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People on the r/nootropics subreddit have mentioned Dihexa and Cerebrolysin being potential "IQ increasers". Cerebrolysin being a mixture of peptides derived from the brains of pig that are injected IM and Dihexa being a potent nuerogenesis catalyst. Some guy from longecity even claimed to have gained an eidetic memory from taking cerebrolysin, and the ability to manipulate very complicated 3D shapes in his head. However, the guy is probably larping. Dihexa seems dangerous and Cerebrolysin seems to be a risk factor for prion disease since it is derived from pig brains. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Ah, desoxyn... a REAL nootropic

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Can try Ginko Biloba (120mg works for me, 60mg way too weak), and Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica). It will take few weeks to start to notice the difference. And don't forget about the sleep. Lack of sleep can greatly reduce your mind capacity.

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nootropics are homeopathy for people who think elon musk is cool

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>nootropics are homeopathy for people who think elon musk is cool
I would disagree. At least some of them works (tried Ginko Biloba un Gotu Kola myself), but effects are not so big as some would want/expect, and there still can be unpleasant side effects (higher blood pressure, thus frequent nosebleeds, increased anxiety), but sometimes that could be worth it, that tiny additional capacity/curiosity to absorb knowledge and create solutions. In some cases it can be missing element to keep you going. But better don't put much hopes on them, more effectively could be change of behavior and increasing self-discipline.

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Whatever happened to modafinil? It was all over the news for a while. Only retard fake entrepreneur types seem to use it now ... like Dave Asprey

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Garlic increases IQ by up to 11 points after 7 weeks of daily ingestion

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Big if true

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-theobroma cacao (raw)
-guarana seed
-guayusa or yerba mate
-hemidesmus indicus
-celastrus paniculatus
-centella asiatica
-withania somnifera
-polygonum multiflorum
-garlic, onion, NAC, vitamin C.

And most importantly, eliminating environmental toxicity.

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Check Gwern's pages on nootropics and n-back, also google neurofeedback. They all have minor positive results with low sample sizes, unknown if they stack.

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