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taking 20mg for add right now

i dont feel shit and it doesnt help me at all

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>The most basic—yet still painfully inaccessible—explanation of Langlands’s calculations is that he related Galois groups, which are number field extensions

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>Diagnosed ADHD as a kid
>Always scoring high on tests but always missing homework, slacking off on assignments, etc.
>Perscribed Adderall
>Whiz through high school
>Graduate at the top of my class
>Get to college
>Watch the Louis Theroux documentary
>"ADHD is a myth, they're trying to control my brain"
>Stop taking meds
>Constant mediocre grades, always sleeping on assignments, figure it's because I don't have a passion for what I'm studying anymore
>Give up on BME and to to Bio, give up on Bio and go into Social Work
>Last year of college
>Don't need any more social work credits but need U3 credits
>Starting to regret my choices
>Maybe I do have ADHD
>Maybe it's okay to take meds for it
>Fill my schedule with U3 Bio classes
>4.0 GPA through both semesters
>Never miss an assignment
>Passion for science returns
>I want to do Bio
>No, I want to do BME
>But it's too late because I'm already graduating
>3.0 GPA because of my idiocy in the past
>Can't do anything about it

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>maybe someone 11-12 years younger than them

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