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>A new study shows...

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>Type σ in Word
>Auto corrects to Σ
Fuck this Fagoot language anything else would be better even shapes

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>*star wars theme starts playing*

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but i like sugar you faggot

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>Get aboard International Space Station
>First week is bullshit orientation and safety training

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Why did we trust NASA drones with this?

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>algebra class before the exam
>professor says that calculators are forbidden
>the class whore starts arguing with him for 20 mins because she needs the calculator
>rest of class support her argument and say they need it too
shut the fuck up you dumb fucks you don't need it . why can't these fucks do old simple brain calculations i fucking hate this shit

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We should just open up society for everyone under 45 and deny access to the medical system for everyone older than 45. This thing would be over before fall and 0 useful people would die.

Hell, we'd save money with senile boomers and fatties making an early exit.

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Just because you're both bored and horny during quarantine doesn't mean you should do something you'll regret.

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>when he was on Joe Rogan
>"hey Joe, do you know what the plural of penis is?"
>"fuck I'm just a dumb comedian man, is it penises?"
>"no it's peni"
>"whoa dude, you're a fucking intellect from the dark web"

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Fine, I'll go tomorrow. But only so I can claim more sick days at work without feeling guilty.

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>Dude we don't go to space because niggers, that's the reason

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>it's another "old fart rambles about consciousness" episode

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>is called a wormhole
>is not created by a giant worm eating it's way thru the fabric of space time
What gives?

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Obese white men should fear exercise, so says (((scientists)))

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> western university
> A course in Quantum complex analysis has the same impact on your GPA that a course in gender studies does.

Why do westerners do this ?

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>it's the star trek universe
>you have a dilithium crystal
>amazing source of energy that could power an entire fleet of autonomous construction craft to render a hundred asteroids into materials and built an earth-sized habitat and have enough energy left over to sustainably power it at optimum population for thousands of years
>instead you're going to sell it to jimmy bob for 150 credits and he's gonna put it in the fuel tank of his beat up star-suv that's capable of seating seven people but usually only one and he's gonna drive it six or seven hundred light years to the nearest sonic burger to pick up his lunch for today

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Is there any weather phenomenon you faggots WON'T try to blame on a possible 0.2 degrees celsius of global warming?

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>return to r*ddit where you belong, spammer.
>is actively spamming the thread to derail discussion

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>tfw a biology student tells me the purpose of life is to reproduce

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>tfw left handed
Why, God?

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>it's a course taught by a Chinese professor

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