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What exactly are dreams?
Also how do I stop having erotic dreams every night?

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Dreams are a product of what you think, do and consume. You are watching porn and thinking of sex. Do nofap, aim got no arousal, for a few months and you'll notice improvement.

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But the dreams occur while I'm on NoFap and abstaining from pornography.

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It is your body attempting to rekindle and maintain memories and neural connections.

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with nofap you'll have erotic dreams>>12286234
>maintain memories and neural connections
what if I don't want them but I wat new connections?

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The longer I try to hold in my cum the hornier I get until I start waking up with a boner so hard it hurts and it's leaking pre. Then I bust a nut in 5 minutes and I'm good for another week.

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thoughts are partially yours and partially the result of psychic influences from others. when you sleep, you relinquish a significant portion of your control over your thoughts. this dreams are a mixture of your own fantasies, and (largely) basically psychic rape from others. ever divulge sensitive information within a dream? ever have unwelcome visitors in your dreams snatching something away from you? congrats they have just made you their psychic bitch, and you were drooling on your pillow the whole time.

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