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Why can't some things be unseen?

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Once you know the pattern you recognize it. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?

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imagine the smelle

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What am I missing?

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Several genes.

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yeah but why though

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a true sniffer never backs down

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I had this saved on my ipod touch in 8th grade, thanks for the memories OP

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The worst things are those which can't be un-known. Like when you realize the whole world is a picture show scam put on to get normalfags to do work for nearly nothing.

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So the red pill? Does these two things have the same basis?

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You will always see the arrow between the E and x.

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Actually, that's one thing I forget all the time until someone brings it up again.

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I usually remember that there's supposed to be an arrow in the FedEx logo before I actually see it. With the KFC logo I do just forget about it unless reminded.

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>You will always see the arrow between the E and x.
Yes, and Amazon's arrow points from A to Z. I wonder how much time and money goes into designing that stuff in.

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Logos for huge companies get literally hundreds of thousands to millions dumped into them. And all for fucking nothing. Nobody sees the fedex arrow. Nobody sees the amazon A -> z arrow. I know about them and yet I just forget it immediately. Pretty much the only benefit is sometimes someone mentions it and everyone goes "huh, that's neat I guess".

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It's sub conscious, people aren't supposed to notice them. The Amazon arrow looks like a smile. Your brain associates Amazon=good

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The smile is what people see and internalize. It's not even subconscious, the smile is obvious to everyone. The not obvious thing is the A-z connection. Nobody sees that. Nobody goes "hmm that logo was friendly looking and it makes me think I can buy anything there". The fact that is goes from A to z is a small curiosity, but I bet the marketers (professional liars) in charge of the logo project did that just so their design could be said to be kinda clever, which obvious justifies the hundreds of thousands spent on making it.

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The pillow in the bottom right corner.

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