who are not conscious of what they are doing at any given time. They are animals in the shape of man. They parrot their dogmas, most of them contribute nothing but climb up the social ladder and make life difficult for genuine people, steering them into a path of wagecucking insitituions. Now the government is trying to tell us how to live our lives. The way I see it, covid is here to kill humanity and we are not letting it do it's job, we are messing up with the natural cycle of creation and destruction. Is covid going to save us from this pathogen called humanity?

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1.07068735 cm is the wavelength of 5G spectrum which is enough to affect small insects, birds, bees and god knows what other organs/tissues inside us.
Maybe not for a few months, but over the years it will cause some kind of damage that we will only understand after 70 years. Why are we not stopping 5G? Internet doesn't need to be this fast at the risk it poses to us and our environment.

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I should have no control over anything. Words, thoughts, and the urge to masturbate should come and execute on their own. Yet I have a say in it. If determinism is true, how do you explain intention?

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