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hi sci.
please provide me a scientific paper to refute
the conclusion in pic related.

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self bump
any scientific evidence for human to human spread /sci/?

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Pretty much every single infected person had close contact to another infected person before contracting it.
This who didn't don't have it.
You said evidence, not proof.

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well, no shit.
any scientific medical papers to back up your claim. if its so obvious surely you can tell me of an MD that checked it, right?

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selfy bumpy
one down,
anyone else ?

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i am here alone, so i'll write more
if you cared to read the paper i put in the pics, you'll see they did just that. close contact with a sick person. they did it many times. none of the people got sick, neither did the horses.

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last bump and i am out

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Is this what you're searching for:
Li, Q., Guan, X., Wu, P., Wang, X., Zhou, L., Tong, Y., ... & Xing, X. (2020). Early transmission dynamics in Wuhan, China, of novel coronavirus–infected pneumonia. New England Journal of Medicine.

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i havent opened it yet, i'll take a look.
but first let me guess... they did not use the same method mentioned in the pic i posted. meaning: they didn't take swabs from sick people and swab healthy people with them to get them sick.
i bet it's hand weaving and yada yada....
back in 10... when i finish reading your paper.

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well, i didn't even opend it.
>>We collected information....
yada yada

come back with someone who has tried using the method in the paper i mentioned

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well. actually you did provide a medical paper that refutes the paper i have presented.
only thing is that your paper is information gathering. my paper is an actual experiment.
so... for today i am satisfied by your response but i find it lacking .

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And if you really cared about this, you would give the full citation for your paper, not just author name and title.

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oh... now we are talking
lazy lazy lazy
how much time to save you 5 mins?
i'll try ....
gooogle: rosenau spread influenza
first page in duckduck
would you like me to surf sci hub for you bitch?

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it was not nice chatting
read the paper and weep

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