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>Type σ in Word
>Auto corrects to Σ
Fuck this Fagoot language anything else would be better even shapes

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Stop using word to write your undergrad papers and learn latex

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use LaTeX retard

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Latex sucks and has no instant render. Microsoft word equation editor w/ unicode is the best. OP is a fag and needs to do \sigma instead of using the unicode sigma like a little bitch. Quit your bitching over "muh formatting" and realize that microsoft word as much more versatility and is much more time efficient than latex will ever be

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why do you need instant rendering. i have reused the same latex format with small adjustments for the past 5 years. it formats it for you perfectly. no instant rendering needed.

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No, seriously please! Word is incredibly clunky and frustrating relative to LaTeX. I used to be a WordFag and after I taught myself LaTeX I was much happier afterwards. It literally takes a day. The only problem with LaTeX is that if you made a mistake you'll get an error and it may be difficult to find.

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>why do you need instant rendering

Imagine spending 5 hours typing up a paper and you go to click render and a bunch of red text and shit pops up because you forgot one { and now the rest of your fucking paper is also italicized because you left out another $. Also imagine being balls deep into a 10,000 page paper and it takes minutes to render a simple word.

LaTeX is entirely impractical for fast typing. Instant rendering with microsoft word is great for catching errors immediately and visualizing what you're typing. Also, aligning equations, using matrices, etc. aren't a bitch like LaTeX makes it. Also, you can insert images quickly and move them around/format them freely. Everything is clicks away instead of typing in some dumb fucking code. I love how LaTeX faggots like to act like they're learning to code when all they're doing is overcomplexifying and obfuscating simple tasks that Word chads take microseconds to do.Face it, given an arbitrary mathematics paper, a Wordchad will be able to copy it much faster than some LaTeX cuck.

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>The only problem with LaTeX is that if you made a mistake you'll get an error and it may be difficult to find.
That's a big fuckin problem too. Also it's slow. And also, see:

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