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Imagine wasting your precious little time getting a science education

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Heard of horizontal well drilling? There's more to it than just fracking. The USA has been a net oil exporter since December 2019, way before COVID flattened oil demand.
The question that really matters:
Will the changes to the ppm of carbon in the atmosphere, the incidence rate of cold weather, the incidence rate of hot weather, the incidence rate of rain, the incidence rate of drought, the incidence rate of tornadoes, the incidence rate of hurricanes, the incidence rate of derechos, meltwater usage, meltwater availability, groundwater usage, groundwater availability, fertiliser availability, tractor/truck fuel availability, pest presence, chemical pollution, plastic pollution, electromagnetic spectrum pollution, radionuclide pollution, the incidence rate of human diseases, the incidence rate of livestock diseases, the availability of electrical power, the economy, the availability of finished goods to replace broken equipment, the availability of raw materials to replace broken equipment cause a famine in the USA?
The CIA and the department of agriculture don't seem worried about this, so why should you be? Are they wrong?

In the absolute worst case scenario, we can carry on civilisation in Canada at this level:

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Are you a bot, or did you just get tired of typing the same nonsense all the time?

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It is.

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What do you mean by this OP. Why is it a waste of time to getting a degree in something that you enjoy so you can do things you enjoy?

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>the sky is falling
fuck off back to /x/ tranny

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Because we're out of time now. It will be undeniable soon.

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Science isn't paranormal, retard. Go vote for trump.

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Even humans are capable of copypasta.

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Is this bait?

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go back ridin with biden tranny

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>dude like why shouldn't i spend so much time of what time i have left slaving and tasking myself for a piece of paper that i will only use as toilet paper anyway when the supply of everything nosedives lmao

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>Give in to panic
>Drop out of school
>nothing happens
>now youre 35+ with no qualifications

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>entertaining even the idea of nothing happening
>despite every piece of evidence there is and could exist pointing to an inevitable happening
Who's the imbecile?

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Still you. It's never happening, anon. Every time it does happen it turns out it's a big bowl of nothing.

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>it ain't happening cos i said so
I genuinely pity you so I'll let you cope. Don't even think of me saying "I told you so" when the time comes (and it's coming real soon).

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If that comment isn't bait, you should drop out anyways and pursue something more remedial.

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the evidence for global warming is unconvincing and most likely false. Scientists are already back peddling.

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Hello lying shill

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Imagine if you believed the scientists 20 years ago who said that the world would be underwater by now and didn't live your life. His point is that you should continue acting like it's not happening until it does

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literally nothing will happen

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And yet the world moves on, feel free to throw away your life for this doomsday, have fun being homeless and poor in twenty years when NOW turned into not yet

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>"wasting time on education"
>shitposts on internet
its still more fun than browsing through /pol/ threads

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I copypaste it because I'm sick of seeing brainlet threads about whether it's real or not. The question should be: What groups have the right idea about it already?

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How do I short the artic sea ice?

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>despite every piece of evidence there is and could exist pointing to an inevitable happening
what inevitable? human extinction? no scientist has ever said that, schizo

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Kys already

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can we just ban all doomer threads already?

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You're the one who calls this shit a hoax and you call me the schizo?

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CIA won't ever admit they totally fucked up.

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>You're the one who calls this shit a hoax
youre confusing me with someone else, clearly

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