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I thought before Covid it was a bad thing for everyone to wear masks if they're not infected?

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They MSM said it was just a flu first.

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Early on lots of governments were stupid enough to lie to the public about masks because they wanted time for hospitals to stock up.
Then when these same governments turned around and said masks are good wear them lots of people assumed it was a lie because those same governments had said there was no need for masks.

Many governments treat their people like children and honestly I'm not sure they have any other option given how quickly people become giant peaces of shit under the slightest pressure.

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>Many governments treat their people like children and honestly I'm not sure they have any other option
When you lie to children, children remember and become less trusting. The same thing happened here. It's one thing to lie about something that will remain under wraps, but to intentionally disseminate bad information, and then contradict that information within a few months, will of course create distrust in the public.

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My knee-jerk reaction was it's bad to lie to the people but having seen how fast they turn savage under a little pressure I'm not so sure you could be honest with them.
The smart play might just be to tell the media to not mention masks at all until hospitals are stocked because I'm sure if you said "masks work but health workers need them first" people would be buying hundreds each the next day.

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Why didn't the WHO, or any government for that matter, simply release guidelines to make proper cloth masks and decontamination by washing or leaving out in the sun?

This is the only thing you had to do to eliminate the equipment shortage. Then again, in some countries hospitals weren't given proper equipment either. They were at most given dentist aprons.

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