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Is it possible to learn the entirety of Calculus within a month?

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yes, its not hard. this is assuming you are 140+, otherwise dont bother, youll never make any contribution to the world

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Hypothetically speaking, what if I'm 138?

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Solve this
y = y'

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Find another website to sully, you evil coward

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yeah it's easy, just dont be stupid

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spending 9 hours a day you could probably get through both single variable and multivariable calculus

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I learnt measure theory in a month. Calculus is a lot easier so you'll be fine my guy

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0, inf, -inf

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x = e^y

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yes, but you will forget most of it afterwards

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To open why just learn it in a month? Why not naster it instead. Plus the core part is rate of change, area under a curve, and dirty trick limits. If you grasp those key parts the rest is rather gravy

Isn't that just e?

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you mean y = e^x

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The derivative of e is 0

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the derivative of the exponential function e is e

because it builts on itself, its rate of change will always be itself.

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>entirety of calculus
what did he mean by this

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I unironicly learned most of it in a week or two. I skipped math classes/was on my phone and thus basicly had no idea about it, but it realy isn't that hard, especialy when there are many good videos to explain it on the internet.

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No, e is a constant, derivative of e is 0

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it's not about making a contribution to the world, it's about the journey towards making a contribution. It's not about the fields medal, it's about the hundreds and thousands of hours you spend on learning how to manipulate symbolic scribles

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Great OP, now you have made me interested in making pokemon cards for the great /sci/ figures.

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What's with the (0)?

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Initial condition

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What are the prerequisites for measure theory.

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y = 0 = y'

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WRONG, it's y=k*e^x
that's more like it

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no it isn't. if you didn't produce anything of value, you wasted your time. before the "muh greedy kike" argument comes out, value is not necessarily money

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learn to read.

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