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Show me where the number 1 is in this image and I will concede.

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The black part of the Image is 1.

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when will this meme end

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never, because it shows that there is a big problem within math. You can't just go on to say something less than 1 is 1

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turn your head sideways

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It's in your trips OP.

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It's not less than 1 though.

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both are correct.. he put the one sideways at the end far right to look infinite and its still one of something but not as large of ones matter of another

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For all practical purposes
0.99999....... = 1

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...and theoretical ones too

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How have mathematicians IRL tackled this question?

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Praise God! For there are those who follow the one true faith of a finite Universe! Blessed be the
those of pure heart who say 0.999...=\= 1. All those who deny this fundamental truth are sinners and will justly receive GOD's punishment. After first being put to the sword.


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>The number 1 has only one form
I guess 3/3 isn't one

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0.999... + 0.000...1 = 1
0.999... + 0 = 1

it's like quantum superpositions but in maths. crazy!

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1 * 0 = 2 * 0

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I think we should put all people who dont understand what limits are in the camps

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"0.999999..." isn't even a real quantity. You will never find 0.99999... of something in the wild. It's like arguing about infinity.

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I can see exactly 0.999.... of a retarded post here >>11547384

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0.333..... * 3 = 0.9999... = 1

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\boxed{0 < p < 1} \\
1 = p + (1-p) ~~~~~~ \overset{1}{ \overbrace{[=====p=====|==(1-p)==]}} \\
\text{divide p using x} ~~~~~~ \overset{1}{ \overbrace{ \underset{p}{[ \underbrace{=====x=====|==(p-x)==}]} ~~ + ~~ (1-p)}} \\
\text{solve x and (p-x), when length ratios must be the same} \\
\dfrac{x}{p-x}= \dfrac{p}{1-p} \Rightarrow x- xp = p^2 - xp \Rightarrow \underline{x=p^2} \Rightarrow \underline{(p-x)=p(1-p)} \\
\overset{1}{ \overbrace{ \underset{p}{[ \underbrace{=====p^2=====|==p(1-p)==}]} ~~ + ~~ (1-p)}} \\
\overset{1}{ \overbrace{ \underset{p^2}{[ \underbrace{=====p^3=====|==p^2(1-p)==}]} ~~+ p(1-p)+(1-p)}} \\
\overset{1}{ \overbrace{ \underset{p^3}{[ \underbrace{=====p^4=====|==p^3(1-p)==}]} ~~+ p^2(1-p)+p(1-p)+(1-p)}} \\
(1-p)+p(1-p)+p^2(1-p)+p^3(1-p)+ \cdots =1 ~~~~ \left | ~ \times \frac{1}{1-p} \right . \\
1+p+p^2+p^3+ \cdots = \dfrac{1}{1-p}

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maths should be combined with quantum mechanics

similarly 0.333... has a 1/3 chance of being 0.333...4
that's why 3*0.333...=1

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Two proofs 0.999... = 1

Via Cauchy sequences:

0.999... = (0.9, 0.99, 0.999,...) = lim as n-> inf of 1-1/10^n = 1

Via Dedekind cuts:

Assume to contradiction that x is a rational number such that

0.999... < x < 1

0.999... is greater than any finite string of 9s so for any natural number n

1-1/10^n < 0.999... < x < 1

1-x < 1/10^n

10^n < 1/(1-x)

n < log(1/(1-x))

Let n = ceiling(log(1/(1-x)))+1

ceiling(log(1/(1-x)))+1 < log(1/(1-x))

This is a contradiction, so x does not exist and 0.999... = 1.

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>there is a big problem within math
The problem is with you, because you don’t understand foundations.

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you are correct, there is NEVER any 1

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nice mumbo jumbo
try and explain your schizo writings please

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spoon feeding time? ok
which line is too hard?

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spoon feeding time? ok
which line is too hard?
i'll get you going:
line #1: p is between zero and one

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found the engineer

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how about line #2?
did you manage it?

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Anyone who answer the 0.9999 =/= 1 fag seriously, try not to.
If you answer with logic he will refuse to understand.
Just let it go. Some people are bound to be stupid forever. It's okay to let people be wrong.

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0.9999... can never exist because infinity is not something that you can write down. But if you did somehow find, while wandering in the wilderness, 0.9999.... lying on the ground. It would equal 1. You are not adding 9s and failing to get to 1. There are infinitely many 9s already and therefore it is 1.

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Notice how they always refuse to answer the 0.3333... * 3 solution, it's because they don't care about being right.
They're just trolls and other anons got b8.

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I have no background in Math and I got it just fine. You may simply be stupid.

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Reminder that if anyone answers with
They shouldn't be taken seriously.

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>infinity is not something that you can write down

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Alright I will end this once and for all.
OP, let's assume that 0.9999... != 1
if that's the case, then 0.9999... should certainly be lesser than 1, do you agree?
But forall real numbers a and b if a is lesser than b then there exists a real number c between them (you can easily prove that by taking c to be (a + b) / 2)
so if we assume that 0.9999 != 1 then there should be a real number c between them and since it is a real number it should have some decimal expansion since all real numbers have some decimal expansion, do you agree, OP?
What would that decimal expansion be?
Now tell me, OP.

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alright I will finish my thought
if this number starts with 1 or something greater than 1 then it will automatically will be greater than 1 because after the comma will follow some other digits and unless they are all 0 it will be strictly greater than 1 (and they cannot be all equal to 0 because then that number c would be equal to 1)
for the same reason it cannot start with -1 or lesser than -1 - it would be lesser than 0,99999...
so it starts with 0,...
next digit should be any from {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} if it is any of the {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} this number will be automatically lesser than 0,9999999 so the second digit should necessarily be 9.
But the same goes for the third digit or the fourth etc
So this number c is equal to 0,9999999.....
A contradiction.
Therefore, 0,99999.... = 1.

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op is a fag

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Imagine all of those digits being flattened by a hydraulic press.

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but 0.000...1 = 0

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looooool good joke anon
I'm just imaging the retard that actually thinks that's true LOL!!

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the three dots are just a limit of decimal status..Decimal system is a gay.

1/3 = 0.33...

It doesn't mean 0.33 forever it just means 1/3 in decimal.

it's decimal on steroids. it needs 3 extra decimals to represent the same thing as 1/3

0.33... * 3 = 0.99...

see, those three dots are just syntax. it doesn't mean repeating.

Only faggots say it does, because it might as well but every body knows faggots aren't nuanced.

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1.0... is the same thing as zero. 1.0 actually has infinite zeros.

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the ellipsis doesn't mean limit, retard.

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>It doesn't mean 0.33 forever it just means 1/3 in decimal.
this guy actually gets it

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are you an actual retard
0.999... + 0.000...1 = 1.000...1 (also 0.999... = 1)
0.999... + 0 = 0.999... = 1

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hold the picture sideways and squint

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>But forall real numbers
.9... is hyperreal, not real. Fuck off, you absolute fucktarded moron.

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Are you an actual retard?
0.999... =/= 1

1/3 = 0.333...(1/3)
Except in base 10 we approximate 1/3 and round off that tiny 1/3 at the end.
Multiply 0.333... x 3 and you're left with 0.999... and have 3 tiny 3rds you've rounded off at this point. There is a finite difference

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>There is a finite difference
Infinitesimal, not finite

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What the fuck is the notation on the second line on the right?

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a log, length=1, cut into two pieces
left side is p, right ride is 1-p (duh)

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals,and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.

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But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.

You’re fucking dead, kiddo

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>1 + 1
Show me where the number 2 is in this expression and I will concede.

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It depends on what you think that collection of symbols means, because mathematics is NOT about parsing symbols. Most people would understand it to mean a real number-valued limit. In that case you can evaluate the limit and it's equal to one.

There are other sets of numbers that allow you to express something that is infinitesimally smaller than 1, such as a hyperreal field, but they don't use the notation you've used here.

The notation that you're using means something to most people and the mathematical object that it signifies is equal to one. It's still possible to consistently use infinitesimals and in particular you can subtract an infinitesimal from one and get a number that isn't one, but it's difficult to square your notation with that.

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you show me a counterexample to the pic related.

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Show me where the number 1 is in the fraction above, and I'll concede.
That's how stupid and ignorant you sound to people who actually know mathematics.

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Based and math-pilled.

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It's just a geometric series that, when you use the relevant formulas, converge to 1. It's only a "problem" for mathematically illiterate people on 4chan.

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there is 1 zero

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5/5 is an unfinished equation.
That's how fundamentally stupid you are. You dont even grasp the concept of a fraction. Fucking retard.

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Read up anon

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5/5 is not an equation at all. Do you see an equals sign anywhere in it?

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5/5 is a ratio.
It can be whatever number depending on the base.
Dumb nigger.

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We clearly see a certain number of units 1 added together. We express is with the number 2, because there are 2 units.
I see an Infinite number of units in OP, and nothing can be broken down to infinity so it does not measure a countable unit, so It is not what we would call a "number", which serves to count the number of units.>>11551577

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Your ignorance and incompetence is so astounding its actually worthy of study. Please answer the following questions.
1) How long is your tail?
2) Who is the monkey you see in the mirror?
3) Knuckles are for dragging. True or false?

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Tell me a number between 0.999... and 1, and I'll concede.

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>Tell me a number between ¶ and 6 and I'll concede

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Show me a number between 0.999... and 1 and I will concede.

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define hyperreal numbers troglodyte

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4. concede now.

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holy shit you are wrong and retarded
there are only two hyperreal numbers (infinity and and infitesimal number very close to 0) 0.9... is NOT one of them. Now please just kys

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Now the science has been settled, what should we call the Church which defends Maths without recurring decimals? The Church of the One True Maths?

Furthermore, should we even acknowledge the existence of the Heretics who still cling to the idea that 0.999...= 1? Perhaps it would just be best to ignore them for the trolls they are.

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0.999... will never =1 you fucking spergs

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Anime image means your points are discarded instantly.

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still doesn't change the fact that 0.999...=/=1

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>0.999... will never =1
It's literally true by definition.

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No it does, anyone who uses anime has an IQ below of the room temperature in Celsius degrees. Degenerates like you can have their opinions instantly discarded.

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As already explained, there are no unwhole numbers on a Total Number Line.
Therefore 0.999... is not a valid number.
It's almost as if you don't understand the difference between Irrational Numbers and Rational Numbers.
ARE you familiar with Irrational Numbers?

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so lets talk about the "big problem' instead

>> No.11554263

>Therefore 0.999... is not a valid number.
0.999... is a different symbol for 1, by definition.

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the problem is not about a lack of understanding of limits, but the fact that a sequence and its limit are different things. boundaries are not interiors.

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>By definition
I define "_&-€ as being equal to my balls. Theoretically they can impregnate a woman and be scratched therefore "_&-€ = my balls.

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both 0.999999..
and 0.000000..
are Dark Numbers!

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1/3 of 12 is 4... 4x3 = 12. Making 3/3 = 1.
It's the language of math that we use which is wrong, but that is why there are 60 seconds in a minute and not 100.

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>my balls
ok, so an infinitesimal

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