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Do lockdowns even work?

Unless the Western countries were to take drastic lockdown measures like the Chinks did (literally welding doors shut), there seems to be no way for lockdowns to work—with the end result being a wrecked economy and still a continuation of COVID. Even if 99.999% of Americans were to follow all pandemic lockdown orders to a T, it really only takes a hand full of positive people to fuck it up.

Is it best to just open up everything and keep on with the masks orders until a vaccine pulls through? This looks like it’s just a viscous cycle of opening and closing things for nothing.

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>Do lockdowns even work?
Now back to >>>/pol/

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I sure hope they won't work in america. I want china to be number 1.

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>Do lockdowns even work?
No. They don't, like, at all

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We have this thread every day

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Elaborate because it didn’t work anywhere in Europe unless you’re talking about the chink model

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What do you mean by work? They decrease cases and spread. They don't eliminate the virus entirely, so cases will increase once the lock down is lifted. Even in China, the virus is still around, to the point that they'll test an entire city if someone tests positive.

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You only really delay the inevitable. The amount of susceptible people you have is set before the pandemic starts, and they will get it eventually. The Spanish Flu reached isolated pacific islands, and that was in the age before international air traffic.

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And we'll keep having until there aren't any more lockdowns. Your point?

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>The amount of susceptible people you have is set before the pandemic starts, and they will get it eventually.
True, but there's multiple vaccines on the horizon, so at this point it just seems like governments are stalling until they're available.

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Too lazy to do a pic, but google French covid deaths, the dates of the lockdown and draw your conclusions

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