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>get talking to a higher-year undergrad student
>turns out (she)'s a tranny
>(her) favourite subject is category theory
why are category theorists such a joke?

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Many such cases!

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You can't spot a tranny?
If he passed as a woman he prob hot then, in which case what's the problem

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i've never met (her) in person, was chatting over WhatsApp
>what's the problem
undergrad cat-theorists are

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Categories are the favorite subjects of both trannies and nazis. Putting people into races and genders

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Twitter is full of category theory trannies, how did this even become a thing?

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>In mathematics, a category (sometimes called an abstract category to distinguish it from a concrete category) is a collection of "objects" that are linked by "arrows"
Is this actually true? In what way is this useful? Isn't this just graph theory+autism?

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It's the mark of a pseud.
Just like undergrads in physics talking about branes and twistors, without knowing what a calabi yau manifold is.

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What are the centuries worth of developments in foundations?

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Foundations is a relatively new field so the developments in it are not exactly centuries worth. Why do you ask?

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makes some proofs easier and simplifies notation. Other then that useless.

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It's in OP's pic (The picture almost describes me, I need to cope)

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did you learn anything tangible, like algebra, or better yet, analysis?

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gender is just an endofunction in the category of booboids

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I don't understand... Can someone explain this meme to me? One of my professors is a based chad, and uses / references category theory frequently. He's an algebraic geometer, by the way.

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The centuries worth of mathematical developments does not refer specifically to developments in foundations but rather developments in general.

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Your professor is not an undergrad category theorists. Nothing wrong with your professor since he actually uses category theory to accomplish goals in his own area of mathematics. The problem is with midwits who view category theory as an end in itself.

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Category theory is widely useful in many parts of mathematics and theoretical physics / computer science. It's the basis of a lot of proofs in algebraic topology, which was partially the motivation for its creation. However, you shouldn't study it unless you have taken at least a semester in linear algebra, a semester in group theory, and a semester in algebraic topology - otherwise, you have literally no intuition for understanding how or why anybody would do this.

Category theory's greatest strength is also its largest hurdle in its study - it is about doing mathematics relying only on form without semantics.

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Yea, yea I learned all that

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there is worse though ... category theory tech bros


I genuinely don't know what it is about category theory that attracts so many pseuds

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