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So you guys think you're pretty smart, but why can't you come up with a formula for this thing we humans call...love?

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Concretely and unambiguously define love.

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>So you guys think you're pretty smart
Thanks, but I'm actually retarded.

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We aren’t there yet. But we will be

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you mean manipulating somebody into a long-term emotionally dependent relationship? That's half of it.

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is "love" a numerical quantity? what would measuring it even entail? if it is, what variables would it depend on? these are the questions you have to answer before talking about "formulas." formulas are usually concrete equations which relate numerical quantities or other mathematical objects (like vectors or elements of a group).

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You can't. That's my point.

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I got your formula right here

money + height = pussy

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Love really is just emotional/physical dependence. That's one reason humans are so vile and cruel, we don't love our fellow man unless we get something out of it. Selfishness is hard wired into us by nature.

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These morons arent smart, but I am


/ thread

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Poets have worked on this for millennia. Chemists only know it is soluble in alcohol.

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The willingness to suffer for the sake of someone else

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Define suffering.

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Getting a pain response

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Define pain.

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Define define.

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When I whack my hammer against your head

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We came up with chemical. It's quite popular.

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>( Sum[initial interaction, t] fInteractionFrequency(t)* fInteractionEmotionalEffect(t) ) / t

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