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Okay /sci/, real shit, do nootropics work? Haven't been able to find reliable, definitive sources either way

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depends on the nootropic

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I take adrafinil and caffeine aid pills during finals week. I also take 30mg Vyvanse because it's easy as fuck to be ADD for a psychiatrist.

I look back with barely any recollection and have no idea how I managed to do what I did. I don't sleep for the entire week and then crash for a couple of days. I certainly don't remember driving.

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I was gonna tell you to redpill me on the pills but then I realized you just showed me meth

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The limitless drug exists but it's the most expensive drug on the market. Have you ever heard of Pr4 TiC3 ?

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I use them to benefit my motivation and productivity. They won't turn you into an intellectual genius

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I've not

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Bacopa Monnieri (Wegmans) + (caffienated) Coffee

You are guaranteed to be awake with mental clarity and alertness for 2-3 hours. Funny enough you don't feel the caffeine crash mentally, but physically body wise you still do. The more dose you take the longer you will be kept awake, but you need to periodically drink caffeine for it to be really effective. I warn you if you pop like 10 pills you won't be able to sleep without a sleeping pill. I use this combo for long study hours or early morning when I got no sleep prior before work. I assume you're looking to aid mental clarity and alertness while staying awake for those reasons using a nootropic. It's certainly not the best nootropic, but it's readily available at a store. If your looking to "push cognitive performance to the max" I believe Modafinal is an off label cognitive enhancer that /sci/ advocates, but it's effectiveness is inconclusive. I have never done Modafinal however.

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>should be Pr4-k-TiC3

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Fuck I love that movie

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>Short answer

Not really.

>Long answer

The overwhelming amount of studies that examine the efficacy of nootropics in healthy adults are of low quality with poor controls. But out of the proper studies that examine nootropic efficacy the results are basically shit mostly. The best nootropic which actually found certain benefits such as improved alertness, concentration and improved performance on cognitive tasks is modafinil. Caffeine and nicotine are also helpful to an extent. For the most part ADHD medication (such as adderall) is not helpful for healthy adults. Perceived benefits can be attributed to placebo.

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Also the benefits found were marginal. They can objectively help sustain mental alertness and things like that but there is nothing that can unlock some sort of hidden neural potential like was shown in that shit movie with that obnoxious fuck actor.

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