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Would there be any way Superman could actually save the life of a person falling at terminal velocity?

>> No.11985535

Fly terminal velocity in the same direction, latch onto them, then fly parallel to the ground

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Not the way it's usually depicted, obviously, but all he has to do is decelerate the person at less than a lethal rate

>> No.11985541

He could get a couple mattresses

>> No.11985580

In the comics his super strength is also augmented by low grade telekinesis, which is why he can pick up buildings and airplanes without just punching through them like physics says should happen.
It also extends to people he catches.

>> No.11985640

The speed force

>> No.11985711

This. He apparently creates a bioenergetic field which he can use pick up other objects without damaging them too much

>> No.11985742

Go to near them, decelerate until he is stationary relative to them but still moving relative to the earth, catch them and gently accelerate until he can land safely on the ground?

Speed doesn't kill, it's change in speed that does.

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