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I'm starting out with AI:a modern approach by norvig and I'm wondering if there's any prerequisite material I should read before diving into this book, like linear algebra? if so what textbook would you recommend? Also do you guys think the hackerrank ai problems are worth doing?

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The book heavily focuses on the symbolic approach to artificial intelligence. So you should have an understanding of first-order logic, set theory, and boolean algebra

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If you know what a tree is you should be fine.

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>Also do you guys think the hackerrank ai problems are worth doing?
I'm not an AI guy but everyone talks about kaggle rather than hackerrank.

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AI is a massive thing, it could even be it's own field of study really. What do you understand by AI, what do you want to learn, and what do you hope to get out of it?
Formulate your question better.

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