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Ah, desoxyn... a REAL nootropic

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A real way to destroy your brain you mean.

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>gee, how come your psychiatrist lets you have Desoxyn, Billy?

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How does meth compare to dextroamphetamine in terms of subjective effect?

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>not using amphetamine salts instead
Adderal masterrace.

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They're both amphetamines, and I'm already prescribed to dex, do you know the answer? If not, I suggest you refrain from calling people retards without substantiation.

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If you would inform yourself, then you would know why.

Also, to OP. Desoxyn isn't suited to be a 'nootropic'. One of it's side-effects is neurotoxicity, and thus it excludes itself as a "nootropic" as such is only neuroprotective.

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I dont know personally, but I saw a presentation from some researchers who investigated this with former meth addicts. The users could not differentiate between oral methamphetamine and amphetamine. Furthermore, the physiological responses were identical.

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woah how'd you score those!? c-can I have some?
c'mon man... all the best mathfags are doin it

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Why are you like this

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please fuck off until you learn the most basic level of competence and curiosity required of someone interested in the natural world


Don’t you dare ask a question like this again, faggot

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>no discussion allowed just google it
Why are you even here?

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>tfw still prescribed virgin adderall
how do I convince my doctor to unironically write me a desoxyn script? honestly schedule II stims feel so cucked compared to such chad-tier nootropics

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look at this brainlet with his kiddie stims

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>One of it's side-effects is neurotoxicity
Only if you abuse it

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ordinary amphetamine is neurotoxic


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Methylphenidate is superior

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Threre is no dosage of meth small enough not to cause neurotxicity in humans. Literally no safe way to use it.

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I'm not convinced. Got any literature to support your meme?

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You do know this is a very neurotoxic substance, right?

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step aside, virgins

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>Actually neuroprotective
Based caffeine.

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You're glowing

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Based and tweaker pilled

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