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>when the bottom wears nothing but a hoodie that hangs over the ass and stops at his upper thighs and his outfit is safe for work friendly
Other than me being a faggot why is this so hot?

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Because it's a big tease and basically screams "touch me please"

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> Engineering
not science or math

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How do I meet cute boys like this

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Find one on Grindr
Bf him
Buy him oversized hoodies

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I'm tempted to do this but getting a gf and starting a family sounds way more satisfying.

Maybe I'll just take a hiatus from women and find a trap.

Is there a scientific explanation for why more faggots exist?

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Not living in a society where we get put to death certainly helps

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What state are you in?

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I want to look like this but I'm straight. Do women like femboys too?

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some bisexual ones

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Also you can just find a bottom who’s ok with you eventually knocking up a surrogate

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Just give me a discord and I'll msg you uwu
How is this thread still on /sci/?

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