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I'm having a retard brain moment, someone is telling me these are equal, are they?

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Yeah, L = √L • √L

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How’s the engineer degree going?

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just use exponent rule you fag. L^(1/2)/L, you do exponents and get 1/2 - 1 or -0.5=-1/2 which is 1/Sqrt[L].

so you get a*Sqrt[C]/Sqrt[L]

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Assuming L>0. If L<0 and C<0, you have a sign change, don't you?

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Kek, shit. This is for a mathematical modelling assignment though, actually ;).

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A root/it’s square = 1/that root
And you can split up square roots if it is multiplication

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[math] a\sqrt{\frac{C}{L}} = a\sqrt{\frac{C}{L}} \sqrt{\frac{L}{L}} = a\sqrt{\frac{CL}{L^2}} = a\frac{\sqrt{CL}}{\sqrt{L^2}} = \frac{\sqrt{LC}a}{L} [/math]

How's high school?

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Man I haven't seen this surds shit SINCE high school, thanks for the throwback.
I remember them teaching us that trick to get rid of square root numerators.

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you have to be 18 to post here

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Bro you got me

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>Rationalize the denominator!

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its clearest if you let b = sqrt(L), such that sqr(bC)a/b^2 = sqrt(C) * a/sqrt(L) = a * sqrt(C/L)

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[math]Take a=\sqrt{x} \\ Then \frac{x}{\sqrt{x}} = \frac{a^2}{a} = a = \sqrt{x}[/math]
Why doesn't that work?

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It’s not just a trick anon, this should be second nature to you

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To be honest yeah I do fully remember it, I hadn't slept for over 24 hours when I made this post lmao.
Having said that though, I can't recall using the technique in the last two years of my studies - though I can see why its just a basically useful algebra skill.
And yes I am peabrain engineer student but I also have a degree in comp sci and minor in math so you'd expect it to have popped up somewhere in that time.

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Glad to have you on board anon

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