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What's the difference between computational biology in the biology department and the computer science department?

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Nothing, they both answer to the based department.

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in cs department you will just use biology data with little to no understanding of actual biology behind it. and i think you have already guessed what are you getting in the biology department

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I thought of a way to model and evolve linguistic information using biological cellular automata to produce automated reasoning through emergent complexity. Is this a thing already?

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It's pretty much how it goes on my University. The guys from the biolab do the field work, gather data, do theories and whatever and the guys from the CS department just use the data for ML and other related things.

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the so.y department.

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anything with bio in front of it will be watered down so bio brainlets can pass it

never make the mistake and take a course with bio anything in front of it

your future colleagues WILL look down on you for it

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