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Infinity is an abstraction there is literally NOTHING in reality that has been proven to be infinite except maybe God

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One person making up their own personal morality is not the same thing as having a religious institution deciding the morality for an entire society.
Most people are not capable of creating their own set of personal morals without causing harm to society and themselves because of unforeseen consequences.

A healthy religious institution needs to be able to make vast reinterpretations to suit the changing the world to ensure its survival and the survival of its followers.
The Christian world was able to excel in ways that the Muslim world couldn't because of their ability to make vast reinterpretations and even changes/omissions to the bible.

Without an external religious source of morality it becomes pretty easy for people to come up with justifications for doing heinous crimes like robbery or murder or fraud if the reward is high enough. Our society would be a lot better off if the low IQ people who are prone to crime had the fear of God to make them think about their actions.

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It doesn't even make you that sick it's just like having the flu. Degenerates just like to use withdraws as an excuse to get high again.

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This is something I have been thinking about a lot too. The people calling you a schizo are just ignorant brainlets.
Historically what you are describing was first described by the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead.

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It's impossible OP.

that's because our society is now saturated with dopamine distraction. Relaxation doesn't exist anymore.

Even if you quit porn altogether, you'll see hot fuckable big booty PAWGs on fucking 4chan or reddit or IRL even. Even if you quit video games altogether, you will get addicted to information, and pursue it in the same overexcited state that you were in while playing games.

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