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Can you forget how to breath and die? Like when you are going into the kitchen and suddenly you don't know anymore what you wanted to do in the kitchen can you just like that suddenly forget how to breath? And then die?

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Yes, nod out and OD on opioids

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what kind of untermensch answer is this gtfo

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>Can you forget how to breath and die?
no you moron

unless you count brain damage to your autonomic system a method for 'forgetting'

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Unconscious lack of breathing can only occur if you have severe pneumonia or some sort of severe trauma.

You might as well ask if it's possible for your heart to stop beating, oh shit I jsut passed out.

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No, there's a failsafe. That's why people with central sleep apnea don't simply die when they go to sleep without a breathing machine.

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Only if you're really really high and even then you're not actually dying, you just think you are.

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yeah anon this is a massive problem
your brain only has enough room for a certain amount of stuff and if you learn too much it pushes something else out and there's a risk it could be something important like how to breathe or walk or talk or something
the best thing to do is not learn any new things. stay away from books of facts and definitely don't play trivial pursuit or anything
by the way did you know the only letter not in any US state name is Q?

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Arizona has the Z

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and of the other high scoring scrabble letters, texas and new jersey have X and J, then there are a handful with K

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