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>Eleven days after his first symptoms had appeared, the patient received an infusion of so-called convalescent plasma. On day 12, his blood tested negative for infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. His body’s inflammation level turned sharply down. And his blood-oxygen level had climbed to 90%. The next day, he was weaned off of the mechanical ventilation that had breathed for him for three days

Is this a cure? They're calling it a game changer. I mean they can't make enough tests, PPE, or toilet paper for everybody but blood is one that's easy to mass produce. Right? Assuming we start a massive blood drive will things start going back to normal before summer's end? Will things to back to normal before the November election?
also how weird is it that a disease that came from bats can be cured by behaving like a vampire?

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