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How far are scientists in the first-world from preventing certain genetic mutations in newborns? Is there a certain mathematical field I could study?

I have a genetic mutation and it’s said there is a 50/50 chance that I could pass it to my child (if I h e children). I want to devote my life to find a way I can prevent my child from having it.

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You can do IVF or have the fetus biopsied and genotyped at around 10 weeks. There's nothing legally stopping you from just aborting until you conceive a kid who got the lucky chromosome (assuming you live in the US).

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As far as I know, you are legally not allowed to genetically modify cells that have the possibility to be passed on. You can, however, do genetic tests to see if a specific gene is present.

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Having a bunch of abortions seems to me a lot more unethical than manipulating genes.

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