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>Abductive reasoning is a form of logical inference which starts with an observation or set of observations and then seeks to find the simplest and most likely explanation for the observations.
Basically, what scientists do when they come up with a new hypothesis.

Your task is to find a creative and parsimonious hypothesis of how the car in the image works.

[math]\mathcal{A}[/math] [math]\mathcal{re} \space \mathcal{you} \space \mathcal{to} \space \mathcal{the} \space \mathcal{Challenge}[/math]

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OP here, just correcting some mistakes
Are you up to the challenge?*
and, A hypothesis to explain how the car in the image works *

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Definitely not, this post unlike every other post in this board, is about science itself, not about bragging how much you know about what science has contributed to mankind..

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Powered by electromagnetic love rays. Is that writing a real documented language?

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I think there's a hidden twinstroke somewhere in the cloud body.

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Just let your shitty thread die, old man

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