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What is Big Pharma going to get rid of this embarrassing condition? When I wake up in the morning I have to walk past my mom's and sister's room to get to the bathroom and half the time they comment on it.

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It's because your bladder is full. Piss in a bottle. Cured.

Now pay me my fucking money.

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Strip down and confidently wave it around in front of them. Happy ending.

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>The current state of /sci/

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>half the time they comment on it

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>I have to walk past my mom's and sister's room to get to the bathroom and half the time they comment on it.
There's a quick and easy solution to this: they can't comment on it if its not there, and it won't be there once you fuck them with it.

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stop watching porn you freak

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I can't remember when was last time i had this affliction

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Jesus christ get the fuck out you pedophile

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>tfw have morning wood in front of my parents

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if they comment say "want to help me get rid of it?"

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>tfw 12 guys with a raging morning wood in the same room in the army and a female sergeant comes to look at us for being so slow.

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Army Blowbang, noice

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erectile dysfunction will take care of it

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Just castrate yourself. Problem solved.

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Not gonna work. I've seen neutered dogs get erections.

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just stop sleeping on your stomach

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How the fuck is that possible?

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pee flows into the penis from the balls and makes it big

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Probably doesn't work.
Morning wood is actually supposed to be an evolutionary 'benefit', in the sense that it helps keep the penile muscles working and allowing your vessels to 'work' by holding blood there. Your brain basically keeps your dick active.

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change your sleeping hours. no one's ever heard of "afternoon wood"

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>my mom and sister comment on it.
W-what do they say?

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Flex any other muscle for 60 seconds straight

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probably before you transitioned. You faggot.

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>W-what do they say?
See OP image.

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Honestly, OP should just have a threesome with his mom and sister.

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Hello children.
Op it sounds like you live with your mother and sister (no father)?
I would like to say, you should not be ashamed of your bodies, your penis will get erect if your bladder is full. If you need to comment, you should say you need to urinate.

To answer op directly, there will never be a cure for something that isn't a problem. Op in a few years (if your father isn't around) you will become the man of the house, then you will realise that they are just silly girls.

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Before leaving your room, you should
>tidy your bed
>get dressed
>fix your hair
By the time you're finished the boner will probably be gone.
Or do this >>11986517

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>sleeping in living room past 2 years
>always wake up full mast and everybodies already up and about

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There's two treatments:
>Jerk it
>Take a shower and pee it out

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Tuck it in the ol waistband yo

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>It's because your bladder is full.

Why do people say this? It's fucking retarded. The natural state of the PE is is erect. It's stress hormones that make it limp. When you sleep it should be erect. When you die it will be erect. The remainder of the time you are subdued and emasculated so it gets flaccid.

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Morning wood is a blessing, not a condition. Lets you start the day with a huge reserve of sexual energy, which you can repurpose into productive energy. It's the secret to males' historic domination. As far as embarassment goes, your mom and your sister already know you have a penis (especially if you're like me), you got nothing to hide.

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>I have to walk past my mom's and sister's room
Just keep a towel by your bed and hold it by your waist as you walk by at an angle so they can't see it.

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This. Hang that towel from your dick like it's a flag pole.

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just masturbate twice a day. haven't had morning wood in months.

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You should consider a career writing porn scenarios.

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>Why do people say this?
Because it's half the truth.
>Men without physiological erectile dysfunction or severe depression[2] experience nocturnal penile tumescence, usually three to five times during a period of sleep, typically during rapid eye movement sleep.[3] Nocturnal penile tumescence is believed to contribute to penile health.[4]
REM is the last stage of a sleep cycle and the one you wake up from, therefore you wake up with an erection.

A full bladder stimulates a nerve which can cause an erection. People wake up when they have a full bladder, and they have a full bladder when they wake up because the bladder fills up during sleep.

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So basically the cure for limp dick is to hold your piss? Fucking stupid. Having a full bladder doesn't cause an erection. That's retarded.

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Google it. Morning wood disappear after peeing. Maybe laying down exerbates it? The stimulation is mild and likely compounding with the REM thing.

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Just own it nigga, be proud of your cock

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>Morning wood disappear after peeing.

Not true. If I wake up with an erect penis I piss awkwardly but it doesn't go down. This shit is as retarded as saying pee is stored in the balls.

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flex your calves, you dumb motherfuckers
either that or develop a crippling porn addiction leading to erectile dysfunction

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all military women are super sluts

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Ah, indonesian comics, they never fail to amuse How has no one commented on the horrified little brother?!

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having a full bladder compresses your prostate. Prostate is very sensitive and gives boner.

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>What is Big Pharma going to get rid of this embarrassing condition
HRT can help with that. But is it worth the gyno though?

>The one result that showed significant correlation with testosterone were nightly erections. These nocturnal erections play an important role in keeping penile health.... Trans women often don’t experience this type of erections anymore

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Are you a pregnant lady or a faggot? Maybe just the thought of urine makes you horny.

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that's not how females are built.

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Fucking this. Just lift it up and put a shirt on. How hard is that? (pun not intended)

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>wake up
>see muh dik
Either dicklet or prude faggot, kys

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>pregnant lady with a prostate and penis

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Not OP but masturbatory frequency has no impact on morning turgidity.

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Put some corticosteroids on your cock before bed.

AKA bug bite and itch cream.

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>Your mom doesn't give you morning fellatio to make you relaxed for the day

Wow that's terrible anon I'm so sorry for you

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you don't need sexual arousal to get an erection

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Always surprises me how many presumably male anons don't seem to realize this.

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if your parents were married for years then i assume your father told your mother about it.

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yes it does retard. if you masturbate twice before going to sleep you won't wake up with morning woodl

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Literally just do a few quick squats when you get out of bed.

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bro lay down the tranny porn

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Don't sleep in spandex

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Literally just do some morning pushups and you'll be fine.

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The cure is to do a reciprocating motion on the penis until the demons inside are banished. Afterwards make sure to pray to Jesus.

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>trying to do pushups with an erection

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Why would you want to remove your hard dick you low test unmasculine faggot

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Haha what happened next?

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The cure is being awoken with a nice blowjob.

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Yeah lmao when did retards never realise how to hide it???

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