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>most of the people dying of COVID are 80+
>80+ is the average death age for natural causes
What's going on folks?

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>tfw scientists bloviate about resulting reduction in global life expectancy like it means that everybody is now more likely to die
you know it's coming

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I never even considered that. I completely forgot that Biden was in that age range. So there's a decent chance he could die in office. Thanks OP, you just convinced me to vote for Biden.

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They're both pretty likely to die in office desu, but yeah Biden especially. Hardly matters since he would be the most puppety of puppet presidents and replacing him would be inconsequential.

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Older people have weaker immunology so
its natural they are more prone to this affliction

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>covid is the reason natural death occurs
>cure covid
>immortality achieved

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>Biden especially.
lol, vs the fat unfit ramp wobbler Biden has nothing to worry

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It's a weak disease like cold or something that spreads fast but doesn't really kill except the weakest of the weak. The only difference between it and flu is that it's "new" which granted is always bit scary and worth taking some precautions against and it's election season. It's going to be killing old people disproportionately for maybe couple years but by that time everyone has had it and it just joins the long list of things that old people occasionally die from. If this same thing happened next year it would be nothing because objectively speaking it already is.

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> weak disease
"young people without underlying conditions are succumbing to Covid-19 because they seek medical attention when it was already too late"
fuck off retard

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the global financial system completely collapsed in september 2019. this "virus" is going nowhere until the new system has been installed

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>completely collapsed
the 1% is doing just fine

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That's not a thing that statistically happens but tabloids sure do like to play up that part.
I'm sure if you dig around you can find a young person who got hospitalized because of influenza too, it just doesn't make the news because the average victim is still 80+ years old.

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>the actual text contradicts your claim and confirms mine
So ye.

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>t. too retarded to google
"WAAAAH spoon feed me"

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I don't need to be spoonfed I actually know what the situation is, you are the one reading tabloids.

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lolno this trend has been clear since June

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Yes, yes it has.

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>most of the people dying of COVID are 80+
For where? Europe has elevated deaths for every age group outside of the 0-14 range.

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you can play with the dashboard, it is made by the Italian CDC, the ISS.

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>For where?
For everywhere.

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Every age range other than children has experienced an abnormally high rate of excess deaths this year.

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That's plainly unrelated to the
>most of the people dying of COVID are 80+
claim and does nothing to refute it (even if true).

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The claim was that COVID-19 isn't causing the deaths, natural causes are, and COVID-19 is getting blamed. That's clearly not the case when every age range besides children has an elevated excess death rate. What's causing the increase in deaths in the other age ranges?

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The claim is
>most of the people dying of COVID are 80+
It is true if median death age is ~80. The total number of deaths may be very small or very large, that will not change the fact.

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>most of the people dying of COVID are 80+
And that they're already at the average age of death for natural causes, which is meant to invalidate COVID-19, yet Europe shows a higher rate of death for everyone over the age of 14.

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>And that they're already at the average age of death for natural causes
EU life expectancy is around 80 too, so sounds correct.

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Yeah, except for that part where people between the ages of 14-80 are also experiencing an increase in excess mortality.

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1) Is median death age from covid around 80?
2) Is life expectancy around 80 too?

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You're intentionally being obtuse.

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No, it's you who avoids to answer these very simple questions.

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>phoneposter is under 18
Color me SHOCKED!

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A few State Governors were sending covid-19 patients to nursing homes, exposing extra victims and inflating the statistics.

They increased the real death count maybe 40%.

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IIRC, in New York that happened until May.

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It's because of fat people.

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no u

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why her titties so big

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>Plantation slaves suffered

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