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if h is = the planck length what would change

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how can a constant approach 0?

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How can a constant number approach zero? Doesn’t make any sense

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0 is like tomorrow you can get close to it but you never reach it

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Fucking amateur. You just have to get so drunk that a few hours are erased. Bada Bing, time travel achieved. You've even aged a bit.

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Ah, so h approaches planks length? That makes sense, I don’t see how it changes anything though.

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That would mean that the speed of light would be infinitely fast, and if light is infinitely fast, then for one the stars in the sky would be updated, second instantaneous communication would be possible, time travelling would be impossible, in fact time wouldn't exist, you would be able to see the future, the present and the past all simultaneously! Or the future would unfold instantaneously

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I'm saying just assumed reality is continuous when it's actually discrete

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Same anon as: >>11546936

That would imply that space is relative, for there would be no way to tell the difference between one measurement and another measurement except through subjectivity itself

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I'm saying newton assumed reality is continuous when it's discrete

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If you want to erase a fortnight take some xanax

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What carries the laws of the universe? Maybe an information-carrying map, in a discrete universe, the information-carrying map would be made of a set of countable information-carriers. In a discrete universe, each information-carrier would have the capacity to transmit information to other information-carriers based on the law being processed.

If space were continuous then there would be no individual processor, but rather it would be based on the properties of the regions of information, that can only be read as whole regions (intersecting regions, disjoint, etc)

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>assumed reality is continuous when it's discrete
>reality is discrete
If you're saying there's a smallest length and a smallest time and that those are Planck length and time, you are wrong.

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Spacetime is not some grid of Planck lengths and Planck times. The Planck length is ultimately a unit based on setting certain fundamental constants to 1. Because these include the gravitational constant and Planck's constant, the Planck length also serves as the rough order of magnitude scale of quantum gravity fluctuations. However, these fluctuations are still built on an underlying continuous background. A few particular speculative theories like Loop Quantum Gravity do propose quantized space and time on these scales, but again this is quite different from a discrete grid, and is not a part of consensus quantum physics.

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semantics. the plack length is the smallest length

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Don't take the term quantization too literally, QM still treats reality as continuous.

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>then for one the stars in the sky would be updated
I've always hated the slow FPS the sky has. The GUI definitely needs updating.

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Your ruler only displays inches, so spacetime is discrete boxes of 1x1x1 inches. If you disagree you're just riding semantics.

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So the value of the Plank length is essentially equivalent to 0 in the context of quantum mechanics? Or infinity? Or 1 over 0?

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>the plack length is the smallest length
isn't it more like the smallest length at which you can make precise measurements ?

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>at which
I guess it should be *up to which

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ignorant in matematic here
Why the derivate of X and Y is equal to a ''limit'' of f (x + h) function?

my question is why the limit thing?

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>ignorant in matematic here
You'll fit right in on /sci/

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>up to which
Down to which

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a tiny value would be added onto derivatives, for example, for the derivative of x^2 you would usually break it down into x * x, multiply the change in x by the other x and multiply the change in the other x by x, this change can be 1 because it gets amplified by the division anyway. so x * x, 1 * x, x * 1 = 2x, notice that we don't actually change any of the x values, this is because the change approaches 0. If it approaches the plank length then each x value gets changed by the plank length but the difference is that a change in one x affects the other. by this i mean, x*x, plank length * x, (x + plank length) * plank length which gives us 2planklengthx + planklength^2, which gets devided by plank length to give 2x + planklength

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>why the limit
that's the definition of the derivative

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tiny functions would also be present

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it wouldn't change much, this derivative, which would be applied every increase of plank length in x, is actually just the average of all of the derivatives where h approaches 0 at that interval

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>that's the definition of the derivative
isn't the derivate the tangent line to the function?
Why the limit?

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>that's the definition of the derivative
isn't the derivate the tangent line to the function?
Why the limit?

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>Spacetime is not some grid
It literally is, the universe is discrete, deal with it

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how can something be a length and be the smallest at the same time? you do understand that makes no logical sense? for something to take up space, to be space that it is taking up. this is basic Zeno brainlet

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(f(x+h)-f(x))/h is the slope of the line that goes from the point (x, f(x)) to the point (x+h, f(x+h)). letting h approach zero gives you the slope of the tangent at the point (x, f(x)). (if the limit exists)

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everything in QM is continuous

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There really should be a test to post on this board. Jesus, not even knowing what a fucking derivative is, and we have the courage of calling this board "math and science"

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pic related

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f(x+h)-f(x) / h is the slope over a non-infinitesimal stretch of f(x) if h is non-infinitesimal. Therefore it's basically the average slope. But to have the derivative or the slope at any given point, we need to make that stretch of the function infinitesimal so we're just looking at it at a single point

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>all the cut content and this queer is crying about the skybox

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shut up, grandpa

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he doesnt know about semi classical approximations

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I recognize this but what is it used for

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everything defined on R is C^infty lol

engineering loves this!

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the momentum operator in schrodinger mechanics is the space derivative itself.

what changes is that to find the value of the derivative of the wavefunction you have to find its expected value instead of its calculated value like <w| p |w> where w is the wavefunction

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pic reated

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There is actually quantum calculus, whichs is simply calculus without taking limits, commonly called q-calculus or h-calculus. "h" is literally called planck constant and you can find fundamental theorem, derivative rules, exponential, trig functions analogues. Take a look:





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was just about to post this, nice one anon.

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What? Serious question, how the fuck does saying infinitesimal make someone a boomer?

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it's the definition of derivative, child

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whoa OP just independently literally invented quantum calculus!

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>the most accurate physical theory that we have is expressed in the language of infinite dimensional vector spaces over the field of complex numbers
cope harder discretefag

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go back

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I can literally divide your planck length by 2 and get something smaller

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Fuck Xanax. This one time I snorted 2 pills of clonazepan after downing half a bottle of mezcal and I woke up the next day around 2 hours late for work but when I got there, my supervisor informed me that I was actually 50 hours late. Good shit. You should try it.

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Simulation theory is pop pseudoscience, like snail economics

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go back to the 17th century

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>what would change
The definition.

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Obvious bate but it's mildly amusing to see phys fag fight math fags

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yeah, i'll go back outside of this stupid thread, bye

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>assumes spacetime is commutative

baka, i sure hope you don't do this.

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A circle is a polyhedron with infinite edges. It literally is.

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The fact that it doesn't make any sense and that it was used by boomers to hack together pre-formalised calculus

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If you spend your money tonight on alcohol then start drinking until you run out, you'll get to zero really fast.

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