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I doubt whether I am intelligent enough to live. I don't think I have enough critical thinking skills to have original thought. What do?

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You were able to write this post so you're probably capable of being a janitor.

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If you're introspective enough to come to this conclusion, you're of average intelligence at the very worst, and most likely smarter than most.

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That's not very comforting
It seems like most people can learn things like social skills intuitively, and they don't need to sit down and think about them

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get a job

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>tfw you remember something as being funny
>and then you killed for remembering it that way

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I guess that's determined by what you consider "original". You are influenced by others ideas, and virtually any idea you come up with will have been at least referenced partially to you in some way shape or form before you connected it or tweaked it to make it your "own". At least that's my experience. I'm not sure anyone can have original thoughts. At the very least, true original thought I would say is very very rare. But as other anons said, the fact that you question your own intelligence or critical thinking skills is evidence of them. Not that you are a super genius, but you're at the very least average. But of course, just being average kind of sucks doesn't it? I know this because I know my own intelligence is within the realm of normalcy, I am not a genius. At best you could say I was a little sharp. But some days it doesn't feel like it. I often worry about my level of intelligence too, OP. But, I conclude that at the very least, I'm not super dumb, because I've seen people who are super dumb. So I work with what i've got.

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if you're intelligent enough to have this thought, you're smarter than the average person. that should make you feel even more afraid.

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>It seems like most people can learn things like social skills intuitively, and they don't need to sit down and think about them
Being a giga-autist doesn't make you dumb OP. I know this feel.

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I've had this thought recently. I've always doubted and hated myself, considering myself to be stupid. Math and science were always incredibly difficult and frustrating. After high school ended, I dropped out of college in the first semester, withdrawing from all but freshman english to save my GPA. I left that university. Since then I tried to be a music major at a community college (and sucked at even that), failed several online stem courses, got addicted to drugs, and generally have become even dumber than before. Basically, if you're having this thought then you're probably right and there is no place for you in today's world.

But the fucked up thing is that the modern world will not kill you for this. It will be a slow, slow death where you watch yourself lose everything until you get the hint and do the deed yourself. People like us used to be culled or put to work on menial tasks, but if you're on 4chan then you probably know what happened to both of those options. So we're just left to rot like a pumpkin in November. And so we rot. There's nothing more to it than that. If you can't do calc, chem, or stats there is no place for you. The meteor has already hit.

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>If you think yoy're dumb you are right

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this is depressing

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Damn that hits hard. Numbers and machines are intuitive to me. People take copious amounts of thought for me to understand.

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I think you guys are just being too hard on yourselves. Being average or slightly above average is perfectly fine. At least you're not like 90 IQ. Your use of punctuation and ability to articulate your thoughts lead me to believe you are more intelligent than you think you are.

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You benefit from not having competition like that. Now that all the competition is tied up in some creepy hunger wars game, take methylphenidate and study 6-8 hours a day.

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You will never understand what it's like to have your entire existence invalidated by Calculus 1.

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