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Why do physics/math fags even try to contribute?
What's the point of pursuing truth and furthering humanity's knowledge? Seems like a childish ideology to me... Most of these fags can't even make it to grad school and that's utterly pathetic. Have fun flippin my burgers filtered math/physics fags!

...LIKE IMAGINE studying something you can barely perceive... GOD I love being an ENGINEER/COMPUTER SCIENTIST. I study something that's TANGIBLE. SOMETHING I KNOW IS REAL..

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You realize what board you’re on... right?

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No remind me please

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Thanks for doing engi. We need you.

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>Engineers when they realize they'll never feel the touch of a woman

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I'll have you know I raw a prostitute a month and I'm an EE major at a top 5 university AMA.

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Obvious bait from Bateman is too obvious. Nice try tho.

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