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So I'm studying CS at a university ranked in the low 50's. I feel I did pretty good for myself considering I barely graduated high school and flunked out of CC when I was 18-20 years old (I'll be 30 when I finish my BS) and compared to my younger days I actually have drive and ambition now. And I was thinking if I try hard and earn a 3.7 or so GPA in my BS I can do my MS CS at some prestigious university or some shit. But I didn't realize aid is not given as often to masters students and they are frequently considered cash cows. Considering I'll be graduating from my BS with only about 5k debt if I get accepted to somewhere on the lines of Columbia or Princeton should I go 50k debt for it? I mean if worse comes to worse I'll probably just do a online masters at Georgia Tech since the acceptance rate is somewhat high and the cost is like 9k. But I'd greatly prefer to do my MS in person. What do?

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