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>food goes into stomach
>food gets broken down into shit
>some how feel more energetic because body turned food into shit.
How exactly does nutrition work /sci/??
How does putting shit in my body give my body more energy?
What the fuck is exactly happening when body digests food????

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glucose into the blood stream into every cell in the body

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I don't eat glucose. Just butter and pork rinds throughout the day.

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Ah cool shit
And this what makes the proteins that the cells need to survive??
Does the stomach like obsorb the glucose and take it somewhere for distrubtion?
If so, how and where???

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Glucose just provides "energy". When a cell needs ATP, it will break down glucose, and use the energy from the reaction to turn ADP into ATP. This ATP is then used by enzymes to do work in the cell.

For making proteins, the cell scavenges amino acids mostly from old proteins but some from the protein you eat. Then, using the energy from stuff like glucose, it can bind these amino acids together to make new proteins.

Glucose and other nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and transported your blood. Your blood delivers these nutrients to every other cell in your body.

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thanks bro.

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What if you only eat fats for a month?

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Body doesn't turn food into shit. It turns food into co2 and more body and what it can't exist your body as shit.

To be more precise your food gets chopped up in the mouth, then dissolved into a slurry in the stomach by acids (see vomit for further details). The slurry enters your intestines where it's further broken down by various chemicals, most of the good stuff like proteins, sugars, minerals, fats and what not is absorbed into your blood stream where it flows around the body where it either enters cells to power various cellular functions or to be stored for later use. Then the various liquids are sucked out and what ever remains condenses into shit that gets pushed out the other end, which includes some of the good stuff but also stuff you can't digest like fibers, bunch of water and bacteria and the like.

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It breaks down molecular bonds. These bonds store energy, so breaking the bond releases the energy which your body can use as fuel

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