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This is a shitty question for a hole thread so fell free to give your opinion about these drugs share your experience with them etc. So I was maybe hoping someone could help me with my current situation. I have been taking stimulants for a long time since I was diagnosed as a kid with ADHD but taking low dosages (10mg Ritalin) and not regularly. Because of my situation I will need to take high dosages (70mg Vyvance and somewhat arbitrary amount of 10mg Ritalin) for some time (3months) and I was worried about long term efects and risks of such doses in the long run. Sugestions about what you think could help me study and how to manage my meds are welcome.

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long term effects would include increased drug resistance, leading to higher doses required in future. What did your doctor say about it?

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i think your diagnosis amounts to “mom wanted son to succeed despite mental issues”

sorry anon, if you needed to be a tweaker to succeed then i don’t think mom’s doctor can cure that

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I asked for the prescriptions because I will have 2y of my grades defined by these 3months so I
have been studying about 6h day. Kinda hard to do withouth

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Wait, your doctor gave you extra drugs so you could work for 3 months?

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Yes, why?

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Little drug resistance over the period. Maybe some trouble slepping

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Lame. You're taking a shortcut for short term success, go buy some coke and meth, you're certainly not going to succeed based on your own merit.

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>i think your diagnosis amounts to “mom wanted son to succeed despite mental issues”
>ADHD is a mental issue
>medication treats it
I don't get it. Do you think treating mental conditions is a bad thing?

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nothing is by your own merit

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What they're saying is basically that you're a cheater for using medication despite your mental illness.
How that is cheating, I don't know considering creative mode doesn't really exist.

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Then why even try?

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>Believing ADHD is real

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Started taking Ritalin and feel weird
Any amount
>long lasting urges of urination after drinking
>always full (i usually over-ate)
>discomfort in my kidneys
>better concentration
>feel dumber and have less thoughts going through my head
less then 15g
>tired & horny
>enhanced sense of smell
>get pissed off due to small shit (very violent mood swings)
more then 30g
>cant multitask (can literally ONLY focus on one thing)
>mild pain in the kidneys/lower back
Should I switch to Adderall, or is this normal ?

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Adderall and the like effects everyone equally except that only fuckups can get it so fuckups get to do stuff at a heightened level way above their "normal peers". This is also why adhd is a meme because literally every human can't concentrate unless they do serious meditation but noone does that in today's society.

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summer fag leave

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Pseud. People can concentrate without meditation as long as they don't have some sort of disorder or illness.
Riddle me this, how would meditation change concentration beyond making you marvel in your own pseud power?
Also, fuckups getting to do stuff at a heightened level can be achieved by anyone, adderall is given to them exclusively because people shouldn't just abuse it.
There are other substances you can use to enhance brain function, you're just very shallow and you act like having a legitimate mental illness makes you better than others because muh brains.

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Stop you just told him "I want more drugs" and he was like "sure lol"?

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Most of those will be the same on Adderall aside from the kidney and pissing issues. Also was much hornier on Adderall than Ritalin. Just don't overdo it and decide if the kidney thing is a big enough problem for you. I personally decided to stay on Adderall though since it worked better overall

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It feels like my kidneys are inflated, feel really weird and doesnt feel healthy at all.
Also what dosage to get high ?
I heard its in the ball park of 60mg

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have the exact same experience with it

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Switch to Concerta. I have severe ADHD and I take 15-30mg per day. The effect lasts 10-12hrs, less hard on the kidneys, and is far less addicting. I only take it for school so I quit cold turkey in the summer. No withdrawals in the slightest. You won't suddenly feel burnt out after stopping. The medication completely leaves your body once the effects go down.

The downside is a common side effect of having loose stool. So you'll be going to the bath room every 2-3hrs. Hypersensitivity is also an issue. Get ready to be able to smell everything constantly and not enjoy cloudless days.

The minor daily inconveniences is well worth having almost no long term side effects or issues stopping the medication.

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As I said its not regular when I feel like I need some to study I schedule an appointment and he decides if what Im asking is reasonable ammount

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I had a general good experience with concerta in the past but it is really expensive in my country. I was told it is a good alternative for me maybe I will go for it

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Fuck off. I have anxiety, ADHD, and OCD and the combination is brutal and causes me massive issues with reading. My mind goes through hundreds of thoughts every minute and the lack of available attention makes reading and writing a massive challenge. Stimulant medication gives my mind more resources to focus and control my thoughts. Instead of my head freaking out over the exact placement of my feet while I'm sitting down, the medication allows me to force myself to focus on the textbook in front of me. I'm still obsessing over my body position, but my mind has more attention available from the medication to give focus to reading.

Attention is a factually a finite resource of our brain. People with certain disorders either lack the ability to control attention or lack enough attention to accomplish tasks (or both). It isn't some meme for lazy white kids.

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The price is fucking stupid. I pay $2.80 per pill in Canada. It adds up quick. My university has student coverage so it off sets the cost. I'm not sure about nations.

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I have a similar condition but my OCD is minimal and is not usualy a problem only when doing extended mental effort so the why these drugs work so weel for me they keep me away from felling disconfort about objects around me and focus

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In my country is 5USD per 20mg pill but here we can get the government version that is still methylphenidate but cost 0.25USD per 10mg and last about 3-4 hours

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I get Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall for free (some sell 100 pills (1000mg) for about $5 AUD)
Both my education and adhd medicine is free, feels good to be OZmasterrace

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Lucky bastard. I wish I could try adderall but it is outlawed in my country

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I heard that you can get a similar effect just by taking 2x the dosage of Ritalin
So, Ritalin 10mg = ~Adderall 5mg
Of course thats more about potency of the effect, and doesnt take in account the length nor the side effects

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Your brain has been wired by a chemical addiction. Your parents couldn't handle raising you so drugged you. Now you need those drugs to simply function. The symptoms are not legitimate conditions, simply a result of your developing brain being chemically altered.

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I think people in this thread who encountered personal issues with their mental health (even before taking any prescription medicine) can attest for the legitimacy of those conditions and unfounded claim that they are not largely caused by nurture.
I have bias because I am one of those people.
I had depression (diagnosed by a psychiatrist who holds a PhD in Biochemistry) & ADHD, which was diagnosed by several other psychiatrists from different clinics, and if their professional and educated opinion doesnt mean anything (like you suggest) then western medicine is simply doomed.
I would leverage their experience and knowledge over a faggot who speaks from no evidence and laughably psuedoscientific conjectures

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I didn't start taking ADHD medication until I was 22. My parents were horrendous drug addicts that abused me for 18yrs. I also nearly died at birth from oxygen deprivation which is known to cause developmental/ learning issues. Drugs definitely aren't a cause of my issues and they help me immensely with school. It doesn't add; only places me on a level playing field.

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>then western medicine is simply doomed.
It's a fantastic business model.

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What the fuck is this? Does it work?

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at this point it is more cost effective to switch to meth

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Bro literally everyone has to deal with this. You're just weak and lazy. Asks my grad student they all go through this. Everyone does. You're not special, you just cope with medication because you're weak willed.

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Every human has adhd. You're not special. You think it's natural for a person to sit down and just read a book they have no interest in? Everyone deals with it.

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medium-low tier bait

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COFFEE mhmmm

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I haven't really taken Adderall to get high. I just have been prescribed both. 20mg twice a day for general concentration. I took 40mg at the same time by mistake one morning and I felt like I was going to die. Heart palpitations and massive anxiety. Probably better to work your way up to see what you personally need for each situation rather than take my advice since my body reacts badly to high doses of anything.

Also probably wildly different between regular and extended release. XR destroyed my life for a few weeks. But yeah no kidney/back issues because of it. Mostly had the worst dry mouth in the world and couldn't stop jacking it especially on XR.

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Fake and gay. I'm able to read nonstop (except for meals and bathroom breaks) for multiple days and I don't take any medications. Granted, I've always been praised for my seemingly unlimited willpower and focus, even as a kid.

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>massive anxiety.

funny, i never get anxiety from stimulants. i feel way more anxious without them.

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It took me a few years but I went from 70mg Vyvanse daily (and then Xanax at night to ween off) to no stimulants

I felt like a complete retard for the first year or so but eventually it went away and I returned to normal productivity/thinking levels

At least that's what I thought before yesterday, when I interviewed this candidate at work who had interviewed at our company 3 years ago. I read the writeup I did on him 3 years ago, back when I was hammering stimulants and xanax and smoking a shit ton of weed as well... just a completely manic drug-dependent mess of a human being..., and this little throwaway page of interview notes I submitted was 10x sharper than anything I've written this year. The prose is nothing short of beautiful. I can't even believe it was actually me who wrote it.

So basically you're fucked. Adderall is fucking incredible.

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I was afraid about the effects you mentioned that occured the year you stopped taking. I dont like to take those drugs because of potential damage so when I can I dont take it but they really help me. Wow xanax vyvance and weed on a daily basis is a hole other level

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>Fake and gay.
>Granted, I've always been praised for my seemingly unlimited willpower and focus, even as a kid.
further proving the point

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that's harsh. i would say it only takes me a couple weeks at most to get back to baseline, and i'm usually at 80% my baseline after 3-4 days, but my baseline is terrible anyway.

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You must have no idea how easy it is to lie and get addictive stimulants.

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If you lie to your doc you can get everything you want just look at the opiod epidemic

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Anybody here has tried focalin (dexmethylphenidate)? How does it compare to ritalin?

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>hole thread

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I have hypersomnia and was prescribed dextroamphetamine 5 mg PRN. It does seem to help with my excessive daytime tiredness to the point that I can function again with bouts of sleepy attacks however it also has a weird effect in that it calms me down significantly. I thought as a stimulant I would be bouncing off the walls so why does it instead mellow me out? It's a beautiful drug otherwise.

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I have hypersomnia and was prescribed dextroamphetamine 5 mg PRN to take as treatment. It does seem to help with my excessive daytime tiredness to the point that I can function again without my constant overpowering nagging sleepiness however it also has a weird effect in that it calms me down significantly. I thought as a stimulant I would be bouncing off the walls so why does it instead mellow me out?

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I have hypersomnia and was prescribed dextroamphetamine to take as treatment. It does seem to help with my excessive daytime tiredness to the point that I can function again without my constant overpowering nagging sleepiness however it also has a weird effect in that it calms me down significantly. I thought as a stimulant I would be bouncing off the walls so why does it instead mellow me out?

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When I take stimulants I become more quiet and not so hiperactive but never had the mellow thing you said

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living in a constant state of dysphoria tends to make one anxious. it's not that they directly reduce anxiety, you simply feel less anxious knowing that you can get through the day and be productive like a normal person.

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been diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia, but instead of taking pills I worked harder. Forge yourself instead of becoming a pill addict

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see this doesn't work with everyone that has add.

I have strong ADD and i have a prescription of concerta 60pills 18mg and 27mg.

this also applies to me. If i need more because i have to focus more i get more.

If i don't have to focus hard i don't take them.

No real side effects besides having no emotional connection to yourself and the world you just function normally.

Weed helps aswell.

But just saying "focus more", "work harder" just shows me how you have no idea how add truly works.

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trust me taking pills for ADD doesnt fix your concentration problems at all, it just a quick fix and makes you rely way too much on pills (hell i heard people couldnt drive car unless they were on medication), to the point where you'll feel stupid if you dont take them. Brain can be conditioned, obviously its takes time but atleast your life doesnt revolve around medication

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why not both?

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yea thats true... i meant only taking it when i have to concentrate for 10hours+ to study, important work w/e

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Because that is the right way to use these drugs you dont need to take it for every little thing you have to do in a day im pretty sure the great majority of add and adhd patients could still go very well through most days without any stimulants

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of course. I know how it affects me and how to use it.

That's the difference in the word "drug" and "medicine".

But most people don't ask themselves the important questions when taking such strong medication. Most people don't think at all.

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It's just like a feeling of calmness. Also my mind isn't jumping around and I'm actually able to concentrate and focus for the first time in my life.
Yeah I've noticed once I take it my anxiety is greatly diminished. I thought taking a stimulant would do the opposite.

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Dumb question, do you need prescription for Adderall/modafinil?

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Yes. Adderall is a controlled substance in the US.

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Fuck, do I need to be diagnosed to get it? I'm not planning on abusing it though, once every two months at most

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