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Is there a way to screen out schizos using online tests or phone interviews?

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When someone claims they've solved the
RH, but when they present their proof it's full of mathematical inconsistencies and errors and when called out, they vehemently defend their proof, then it's conclusive enough to prove that they're a schizo.

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find a test for SDO (social dominance orientation)

disguise it as a test to find out how "white you are" or "high testosterone" or "against the narrative" or some other such ego-stoking nonsense

ban/shadowban/don't call back all the ones who test postivie

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Do schizophrenics have high SDO scores?

A good way is probably to ask people to write or talk about some beliefs or life experiences. If people are really far gone you'll find out pretty quickly, and you could probably train a computer program to detect schizo spam with accuracy

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As most people aren't schizo, accuracy is a poor metric for such a test.

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lol take your meds schizo

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Some severe schizophrenics also have some level of aphasia, but if they made it past resume screen, they probably don't have it severe enough to have aphasia.

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You can trick them like this
>We are very interested in any independent publications you may have in archives like vixra. Do you have any?

Any schizo when hearing this will pop-off and list their entire catalog of retardation.

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Schizo is who tells things people don't want to hear. So easy it is. There's no other "disorder" that can be so openly abused by the government to institutionalize, that means imprison, those who have inconvenient opinions.

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take your meds

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the fun thing is taking antipsychotics when you're not schizophrenic. shit will fuck you up and paralyze you. parents tried to get the hospital to do this me. really fucked up shit.

also the real schizo in the hospital was pretty much only one actually paying attention. most of the staff were fucking abusive lizard people or pawns.

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Why would you screen out schizos when they produce the best results? John Nash, Kurt Gödel, Kanye West, the list goes on.

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You sound schizophrenic.

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You probably don't actually care if they're schizophrenic so much as the traits that make them insufferable. It's hard to do these days because of SJW hiring processes, but the best thing you could do is take him out for a beer first and see if he can manage to not say something completely retarded

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Yes ask if they post on /pol/

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open with "hello, I'll be interviewing you today. my name is Bill Gates"

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If you're such a savior, then why are you bumping threads like these? Also bump.

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being shizo doesn't make you a bad person.
there are also various level of severity, some of them are perfectly functional

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This is a non-starter because I have to be fair to the Mormons, and there are a lot of them in the pool.

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