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Why do we have to sleep?

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>Why do we have to sleep?
imagine being this fucking bluepilled lmao

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Sleep is so fucking good, that's why

It's the one respite from this absolute hellhole existence, I look forward to it every day.

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You don't need to

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It keeps the shadow people at bay

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waste of time

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because we're all just a bunch of sniveling pussies.

>pic unrelated

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why post image if it's unrelated? only op is afforded this luxury

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its an image board and I haven't posted enough images lately so I feel like Im letting you all down

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do you have any images of fat people eating by any chance? I lost my collection and need to renew and my favourites seem to have disappeared from google :(

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wait until they invent sleeping machines like pic.

get ready to work 24/7, no excuses

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Well. Humans are not the only creatures who sleep. So to investigate the answer to that question, I would find out which creature was the first to sleep in the evolutionary tree. And then figure out why that creature slept. Knowing the answer to that question, you'll know that answer to your question as to why we sleep.

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A fellow insomniac, for me it was shit moving under the carpet.

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A cat is fine too.

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Another insomniac, for me it was not being able to tell reality apart from sleep
and constantly being confused about what actually happened and what didnt

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I wish I could choose to not sleep and function well. I guess it's just brain server maintenance time and necessary by design.

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What kind of psycho doesn't like sleeping and laying in bed?

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think of all the things you'd be able to do if you didn't waste 8 hours every single day of your life.

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I spend too much of my waking life jerking off and watching re-runs of star trek to justify needing MORE time to waste.

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eventually all things become boring. jerking off and star trek included.

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lol, ok

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>Why do we have to sleep?

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sleep is only good now because it's mandatory. I'm talking about if it wasn't mandatory, it would be a huge chunk of your lifetime that you'd be doing nothing but sleep.

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>a life without dream
No thanks.

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learn to daydream.

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dude, you need to be more thoughtful of those people who dont dream
you sleepnaphobe, not cool

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Why do we have to eat?
Why do we have to fuck?
Why do we have to exist?

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Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins have the aesthetic of a made-up religion. And stupid teenagers bought into it. (Never mind that both had corporate sponsors who catapulted them to fame.) No one is immune to religion.

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I really enjoy what I do so I look forward to a creation like this. I hate having to eat and sleep.

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You really don't have to get as much as most Western people say. There is some very interesting research going on in the field of sleep/dreams. Some non western cultures sleep in short cycles, etc. The whole notion of "you NEED 8 hours" is incorrect. Seriously, just use the internet to look up this information and save precious time fag

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If you ever see Westword you’ll know why.

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The purpose of sleep is to ensure the body is dormant while important things are being repaired like muscle and tissue the feeling of sleepiness is only induced so that your body has a chance to do these important tasks

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Pic not related

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mah man, mah nigga

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shit show

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>pop culture references

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