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Is NYU good for PhD research?

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Which is a good research college on New York? Specially for bio or biochem. I read that NYU has good overseas research facilities.

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go to your local community college

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Cute monke

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what field

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Look up which colleges in NY conduct the research you want to do
If you're applying to graduate school this year I would contact any professors you want to work with and make sure that they have funding and aren't changing research focus anytime soon

good luck

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Bio and Biochem.

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Thanks. With the whole online classes bs because of the pandemic it’s been very hard to bond with professor and I’m not the kind to just ask someone that I don’t know that well.

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You just have to do it
Go through their research websites so you have an idea of what they're doing so you don't sound stupid when you email them
You're going to be spending years doing this so make sure it's something you like

If they don't respond you could also reach out to their grad students or postdocs

Are you applying this year?

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Either this year or next year, I’m still doing my undergrad research but I just hate how hard it is to make connections now... you can’t even call anymore everything is trough email and I suck at writing emails. My gf always says I ramble in circles and never get to the point...

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If you're already doing research in your undergrad why not just have your PI help you?

Also I'm not sure about your program but for materials science we needed three letters of recommendation. I hope you've stayed in contact with professors during covid

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>I hope you've stayed in contact with professors during covid
I havent, and I need 2 letters. My PI is a bitch and she hates me so I don't talk to her. I'm terrible at being fake.

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Isn't it? I love this monki I want to hold him with love.

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